It's 12:03 and Santa just delivered his gifts so I get to sleep!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Merry Christmas Everybody! Santa just put his gifts 'round the tree, and Q is sleeping (or silently playing game boy but afraid to come out because he doesn't want to make Santa leave!)
    We had a huge drama before bedtime, he fessed up that his retainers were missing, I said well I dont have money for new ones so all the gifts have to go back if you can't find it...well he finally went looking! He actually had stuck them in his back pack.

    We have a routine of his taking them off and putting them in the case then I give medications, but somehow with the day off school or something, I got out of our routine and I have no clue how that happened. Well, never again, he was so scared, he said now I know you are right mom, they can get lost easy! YUP. Thank heaven they were not broken.

    The three cousins who got iPods early had them there and the other two had one (but it was the older generation so he is a little out of joint but is being good about it and got a kindle so is really happy with that) so they ALL had theirs early! (due to out of home dads celebrating early.). So, since we always get to open on gift on Christmas eve from under the tree I let him open his galaxy player. He is SOOOO happy. He still insists it really is a phone but that is fine, he has no one to call, lol. Loves the games I downloaded. My cousins son joined us (21 yrs old) and he told him that if he had a choice he would pick the galaxy player way before an iPod in front of the other kids and he was so puffed up! I read lots of reviews and chose it because people who had both liked the galaxy player better, the screen is bigger, it is really a clear picture, the camera is way better and SO, happily he is saying it is his best gift ever and now I can't wait to see how he likes his smaller gifts from Santa. He really likes every little thing, even the tiny stuff in his stocking (I got coloring ornaments, and little ds pens for $1). Thanks to a kind friend he will be thrilled with what Santa brings. I will try to take pics of him playing with it.

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    I hope Travis likes his Nook. He kept asking me why I bought 2 barnes & noble gift cards at krogers.......I basically ignored him, told him it was for the quadruple gas points. lol When I wrapped them I didn't put tags on the boxes either. I know which ones they are, so it's no big deal.........and that way hopefully he won't figure it out. I wrapped the Nook the moment the fex ex guy dropped it off.

    I found out he's been trying to read via his smart phone but the screen is much too small when he enlarges the words so he can see them. So fingers crossed. :)
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    I remember those days waiting til the kids went up to bed so santa could come and husband and I could finally fall into bed. I'm glad her likes his galaxy.

    HD my easy child and husband both got nook tablets. I think Travis will like it.

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    Oh I am waiting not so patiently to see how the kids on the board react to the toys. LOL. Keyana doesnt come till around 3. I have all their presents wrapped EXCEPT her tablet. We got a faux leather cover it that includes a small keyboard. I plan to let her play with all her other toys first and then hand her that with an "oh by the"