It's a small, small world...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    To celebrate our survival of last weekend's wildfire, the neighbors at the end of our street posted a large thank-you sign with red and white mini-lights for the firefighters. Then on Wednesday, they posted another sign as an open invitation to enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres at 5:30pm on Friday. :wine:

    So husband and I walked down to meet some of the neighbors and talk about our shared experience. It was really nice. A fire engine and four firemen even showed up (they had to pass on the wine but did enjoy some cookies)!

    Some neighbors were looking at stack of computer printouts of some pictures somebody took of the fire. I was looking over their shoulder and noticed that some of those pictures looked familiar. And then I read the captions... THEY WERE MY PICTURES!!! :picture:Same ones I posted on photobucket and sent to my family and friends (husband included -- I suspect someone who works at his company whom we recently learned lives on our street may have brought them).

    Just goes to show you what a small, small world we live in and how FAST news travels on the internet!
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    Yes it can be amazing how quickly things can travel on here. Glad you could all get together afterward to share in some calm time. Very nice that some firefighters came.

  3. Ropefree

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    I lived in wildfire country for many years and the best part about wildfires are the firefighters and the after parties.
    So glade for all who survived and all there is to give thanks for this year.
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    I'm so happy everything turned out the way it did. It must have been strange looking at the pictures and then realizing you took them. It is amazing how fast news travels on the internet - It seems to make our world seem so much smaller and bigger all at the same time. WFEN
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    It totally is a small world, bigtime!! I'm glad you were able to hang out with-the neighbors and talk with everyone. i'm sure the firefighters would of loved wine if they could of LOL.........cookies are always good though. :)

    Glad you are your family are ok. That was some scary stuff