It's been one of those days.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jamieh, May 24, 2013.

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    To start off my friday E woke up at 3 a.m. WIDE AWAKE. We tried to get him back to sleep but it just didn't happen. So I laid on the couch while he played a video game (mom of the year) lol He talked NONSTOP from the time he woke up. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard 'mommy mommy...' between the hours of 3-6 a.m. So he had Occupational Therapist (OT) at 10. I took him in. He was in a good mood. I go back with- him and tell his therapist that he started vyvanse and to let me know if she noticed any change in him for the next few weeks. The kid did not shut up the entire time. He had a meltdown because he got sand in his mouth and wanted to go get it out but his Occupational Therapist (OT) wanted him to first clean up the mess from the sand. {I would have just let him get the sand out first then go clean it up....} <---that was insane but whatever. Then at the end of the session the Occupational Therapist (OT) let him color some skylanders pictures. E is OBSESSED with skylanders. He colored 2 pages and he was told that he could take an extra one home. He wanted to take the other 2 home. He started saying how he promised his skylanders that he would bring them a reward. Which is crazy but this was his argument. His meltdown/arguing lasted for 30 min. He got so upset. it was unreal. I finally got him out of there. We did manage to still have a good day despite his meltdowns. but this kid has talked all day and not just being 'a little chatty' I mean every thought that has entered his mind has come out of his mouth. My head was spinning. I'm wondering if it's a side effect from the medicine. I am praying that he isn't like this tomorrow. *but* he was very calm today. I took him shopping with me, which usually is a disaster, he was great. So well behaved and walked instead of running. :) That was my friday. Now I'm ready for a glass of wine now that the kids are in bed.
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    That sounds about how difficult child 1 reacted to stimulants, the non-stop talking. The psychiatrist took him off of it saying it was just a different form of hyperactivity and that it wasn't good for his 3 year old brain. As for the Occupational Therapist (OT), are you sure she's a good fit? What human being would not allow a child (or any person for that matter) get sand out of their mouth before cleaning up a mess. So far, I'm not impressed with this Occupational Therapist (OT). She also needs to think like an Aspie and it might take you sticking up for E to teacher her that. There were FOUR pictures (a "set" as far as E was concerned). It makes perfect sense that he'd need one of each. Both of those meltdowns are perfectly understandable and I can see completely where E is coming from. They are battles that should never have been fought.

    I'm glad E was physically calm and you had a nice day but the lack of sleep and the "running" mind are NOT good.
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    Hugs-the non stop talking is so wearing. We still go through that with difficult child at times.
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    He's not on stimulants? Stims made my son and Jumper talk nonstop, which was one of many reasons Jumper refuses to take stimulants anymore. But your signature says he isn't on medications.
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    We just started him on Vyvanse. This is day 4. and he talked non stop for the first 1/2 of the day but it was gotten better as the day has went on. I'm hoping he adjusts to it. He's only on 20mg right now.
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    I hope so too. My older daughter said it made her talk and she couldn't stop talking. It was out of her control. She was on Vyvanese. It didn't get better. She wouldn't continue it and I agreed.

    Remember...stimulants are speed. If they act like speed, they aren't helping.
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    20 MG? on a kid this age? That sounds high. (sorry for the pun)
    It could be that the dosage needs to be lowered a bit.
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    well it comes in a 40mg capsule. the pediatrician said to dissolve it in 8oz of water and we first tried 1/4 cup which was equal to about 10mg. We didn't see much improvement with- that so I went to 20mg which was 1/2 mixture. that was when he became chatty but he was calm. So today i first fixed it with- 1/4 cup and gave that to him then fixed another 1/4 cup but only gave him like 10 drinks of it. He has been good today. no excessive talking and he is really calm. This is his first week on it and the pediatrician said it would take some tweaking to find exactly how much he needed to level him out. We went to church today and he was really good. They move the kids during worship every 15min to a new activity in a diff room. But they all know his issues and I just request that they keep him in one room and let him play. He has the option to go with- the other kids but he rarely does. the teacher said he was really calm and sat and played with blocks about the entire time. We left church and went to old navy and he was so good in the store. shopping with- him usually is very difficult because he is always buzzing around looking at everything. but he went in and picked our a pair of shoes and WALKED with us. It sounds small but these changes are HUGE to us.