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    Well, I needed a job really bad, we were behind on just about everything money wise. I had to take a job working graveyard. I am able to be with my kids in the AM and when they come home from school but it is harder handling difficult child now.

    She did really well for days and now seems to be taking full advantage that I am exhausted when she comes home from school at 3 pm. her latest exchange.

    She's sneaking on the computer (which I am fixing up now with a password after today) having her friend in the house when I am sleeping, (we live in a small 2 BR apt. so it wakes me) she'd been on the computer for a long time by then. I tell her 5 times to go outside with this girl, embarassing myself and the poor friend!
    what does difficult child say after being on the computer for at least 1 and a half hours? Mom I can't go outside I have HOMEWORK!

    You got it folks homework! i am already WAY upset that she is now getting an F in one of her classes as a former straight A student. I have heard people say that middle school is when their children turned academically from A's to flunking because of attitude.

    She also answers me very snotty tonight Picks a fight about not being able to use my camera (again, told her 100 times if I told her once NO!!!)

    She tells me as she leaves my bedroom:

    "See me slamming the door?"( and slams it as hard as she can)

    Was VERY helpful and kind to her sister for 3 days and then suddenly upset because she has to bring her sister's bike upstairs for her daily, because sister is younger and can't carry it. "she needs to do it herself!!" and starts calling easy child lazy, faggot (she's not unaware of what this word means, just uses it because I tell her it bugs me) and stupid.
    easy child asks politely where stuff is when I am sleeping in afternoon, like: "Where's the cheese?" she wants it for a snack. difficult child tells her "you need to find it yourself you lazy pig"

    So now, I would say, difficult child has a mood swing once every few days:

    Cooperative, then Uncooperative,
    grudgingly obeys, then obeys nothing

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    Ugh! That type of behavior is always frustrating and even more so when you are tired and worn out.

    Is there any type of afterschool program you could sign both girls up for? Maybe the Boys and Girls club? It could benefit the girls plus give you a little extra time to sleep before they get home.

    Sending hugs. Wish there was more I could offer.
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    Sounds like you really have your hands full. I know how hard it is as a single parent. Very hard to balance it all.

    Have you checked into the Boys and Girls club in your area? They have reduced rate and free after school programs. The one here is very good. They keep the kids busy with activities so that their minds don't wonder off into things that will get them into trouble.

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    sounds like puberty. ugh.