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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Hi all - I haven't posted in a long time- I think it's mostly because of all the ups and downs - just when things are looking better - another setback happens and Im back to the beginning. It's been a long summer/fall. difficult child got out of rehab in the Spring - they lying and relapsing began 3 weeks later - seems like he would pull it together for a few weeks every now and then but spent most of the Spring using what he considered to be "non harmful" drugs or alcohol - you know the "fun" stuff...."trippin". He finally was able to pull himself together for a longer stretch when a friend went to rehab. He and his girlfriend who is a stabilizing force, were doing great and he was too. It finally seemed like he was ready to move forward in life. It was the best I had seen him in 3 years and we complimented him on his progress and told him how nice it was to be getting our son back - how much we missed him. But the bottom dropped out when they broke up and he went on a week long bender - his home behavior was OUTRAGEOUS and scary and he lost all the progress he was making. So now, he's off to rehab again - court ordered this time. He will turn 18 while he is there and Im sad about the potential outcome this time. I will take things one step at a time, but he crossed many lines this time and I don't know if it's ok for him to return to our home. He is disrespectful, breaks things in anger, doesn't do his school work, clean his room, eat anything nutritious, get the picture. I have never seen him fully committed to recovery and I doubt I will this time. It's been a long time - there has been a lot of chaos and hurt. Praying that this new place helps us to find some answers that work for all of us.
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    Thank you for the update. I have been thinking of you and I am so sorry that things have taken a downturn after a promising period of time. Nancy always mentions that it takes rehab several times to stick, so try to concentrate on the long stretch of good behavior and sobriety. It's a good indicator that he was able to be sober and well for a decent amount of time. I am glad he is in court ordered rehab now and I will hold a good thought for both of you... {{{hugs}}}
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    Hon, take heart. He is still young. I worry more when they are 21 and still going south. My daughter did everything imaginable and quit at nineteen. I will pray for you and you can apply it to any belief system you have or to just love and good wishes. I certainly hope this young man will decide he's had enough of himself. Hugs!!!
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    I sympathize.... I know for me every time there is a downward turn (and we have had many) I get a little stronger, a little more determined to take care of myself and detach a little bit....and I get clearer and clearer about what I can and can't do. So for now he is safe and in rehab, take this time to get some rest and take care of yourself! And keep letting us know what is going on. I know there are times when I have felt like giving up, and then you see turn arounds like PGs daughter and I remember that as long as they are alive there is hope.

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    Nice to see you again, Zardo, sorry it's under these circumstances. We're always here for you, hope you know that. :consoling:
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    Hugs, Zardo. I can only imagine how painful it must to think the worst was behind you and then whammo! Sending caring thoughts your way...and his. DDD