It's Coming - Part II

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Yesterday, I started a thread about waiting to hear back from the school regarding a letter that difficult child wrote tot he principal...

    Well, I waited and waited....


    difficult child usually gets off the bus around 4 I figured I'd hear her side of the story when she arrived home.

    Well, the bus came and went - no difficult child.

    An hour ticked difficult call....nothing.

    Finally, around 5:20 I get a call from difficult child "O gee whiz, we missed the bus [at 3:45]and couldn't call so my friend and I decided to walk. But don't worry, my friend's friend is going to give us a ride."


    I can't begin to tell you what's wrong with that story!

    First of all - difficult child and friend "miss the bus" at 3:45 and instead of calling me for a ride (I could have been at the school in literally five minutes) they decide to walk more than five miles home in freezing wind chills despite not wearing a coat, gloves or hat to school. difficult child says it just "did not occur to them" to call for a ride.

    What a crock of *****!!!!!

    Then, when finally arriving home after (supposedly) more that an hour's walk through freezing weather wearing only a sweatshirt....difficult child has not one complaint about the cold. No "my nose is frozen" or "my fingers are numb". Nothing. In fact, her cheeks weren't even red!

    So clearly, she and friend were someplace they weren't supposed to be...

    And to top it off - difficult child may even have skipped out of her last class early. She told me a story about how "everyone" was so impressed with the letter she wrote, that they called her into the office at the end of the day to discuss it....but then after waiting and waiting in the office - they didn't have time to see her after all.

    And then it was time to go home...

    And then all the buses went by and there must have been a substitute driver or a new bus because we didn't see it...

    And then we asked the teacher monitering the buses and she said our bus must have left at 3:30 and it's never that early...

    And then we didn't know what to do...

    And then it was after 4 and we figured the office was closed so we couldn't call...

    So then we decided to walk five miles home [instead of asking any other person still at the school for the use of their cell phone].

    And luckily, we managed to find our way to so-and-so's house and she was finally able to give us a ride home.

    Wow! Great story!

    And to top it off - I get a call from the friend's father who wants to compare notes...and the girls' stories are absolutely identical - which means they worked on their story together. There was no "Well I wanted to....but L thought we should" like there would have been if they had ben telling the truth. The father believes the part about not being able to call - hook, line and sinker.

    I told him that even a five year old knows to tell a teacher if they missed a bus or don't have a ride so that they can make a phone call!

    So - I guess we'll see what more comes of this....

    O I am so aggravated this morning!!!
  2. Bunny

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    Wow! I would be really interested to hear what the vice proncipal is going to day about her letter. And does she really think that if was called down to the office to discuss it, that then suddenly they would tell her that they didn't have time to see her after all? I agree with you. Sounds like a load of you know what to me. I hope the day gets better.

  3. DDD

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    Yikes, teens! DDD
  4. AnnieO

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    OMG - I have heard this story before - only then? It was Onyxx telling it.

    After the 3rd time - we had father in law drive her. She hated him at the time. It worked great - after one week, she begged to be on the bus and never."missed".the.bus.again.
  5. PatriotsGirl

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    Yeah I call BS....sorry!
  6. bby31288

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    Our difficult children never cease to amaze me. That is a very well thought story! I'm sorry you have to sit and listen to this! Maybe try calling the BS story? Tell her you know that story isn't true, so spit out the real one, pronto.
  7. KTMom91

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    Very creative!
  8. Jena

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    just jumping in to say i'm so sorry. i've been down this road with easy child sooo many times i lost count.

  9. Marguerite

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    I'd be quietly sharing this story (about both girls) with the school so they can check and follow up on whether they were both in school last lesson. Let them know this happened, because the school is responsible for these kids during school hours, and a kid sneaking out is putting herself at risk and the school is still responsible if something bad happens to her. They need to know, so they can protect themselves. And also of course, so they can come down on her hard if she snuck out, especially if it was to avoid meeting with the principal.

    They probably can't/won't do anything about this incident, but that can surely watch her closely from here on. And her friend.

    I would also be quietly developing a spy network from other kids in the same grade. You can bet that other kids know what really went on. As long as you never confront her directly with what really happened (unless the school finds out independently and tells you, or she can see how you knew and it's not your secret spies) then your spies will continue to feed you information. Never reveal your sources, or even that you HAVE sources.

    Yu need your own mini version of WikiLeaks. But don't publish. Just smile.