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  1. Liahona

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    so why do I feel so awful? I had an ultrasound today. Part of me is happy about this. Another part is scared. A boy would've been much easier. I have really wanted a girl. Why do I feel this way? I should be happy. I'm worried about difficult child 1's hypersexuality, I'm worried about his weird idea that he can control sisters more than brothers, and of all the stupid things to be worried about I'm worried that we don't have any girl clothes only boy clothes. Maybe I'll feel better after some sleep. But, I've been feeling this way since I got the news.
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    Honey, you are pregnant. For me that meant hyper emotional. You have some very young children to begin with. Take care of yourself so you can take care of them. Things have a way of working out no matter how much or little we stress over them.
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    Sending pregnant support your way!!! I was a little psychotic yesterday and today with my husband re: difficult child and the behavior which husband never seems to see. I'm protective of my baby and thinking of all these crazy ideas like moving away and not telling difficult child where we are going. The hormones are raging this week so watch out world!!!
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    Awwww honey. You will be emotional now. A girl will be a pistol in a houseful of boys. She will stand her own fast.

    As far as little girl clothes, well check out freecycle if you are worried. You can get them there easy. I got tons of them for Keyana. Or ebay.

    It will be fine. What are you gonna name her?
  5. Steely

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    Gotta hate those hormones!!!!!!!!! They are evil! :mad:

    How about a shopping trip to the mall where you just go and goggle and awe over all the frilly cute fancy girlie outfits.
    I am usually gushing by the time I leave that section, and thinking seriously about adopting a precious baby girl for about 2 whole seconds - until - whoooosh.........reality hits again, and I am sobered.

    Congrats - you will love having a girl - and older difficult child will be fine. You will teach him how to respect and honor girls, and he will grow up to admire and love them.

    Just as a side question - did you have abuse in your past from your father? Just wondering if this could be part of your worry.

    Take care.
  6. slsh

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    Aw Emily - I can *totally* relate. I didn't know Diva was going to be a girl, just assumed it would be another male (and I would have a good excuse to move out of the house - too much testosterone - LOL!). But thank you was 6 when I was preggo and had really started hitting seriously major gfgness. We had just moved to IL and I remember going to look at an apartment on the third floor of a building, with a balcony. I told husband that we could not possibly live there because I was certain thank you would throw the baby over the balcony. I think it's totally normal to have concerns and I think it's probably good - you'll be that much more ahead of the game when she (and what will her name be???) arrives.

    I have to admit I had a moment of "Oh crud" when the doctor announced the arrival of my girl - I knew nothing about boys when I started motherhood but felt like I had a handle on them by then... and now I had to figure out a girl??? But I gotta tell you, having a girl after 3 boys is a total blast. In our home at least, she's so completely different from the boys - very girly, drama queen to the max, and just different. All my kids are very different from each other but with- boys you just kind of get into a boy-groove thing. Don't worry about the clothes - Diva wore a *lot* of boy clothes for the first couple of years. She fortunately was born with a head full of hair so I got to do ribbons and such - no one ever mistook her for a boy. And friends and family (especially family) went wild with girly gifts. I do have to say, shopping for a baby girl is a whole lot of fun - they have so many more clothes for them. I still remember this ridiculously poofy dress I got her when she was about 3 months, frills, lace, big red rose, just ridiculous, but oh so fun to dress her up in.

    She was about 2 months old and I went to the library with the whole crew. Some lady was ooohing and ahhing over Diva, and I said something about my worries with her having 3 older brothers to deal with. The lady looked at me and said "oh but you *know* she's going to know exactly how to deal with- men by the time she grows up". It was a different perspective and I think a good one. The boys are very protective of her (except Wee who I think would still like to sell her in a garage sale, LOL) and Diva absolutely idolizes thank you in spite of all the junk he's put her through over the years.

    It's going to be ok. Your girl will bring another dimension to your family. I really do think it's normal to be worried but... it *is* going to be ok.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I do have to say that I am absolutely adoring getting my girl after all my boys...even if my girls are grand daughters. LOL. I feel like Keyana is my girl...
  8. slsh

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    Thought of another huge bonus with- a girl - CHICK FLICKS!!! Yes, you're going to have to wait a couple of years, but it's so wonderful to finally have someone to share "Nancy Drew" and "Princess Bride" and "The Devil Wears Prada" with. :princess:
  9. Liahona

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    Thanks for all your support. Reading your posts has helped. husband has already started trying to teach difficult child 1 saying "girls are different you have to be nice to them. All of them." And, yes there was abuse in my family. Which probably does compound what I'm feeling.

    I've wanted a girl for so long that I've been keeping a box of curlers for little girls for longer than I've been married. I can do this. Thanks again for the support.