It's already Christmas Eve in the MattsMom's family tradition

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    As per tradition, it is our Christmas Eve today and tomorrow is our Christmas Day. That way easy child can go to her dad tomorrow after dinner, and have a chance to share the full holidays with her father too. They have a huge family get together on the night of the 24th (over 100 people, large family!) that I just never had the heart to force easy child to miss. Court order says he gets her on the 26th each year, but I've always offered to do it this way, and her dad seems happy to also be able to make Christmas a memory she never has to divide.

    We are all wearing our Christmas Eve pyjamas. I have a homemade meat pie and apple pie in the oven. Our table is bursting with all the baking that easy child and I have done the past month and frozen ahead. A ham is going into the oven when the pies are finished. It sure smells like Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The kids have both been stuck like glue in the living room. difficult child isn't even seeming to miss his usual "glued to his xbox" pattern in his room. He sleeps till at least noon during holidays but he got up with his sister when she woke up at 7a.m.

    We have Christmas carols playing. Fire place turned on (electric). We've been playing board games. I always have allowed kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve. easy child opened a remote control Ferarri (from Secret Santa ) and has been zooming it around chasing the cat. (The cat likes it lol) difficult child can't decide which to open from under the tree. So he can open whatever he chooses when he decides. I think he doesn't want to disturb the gifts under the tree actually haha.

    We veered from the norm of being alone tomorrow for dinner. We've invited my cousin and her son over which is going to be nice. Since she seperated, and since her mother (my favorite aunt) passed away, she's been quite lonely and I'm sure the holidays aren't the same for her son with just the two of them in their small apartment. We're looking forward to being hosts this year :) .

    It's so strange, we are all Christmas lovers but this year we are just infused with warm fuzzies. it feels special the way it did when I was a child. Something magical in the air or something.

    I won't be back until Boxing day to the board. So I wanted to wish you all ....

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Wether you celebrate big, small or not at all, I wish wonderful things for all of you every day but even more at this time of year.

    Thank you all for always being a source of support, encouragement and words of wisdom when we needed it most. And for being a place now that can understand when I'm so proud of difficult child's accomplishments.
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    Merry Christmas to you as well!!!
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    Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy.
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    Sounds like you're having a great time! Merry Christmas!