It's Friday

pigless in VA

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:good_morning: I am using that smiley wavy guy as a cover. This is how I am today. :coffeeBreak: Our week-end plans have been scrapped. My former mother in law passed away last night. The funeral is on Sunday.

The good news is that we may be treated to a concert by the terrible organist with the beehive hairdo who plays dirges at the service. I first experienced her at the memorial service my in-laws held for my husband. It was so ironic and hideous that I had to bite my lip to keep from busting out laughing. It would have been inappropriate for the widow to LOL at the service.

I am looking forward to seeing all the family members, but I wish it were for a wedding instead of yet another funeral.

Speaking of funerals, Rozzy nabbed 3, count them, 3 moles last night for Bingo. I will need to begin burials this afternoon and hope they stay buried. Bingo is an excellent digger. My backyard resembles a Civil War battlefield.


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I'm sorry for your loss if you are.

Moles, huh? Years ago, husband and I were fostering a tweenie Dachshund and a little terrier mix. We had moles. After a month, we no longer had moles. What we had instead was a back yard that looked like an artillery range in miniature. Nothing but craters and trenches.


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My beloved Gizmo tries to make friends with the squirrels that visit my yard. He gets his feelings hurt when they don't chase him back.

Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everybody

Oh pigless, I am sorry. I would need to use smiley guy cover, too. Sunday or Monday when you come back, we will all post about it and you will come through it better this time.

Are your children taking the news well? You did the right thing in bringing them to visit their grandmother a few weeks ago.

I am glad you did that.

We will be here when you come back, pigless.


P.S. D H wants Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" played at his wake. And then, for everyone to go to dinner.


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I'm sorry for your loss.

It is my day off today and I have a lot to do since I work the ,weekend.

Have a great day, one and all.


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Oh Pigless, what a rotten way to spend your holiday weekend. :group-hug:

I hereby decree there will be no dirges at my funeral. My best friend and I used to say we wanted a party, stuff us and sit us on the couch with a drink in our hands. Then those country singers stole our idea. ♫ "Prop me up against the jukebox when I die."♫ Now it would look like we were copying them.

Being more "mature" I now think the best idea is to have a short service for the old, boring folks - then a good old Irish wake, with drinks and food and funny stories. A bit more dignified than being stuffed...though...If the organist started playing "Pop Goes the Weasel" after they close the coffin lid...that would be perfectly acceptable. :D

I don't mean to be disrespectful Pigless - I hope you know that. I am sorry for your loss.

Jabber and I have no Memorial Day plans...though we'll probably head down to where my parents are buried. Coincidently very close to our new property, which we haven't been to in a, weather willing, I'll check out my blackberries and raspberries and look for mushrooms. God knows we've gotten enough rain!


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I'm sorry, pigless.

I'm working this morning - second grade - and need to finish up my Buddhism course this weekend. The Islam course starts on Tuesday. I'm a bit behind, but I want to have one course finished before the next one starts.

Hubby and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary today! :couple: We haven't made any plans; this is a terrible weekend to travel. We may go down to Farmer's market tonight if it isn't too hot.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday!

Wiped Out

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So sorry Pigless.
I'm just returning home from our overnight with our fifth graders. We had a great time and great weather! Now I'm more than ready for a nap!!


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Pig less, your stories are fascinating!
Cedar, I will look up that Rollingstones song.

We have busted out butts and got our Difficult Child a condo because rents in our city have gone insane. It's a fixer upper. Still a little work to do. Last night she disappeared until midnight and was acting weird. She said she has a boyfriend now. WTH? My nerves. She is to move in a week from now. Prayers accepted.

We gave up our plans to visit our son and our family to stay home and work on her place

I actually tend to AVOID such martyrdom.

I plan on making husband and I some spinach rolls I saw on FB that look Devine and possibly a lemon cake.


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TGIF is all I can say. It's been one helluva week! Husband had finger surgery yesterday. It has been broken for over a month and he never told me! Has 2 pins that need to come out in 4 weeks. He did not know about the pins having to come out - even though he had a meeting with the surgeon beforehand. He reminded me he has ADD....

Everyone gets to wear jeans at my work every FRIDAY all summer except me and my coworker and the execs because we "have to set an example". That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. But you can't fight city hall.

Son driving us nuts from 1500 miles away. I think he finally knows he must conform - as he calls it.:huh:

No big plans; just dinner with my sister in law and her husband tomorrow and relaxing with some wine and our pups!

Have a great one all!


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My husband said he wanted as close to "a bunch of railroad ties and 5 gal. of kerosene" as I could get, and then to "do something sorta Jewish" to keep the older folks happy.

(and then the bagpiper walked out playing "Flowers of the Forest".

I have no plans this weekend other than getting some stuff done around the apartment; including a large load of laundry which keeps jeering at me every time I walk past it.

Memorial Day is sort of a personal as well as public holiday for me, and I will likely spend it in memories and I.

Though these days the memories bring more laughs than they do tears.


I Am The Walrus
So sorry for the loss, Pigless. My death wish? That I die when the weather is crap, there are no holidays to ruin, and it won't inconvenience anyone. Thinking a weekday death in January after New Year's or February. That time of the year sucks anyway. Too bad you can't request your time of year.

Congrats, KT! We celebrated our anniversary a few months ago. We like a nice (more expensive than we normally would) meal, a few drinks and a quiet time laughing and reminiscing.

Weather here is still hit and miss. I have gotten a lot of yard work done. I do my indoor spring cleaning in March and outdoor in May. Just about have it all done.

We are chugging along on the pooch's medication schedule. He goes in July for scans and then they will hit him with the big medications. Will be a scary few months while they do those as that is when it is most dangerous. Silly to worry over a dog but...I am silly.

Hoping for good weather. Would like to BBQ and gather with some good friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

pigless in VA

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Oh, man. Bad news. The dirge playing, beehive lady has retired! When I called to place an order with the florist, he told me. He said, "we asked her to play for your mother in law, but she had another commitment." Only in a small town.

Ferb is taking the news rather hard. Candy is off at a sleepover with a friend tonight. I thought it was a good idea for her to be distracted. This family that I married into is so incredibly sad.


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It's not at all silly to worry over a dog, Walrus. Pets, at least the lucky ones, are family members who happen to have fur, feathers, or scales, or maybe skin. Of course we worry about them!

I worry about Thomas and Squeaky, especially Thomas who is getting up in years and isn't the healthiest of beasts. With Squeaky, I wait for a shoe to drop as in the nearly 5 years I've had her, she's been an "in for shots and checkup, see ya next time!" sort of cat, once we got the deformed eye removed.

And before Thomas and Squeaky, I had other cats, and dogs, and horses that I worried about...all of them furry family members even if the horses had to live elsewhere with servants to help care for them.

Worrying just means you love. The secret is knowing WHEN to worry, which I think goes for life in general.


Roll With It
Of course it isn't silly to worry over a pet! often they are the family member who gives us the most comfort and the least emotional upheaval, our constant comforts! I am sorry for your loss. I hope the loss of the organist doesn't take all of the lighter moments from the funeral. In our family we try to have at least a few funny moments at some point. So far that has been the wish of each of our deceased relatives.