It's a jealous herd circus around here

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    OMG These dogs are about to drive me nuts!

    Picture a 4 ring circus.

    Ring 1 is Princess Cloe. Sweet, loves her people to pieces but is still a bit jealous of Chester boy.

    Ring 2 is Chester boy. Sweet and basking in the fact that he has a home and gets spoiled. Thinks he's da bomb.

    Ring 3 is a newcomer....Kipper.

    Ring 4 is me. Frazzled, frustrated and fairly deaf from the cacophon(y) (HOW do you spell that) of canine voices around here.

    Kipper (a pomeranian) belongs to my brother in law/sister in law who moved a couple of hours away. He was living in their house with niece, her boyfriend and their baby. Now Niece and etc. have their own apartment as they didn't want to be stuck trying to find a place fast when brother in law/sister in law's house sold. Granted, Niece etc. moved pretty suddenly but brother in law/sister in law was expecting Niece etc. to make arrangments for brother in law/sister in law's dog. Niece told them "No, he's not my dog, he's yours. It's YOUR responsibility to make arrangments for him if you're 'not ready' to have him with you yet". (I giggled....this is coming from a former and somewhat current difficult child herself. I loved it) So....of course I get a phone call late Wednesday evening from brother in law. Is there any way that you and husband could keep Kipper for a couple of days until I have a day off and can come down there to get him? :slap: I soooooooooo wanted to say no but I knew, I absolutely KNEW that if I did, the poor dog would be in the laundry room of an empty house just waiting on someone (probably me anyway) to come over a few times a day to let him out and make sure he had food and water. No way I was going to let that happen. It's not the dog's fault these people don't have it figured out. What chapped my hide though? sister in law and two of the kids were IN TOWN THAT DAY! They were at the house, nephew played with Kipper, who by the way...was just over the moon at seeing his people....and then they left town. *****Kind of related side story to follow.


    They KNEW at this point that niece etc were/had moved. They KNEW at this point that niece etc was not taking Kipper with them. Do they take him with them? Of course not.

    So...about 8 o'clock or so, I drive over to niece etc's new apartment, follow boyfriend to drop off the uhaul and then we both go up to the house. He's grabbing the last of the food, I'm getting Kipper and his stuff. Now...Kipper has (in his mind I'm sure) been abandoned by most of his people. They show up, play and then leave again and he has no way of knowing when or if he'll see them again. He's with niece and boyfriend who are ok but 1) they aren't his "regular" people and 2) he's a bit jealous of the baby. He's already out of sorts because of that.

    So, the boyfriend and I collect our respective items, load them and Kipper in the car and leave. I drop boyfriend off at their apartment and Kipper proceeds to go bonkers. The last of his secondary people is leaving him. Again.

    I take him home with me. Before I had left, I sat Cloe and Chester down and told them what was going on. Kipper was going to be staying with us for just a few days and while I knew it would be inconvenient for them, I expected them to be nice. Pfft....they are just like kids. They didn't listen to a THING I said and acted all surprised and clueless when I came home with Kipper.

    So now....Kipper just wants love and attention. Chester keeps trying to hump Kipper (and he's doing it backwards which, I would think, could prove a bit painful if Kipper were to decide to express his displeasure), Cloe doesn't know what to think and they are ALL jealous as can be. Kipper on your lap? Give it about 3 seconds....Chester will be right there nosing his way in between the two of you. Cloe just looks at you with these eyes and mopes away like no one loves her anymore.

    I went to bed last night after husband. I walk in....Cloe is on my side, Chester is plastered against husband and Kipper is at the foot of the bed. When I asked Cloe to move so I could get in bed, I got that long suffering sigh and instead of coming back when I got settled, she slinked off. Plus Chester had to immediately move over and plaster himself against me so as to show Kipper that NO ONE in this house was his.

    Right now it looks as though I was attacked by zombie dogs and shot them just as they reached me. I have Chester and Kipper lying around my chair looking like little dead puppies because they are all tuckered out from vying for my attention.


    ***Side Story:

    Sunday, brother in law calls me and asks if I can go to younger nieces school and clean out her locker because she forgot at the end of the semester. I said sure BUT, he needed to call the school, let them know/ask if it was ok for me to do this and then CALL ME BACK. Wednesday I get a text from said niece asking if I had cleaned out her locker. No....I didn't because your DAD didn't call me back like he was supposed to. I'm amazed sometimes that these people get anything done.
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    Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who sits down with their dogs and tries to explain something to them logically so they will understand!

    Poor little Kipper has gone through so many transitions, he must be thoroughly confused and frightened by now. Lord only knows what they must go through when they think they've been abandoned! Sounds like he could use lots of snuggles. Trace, my little Rescue Boston who was dumped in a State Park and left there to die, went through that. When I first got him he was afraid to go outside on a leash, especially at night. He had to keep looking back to make sure I was still there with him. Took him over a month to get confident enough to know that I wasn't going to leave him. It's just heartbreaking!
  3. Abbey

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    I'm still trying to figure out the humping backwards thing. Hmmm...
  4. Suz

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    I felt your pain a couple of weeks ago, 'Stang. I had my two, my brother's beagle Annie, and a friend brought over his enormous yellow lab.

    So I had Chloe barking and terrified because I had a human visitor, and Annie who is terrified of yellow labs (she's been attacked twice by two different labs) so she was going nuts...and Rufus was was barking with utter JOY because he loves company whether it be human or canine. When I sat down on the couch I had all 3 jockeying for lap position.

    Good luck!

  5. mstang67chic

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    Allow me to rephrase. Chester was humping the wrong end. Hence the possibility of pain should Kipper express his displeasure with the arrangement.
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    Why didn't sister in law take the dog back with her? Are these people fit to care for a dog? Are you SURE?

    First they left Kipper with niece. Probably KNOWING she would have to find an apartment soon. Then I assume something went on between niece and brother in law/sister in law that made her not willing to care for the pup.

    So you get him. But you learn that sister in law and the kids were in town the day you were supposed to get him. Do they truly intend to pick him up and have him live with them? Are you SURE??

    If they could play with him while getting stuff to take home, and then go off and leave him again, well, it seems that they really are not willing/ready to do what it takes to care for a dog. I could be wrong. PRobably am if there is good reason that sister in law did not take Kipper home. I sure hope they start thinking about that poor puppy and what is best for him.

    A good long scratch for each of the dogs and some treatees for each of them too.
  7. mstang67chic

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    Thanks for the concern Susie.....that's just how they are. They take care of him fine...maybe not how WE would but he's good. They just procrastinate, assume and delegate a lot of things. It's how they are. As for them being in town and not taking him back....I think they just expected niece to take care of the arrangments (or didn't think she was REALLY moving) because they hadn't gotten around to finding out the rules about pets in their new apartment. And why would they? Niece doesn't need to move until the house sells so they won't need to do anything till then. :slap:
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    "Stang," the humping thing in this case is dominance display. It can happen between different genders, same genders, etc.

    It has nothing to do with sex at all.
  9. Abbey

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    Geez. Now that explains my life.
  10. GoingNorth

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    OMG...go to your corner, I'll join you because I'm still LMAO.
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    Well, "New Boy" (whatever his name is) is certainly a boy in this department. I sense a snip snip operation coming in four months or so. Especially since none of the other people's girls in the neighborhood are fixed...
  12. mstang67chic

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    Kipper has gone home to his family! They came down today to get him and took him back to their new place. I wasn't home when they were here but all reports were that Kipper was over the moon to see them. I'm sure it was an interesting drive back! LOL
  13. Shari

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    All's well that ends well, right?

    Just a little wear and tear...

    Kudos for helping Kipper, tho. Poor baby.
  14. Abbey

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  15. Star*

    Star* call 911

    .......My thoughts were Kipper was probably the FIRST Pomeranian to send a Text via a cell phone EVER....

    MOM (stop)




    LV KIPPER (stop)
  16. Shari

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    OMG, always...

    So if humping on the head is a dominance thing...why does our dog hump difficult child's stuffed horses and all the male cats at our house? (except the one he let nurse him til it was a year old...)
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    I'm hiding in the corner trying to duct tape my mouth with a reply.
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    From what I can tell, dogs will hump anything! Buddy (who is fixed by the way) has tried to hump several of Keyana's bigger stuffed Scooby was not amused!
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911





  20. Abbey

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    There is always plenty of room in this corner. :)