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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by jgreen03, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Its been awhile since I have visited here. Busy with work and kids. difficult child is doing pretty good at his dad's house. I pick him up on Sundays to visit. He is working and staying clean. I know things aren't going good for him at biodads house. His dad's kids are telling him he doesnt' belong there to go back to his house. They don't want him there. This of course doen't come from difficult child. It came from his girlfriend. Of course I am feeling guilty and terrible. You know as mother's how we can get all sentimental. Of course I want him here with me. I raised him for seventeen years and now he is over there. And I have been sitting here thinking I want to call him and tell him to pack his things and I will pick him up and bring him home. Then a light bulb and I come to this site. And I start reading and it brings back why he is there in the first place. The pot smoking the stealing and who knows what else. And I have my sense back. He could of been here but he ruined it for him self. I know at least he is safe and not sleeping on the streets or in jail. He is in a warm bed. With good food and people who do care. Just not the way I do. Its so hard. But he is clean as far as I know he can't go anywhere over there just work. Right now that is all that matters. It has to be all that matters. I pray for all of us and all of you. Thanks again.
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    It is nice to see you again. :) I understand your "sentimental" feelings. It seems that sometimes, when our difficult children are gone, we forget the horror and remember only the good times... as far and few as they were. :sweating:

    I know your mommy heart is hurting with the "if only's" but like you said, he is safe and cared for. We can always do it better but sometimes the way we do it is worse for them. :(

    Hugs to you
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    Hey! Nice to see you again. What a smart move that was to revisit the CD family and regain your detachment perspective. Way To Go! DDD