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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Elise, Feb 4, 2008.

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    I first found this board when difficult child was 6 years old, he is almost 15 now. I have been absent for quite some time, but I think of you all often. I received so much help and support here, I will always be grateful.

    difficult child’s major issues continue to be anxiety and depression. He is moody, uncooperative, and difficult every single day. The therapeutic day school had been a huge help, but there are still days his anxiety makes it impossible for him to attend school. He does have several Asperger friends in his high school class of 8 students.

    Bipolar is such a challenge, (as many of you know). I just get difficult child’s medications right, and a short time later he is spiraling out of control again. psychiatrist wanted to hospitalize difficult child the last time we saw him, but an increase to both of his mood stabilizers did the trick.

    I think I have changed more than difficult child. At some point, I realized that difficult child was monopolizing my life and family. He will always be difficult, so it was time for me to have the type of life I wanted. I stopped reading difficult child-related books, visiting message boards, and attending lectures.

    I still do everything in my power to help difficult child, but I refuse to give up my life to him. I am active and involved in the things I love, (theater, fostering kittens, volunteer at food pantry). I still haven’t figured out how to get back to work yet, but I know that will come soon.

    It’s so nice to see familiar names on the board and I am delighted that there are so many newbie’s.

    All the best,

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    Hey there, stranger! I was wondering how things were going with you guys! So glad to "see" you again!

    Glad therapeutic day school helped - is HS in the same type of setting? Fabulous he has friends - sounds like a good match. Challenging daily - yep. LOL, you'd probably go into shock if he weren't. Hard to believe he's almost 15! Time flies when we're having "fun". ;)

    You sound *really* healthy, and I'm so glad. It's hard to find a balance between gfgdom and a more "normal" life.

    How are the PCs holding up?

    Really so glad you checked in!!
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    Hi Elise! So glad you dropped in. I was just wondering how you were doing the other day.

    It's great the day school is working out.

    So glad that you're learning to live again. Our difficult child's can be all-consuming.
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    How wonderful to hear from you, Elise.
    I think that transition to having a life saves us from drowning in gfgness.
    Glad the school program is helping.
    How are the easy child's?
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    Welcome back! You've been missed. :)
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    I read your recent posts and I am sorry to hear that thank you is not making better choices. I wish he would get his act together and take some responsibility for his life. I am glad that thank you is out of Residential Treatment Center (RTC). My difficult child has been at the same school for the last 5 years. They are doing a wonderful job with him, but I do worry that he requires so much support, it does not speak well for his future. There are 24 boys in the high school (3 classes, 6 teachers). Every year we try to get him over to the public high school for even a study hall. But no ones feels he is ready for that yet. Maybe next year. His school has more staff than students, LOL.


    I haven't been able to find an update on your son. How is he doing? I remember we both struggled with school anxiety issues. I hope he is making progress.


    Thanks for asking about the easy child's. My daughter runs cross country and is currently looking at colleges with a good environmental program. My son is a drummer and loves music. They are both great kids who are doing well.


    It sounds like your kids are really keeping you busy.

    It's so nice to see everyone.