It's been a long time.....


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Hello old friends, hello new members.

It's been two years since I've posted. Last posts were of the losses I suffered in '05. My life went to hell in a handbasket as a result and I'm still trying to make my way back.

I won't bore you with the difficult child stuff right now, just to say YES they are BOTH STILL difficult child's!!!

Michael, now 24 and his now former girlfriend moved back to PA from MD. They remain friends and are both active in raising their beautiful daughter who will be two on 10/17.

Nicole, turning 27 10/8, first and foremost DIVORCED BIO-IDIOT!!!!!! He still / again sits in state prison, I have no clue when he'll get out. Hoping T will be old enough to be able to legally tell him to kiss off. She's in a relationship with- someone and T has a new baby sister at home, born this year 2/8. As if having three grandchildren doesn't already make me feel old, the fourth is on it's way already and is due only two days after the baby's b-day. I've made it perfectly clear that I'm infuriated about the situation, but obviously what's done is done - I'll love my fourth grandchild just as much.

Trust me when I tell you that there are MANY gaps that could be filled in in the above paragraphs, but as I said, I'll spare you.

husband is doing well, working hard as always. He always has been and continues to be my sanity.

I'm on medications and in counseling since late '05 trying to deal with- many things. One day I'll have some sanity back in my life.

I honestly don't know what made me bring up the board today. There's so much I have to do (never enough hours in my day) and other things I needed to do online tonight, but brought this up. I'm thinking my subconscious is working Occupational Therapist (OT) (again), as T (who is eight now - nine in December!) is headed down the path of destruction like his Uncle M and the bio-idiot. :eek:(

I'll try to pop in more often. In glancing around, I see there are still MANY alumni still hanging around! :O)

Until another day.... Take care of you.

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Welcome back Did-I!!!!!! :smile:

It's wonderful to see you again. I'm thinking it's a truely wonderful thing Nicole has finally shrugged off bio idiot! I'm one up on you in the grandbaby dept. :wink:

Hope you'll pop in from time to time. Miss you dear.

And maybe since your subconcious led you here, it was for a reason???


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Well hello there, long lost friend. Good to "see" you again! Yes, many of us just seem to hang around. They just can't get rid of us. :smile:

Hope you stop in again soon.

Hugs to you and yours,


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I *swear*, I was thinking of you yet again tonight as I was giving husband shopping list for washing down the basement walls tomorrow - you'd be so proud, scrub brush, bleach, baking soda, LOL. You pop into my mind on a regular basis as I wash down these walls far more regularly now. :rofl:

Sorry to hear difficult children are still gfgish - but glad to hear some positive steps are being made by Nicole. Especially glad to hear you're taking care of yourself.

So good to "see" you!!


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Hey there girl, nice to "see" you!

I am sorry that the kids havent become easy child's since you last dropped in but well...neither has mine...sigh. I have had two grandkids since the last time you were Can ya believe it!?! Precious baby girls. Cory may be a PITA but he sure gave me a gift that I will treasure.

Dont be a stranger.

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I see older members pop in and start mentioning difficult child's ages and think where have the years gone...

No grandbabies via youngest difficult child - he has decided he doesn't want kids any time soon - oldest difficult child has two kids now and house bets are about the third one before the end of the year..

Am glad to read that T's daddy is no longer in the picture :smile:



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I was just thinking of you and the yummy candy the other day.
Must be psychic in my old age. Phew/Whew so glad to hear that T
is safe from bio/ least for awhile. Good news that you
found some support for you. Don't forget to check in more often.


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Hey Dee, I thought you were moving to Houston where the firefighters in that calendar are from :wink: .

It's great to see you! :flower:



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HI you! long time no talky.

wow T is getting big. remember when M stole the carton of cigs from the freezer of the neighbor's? ah yes, we ahve many tales we could tell. glad nicole is with-o bio=idiot. he is as he should be, under lock with no key.

miss you!


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You and I thinking to post back on the board at the same time? It's a MIRACLE. (Heavens open up, cherubs stroke their lyres, angels sing)

And I'm still holding my breath until difficult child gets out of my hair (what is left of it) Congratulations on the birth and soon to be granchild.

Missed talking to you too. My Easters haven't been the same without your goodies. But totally understand why there is no chocolate in your life have TOO MUCH sweetness with grandchildren.

Hugs and hey to husband.