It's already an interesting summer...

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    After the nanny job fiasco, Miss KT found another a kennel cleaner in an animal hospital. Do you remember her paper on her "dream job"? Her LEAST favorite job was to be working around sick or injured animals. She lasted four hours.

    Because she changed her summer school schedule to accommodate the nanny job, she's on the wait list for several classes, BUT since she's going away to school in August, she doesn't know if she wants to take any classes this summer. Summer session started yesterday.

    Hubby, in true difficult child fashion, keeps messing up his unemployment paperwork, so his checks are delayed, and he has to call in to fix it.The check that we expected last Thursday should be here by this Friday. He's trying to be more helpful around the house, and broke one of the glass shelves in the fridge when he wanted to clean it. Now I get to call the 800 number to see how much a replacement shelf is. We also have the pickup and Hubby's car to register this month, and COBRA for June.

    One of the senior cats is on his last legs - blind, deaf, and tottering around. He still eats well, and purrs like crazy when he's petted, but it's just a matter of time. We adopted him ten years ago, right after we were married, so we have no idea how old he is.

    My volunteer position as "assistant manager of keeping the childrens' pastor in line" may become a paying job. Most of the stuff I do for childrens' ministries is the behind the scenes work to keep things going smoothly. I change bulletin boards, prepare crafts for Sunday school and VBS, cut and paste, attendance records, things like that. It won't pay much, but right now anything will help.

    AND Miss KT got her hand caught in an electronic door yesterday at Wal-Mart. I hate the Wal-Mart here, and refuse to shop there, in part because they want to build a huge superstore that will hurt business for a local grocery store chain, and cause hundreds of people to be out of work, including Wal-Mart employees when they close the store they have now. Anyway, Miss KT was walking in the store, texting as usual, and the sensor wasn't working, and hit her hand hard enough to leave a good sized bruise. I made her go back and fill out an accident report, because her hand was swelling, and then we went to Urgent Care for an X-ray, just in case. Her hand is still swollen and bruised, but nothing is broken.

    School was out the 11th. I don't go back to work until after Labor Day, since sub calls are rare the first few weeks of school, so I have plenty of time to get things sorted and cleaned, finish everything but the visit on the history of San Francisco class I'm taking, and listen to Miss KT stress about leaving in August, if she's accepted, and financial aid is what it should be.

    I think I need a nap.