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    Hi to all, hope everyone is well. it has been sometime since i visited the forums, just thought i would pop back to give you an update. I think my last post was at least a year ago because i am now a grandma to a beautiful little girl of 6 months, so a happy ending there despite my shock, horror and fear at the beginning of the pregnancy. son no2 still working no problems another happy ending.
    Now i need to take a deep breath compose myself and give you an update on no3 When i last posted we were awaiting a diagnosis for his behavioural issues/problems, we now have the diagnosis of ODD which i am pleased with at least we now have something to work with. On a negative point the diagnoses came to late as he has been permanently excluded from his school since sep 08, his crime?? growing and selling cannabis leaves to a school friend. no amount of persuasion meetings tribunals could convince the school to take him back so for the last 7 months he has had 1 to1 tutoring. He also has a criminal record until he is 18. Have found a school that will take him in a months time but as he has been out of school for so long he has to repeat a year which he is not too happy about. He has lost most of his friends as their parent didn;t want them to associate with a drug dealer. (the saying "walk a mile in someone else shoes" springs to mind.) S o hopefully things are now turning round in our favour time will tell. Thats a shortened version of the last few months events. I do hope you are all coping with your problems.
    Hope to hear from some of you
    take care
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    Welcome back Fiona and congratulations on becoming a grandmother to your beautiful grandaughter!

    Sorry that you are having such a hard time with difficult child 3 and that he has been excluded from school. I know from experience a lot of the others on here do not believe that ODD is a diagnosis in itself and that it is normally a symptom of something else but it sounds like you are actively putting in a lot of hard work and energy trying to get to the bottom of his behavioural issues. Hopefully you will find out more in time so that he can recieve the correct therapy or treatment.

    Sending Hugs your way....
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    My goodness, fionamay, you've been through a lot!

    I'm sorry that your difficult child can't go back to that school, but I understand the reasons. Repeating a grade is a good idea, both academically and to show him that life isn't always fair. He made a choice (a poor one) and he's paying the price.

    So, what else is going on with-the ODD? That's a behavior, as Stella pointed out, not a diagnosis. It's based on something else ... a mood disorder, something on the autism spectrum ... being so close to him lately will help you see what's going on.

    Many hugs. Stay strong.

    And thank you for keeping us updated.