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....since I've been here. Sorry about that, guess I need to stop by more often! Not sure how long ago it was that I posted last so I'll update from awhile back.

difficult child was in prison for theft and got out March of last year. He was with us for a short time and found another apartment. He still wasn't working but was getting his social security (they never stopped it during his incarceration so once we returned the uncashed checks all was good) and "scrapping" for extra money. He also stopped taking his medications and also contacted his bio parents. Bio womb lives within a couple of hours from here and he "moved" in with her for a bit at one point. Lasted less than 2 weeks. Big surprise. Aaaanywho...after being released from his first stint in the big house on March 8, 2012 he was arrested again on August 24. Didn't even make it 6 months. So, now he's in prison AGAIN for theft/burglary, this time from the Boys and Girls club and whatever probation violations were included. He received 7 years, 3 suspended. The last time I looked online, his earliest releast date is August of 2015. Now when he calls, I get to hear the usual, "I'm going to do blah blah blah when I get out and get my life back on track. NOW I know what I need to do blah blah blah" or he's asking for money. I'm to the point that I don't answer half the time when he calls if husband isn't home. It is just the same conversation everytime and I don't have the patience for it. Awful as it may be, I know where he is, he's relatively safe (he worked a deal during court pleading guilty but mentally ill and is serving his time on the mental health side of the facility) and I don't really have to worry about him. Knowing all of that.....I'm good.

As for husband and I....after my (step)Dad died last Labor Day weekend, Mom went downhill bad. She wasn't taking care of herself at all and by mid December, if she hadn't finally decided to let me come get her, she would have died. She's now at our house "for awhile" but I doubt she'll ever go home. Her house is in horrid shape. Dad hadn't been able to do repairs for years before he died, mom was taking care of him and also unable to keep up on housework so between that and the **** racoons, the place is unfit. We just need to get what's valuable to mom out of the house and leave it. Or light a's that bad. But....she's stubborn and insists she will stay there again at some point. The one year anniversary of Dad's death is this weekend and Mom's depression is getting worse already. I am trying to monitor her drinking so she doesn't kill herself on accident but I know it's going to be a bad time for the next week or so. Aside from her health issues and depression, it hasn't been bad. Mom and husband get along disgustingly well and usually pick on me. I'm glad they get along so well but she needs to pick on him sometimes too! LOL

We now have THREE dogs.....yeah, I know. Before difficult child was arrested again, he let some kid stay with him for a few days. That kid had a dog with him that was supposedly rescued from a drug house. I don't know that I totally believe the story but it's obvious she (the dog) wasn't treated well as she was very timid and had a lot of submissive posturing. difficult child decided to keep her against my advice but that lasted about two weeks before she drove him nuts with her neediness. You know.....needing to go out, needing to eat, needing attention, etc. We told him to bring her here and we would find her a home. Ha. She's now Chester's dog.

So...that's pretty much it. How are things with you?


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same old same old over here , oh got more cats then before besides that not much has changed for me; good to see you welcome back.



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Welcome back! All in all you sound good, no major drama, everyone's safe....... and........difficult child's puppy lucked out!


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Stang! (Running over, giving giant bear hug) It's so good to see you.
Sorry to hear that difficult child is still, well, being a difficult child. Very glad to hear that your detachment skills are holding strong.

Chester's dog. Tee hee. I love the fact that Chester has his own puppy.

Give your mum and husband a big hug for me. Sounds like you all could use one.



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Hey Stang! Good to see you! Sounds like not much has changed with difficult child. 3 dogs!! You are a busy lady! Stick around for awhile!

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I do remember, Stang! Great to hear from you. I'm sorry difficult child wound up where he is. That's such a hard thing. Like you said though, at least you know where he is. I love it that you took the dog. That's outstanding of you two!

Chester must be husband, huh?

So...does that make you Miss Kitty, or Marshall Dillon?



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Stang, it's good to read an update although I would have hoped it was a happier one. on the other hand I know it's a relief that difficult child is safe and that you guys are getting along at home. Hugs DDD