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    Super Duckie!!!
    So we had Duckie's audiologist appointment today to have her screened for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). She doesn't have it (I'm not surprised) but we wanted it ruled out to be sure. But we did get an interesting piece of information: a typical person with normal hearing can hear a sound within the range of 0 - 25 db (0 db is usually the faintest sound a young child with healthy, sensitive ears can hear). Duckie can hear down to -15 db. I told her she's obviously some kind of super-hero or demi-god, and this is her secret power. :rofl:
  2. DammitJanet

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    Bless her heart. She must have grabbed my hearing when we met because I probably cant hear the 25 dcbls...lmao.
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    We can't ever let Duckie and Kiddo meet in bad moods. Kiddo is part Banshee, that's her weapon.
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    Yep, duckie and difficult child son...........well, she better wear ear plugs around him.

    I did not know that an audiologist (sp) tested for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). Does a neuropsychologist do that also?
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    In these parts, ONLY an audiologist can do that diagnosis.

    However, many audiologists only test for classical Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). There are OTHER auditory processing issues - which in my opinion should ALWAYS be screened for, and aren't... you have to know to ask for it. These are "auditory filtering" and "auditory discrimination". The first is the ability to screen out background noise - to send it to the "background". The second is the ability to focus on a primary sound - like, the teacher's voice in a noisy classroom.

    A kid with really keen hearing (natural, like yours, or learned of necessity like ours) who also has one or more of these auditory issues, may be getting nothing from class at all... and still not be diagnosis with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).
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    Janet- she "stole" my excellent hearing and vision, lol!

    HaoZi- I have to pick up ear plugs for her today (for just that sort of situation). The doctor chuckled when I told her we already use them for fireworks and parades.

    CM & InsCan- She's actually the head of a university program training audiologists and has a small practice on weekends. She tesed for the things you described (Duckie passed with flying colors). Also, she doesn't send reports to schools because too many "lose" the reports and claim they've never received them so she has parents hand deliver or send it certified mail. ;)
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    I used to have really good hearing but something happened to me in the last few years. Now I have to have the TV turned way up high to even hear it. I have noticed that if I turn over in bed that its like I am hearing through a pillow or something. Last year or so when I had that bad ear infection they said I had hearing loss but I never did anything about it. Wanted me to do an No go there of course...lmao.
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    Janet- you'll appreciate this:

    So Duckie had an appointment with the orthopaedic doctor today due to her right shoulder really bothering her on and off since last fall. Poor kid has shoulder bursitis and needs PT. :(