It's like a see-saw

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  1. It seems like whenever one of the kids is doing better, the other one starts having problems. Then the second one starts improving and the first one starts having problems again!

    Difficult Child was doing really well for several months, lots of improvement in his behavior and attitude. This summer, we found out that Easy Child2, who is 17, was secretly drinking and smoking pot at his mom and step-dad's house. We think it was more of a rebellion against the way he's treated there than addiction. He had many privileges taken away, has had random drug tests and started counseling.

    Easy Child2 has been doing much better the past couple of months since he started counseling. It's really helped him to have someone to talk to about his step-dad, who just tolerates his step-sons, and is rigid and controlling. If my mom sided with a step-dad who treated me like that, I'd be angry and unhappy, too. My husband has told him that he didn't realize how difficult it was there and just having his dad listen to him has made a huge different. He's been compliant, gotten most of his privileges back and been much more cheerful.

    So, now Difficult Child is having problems again! :frown: He's on anti-psychotic medication that has the side effect of weight gain and is quite heavy. So, his doctor added a new medicine that's supposed to stabilize his blood sugar so that he won't eat so much and is less likely to become diabetic. This morning, he had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at 10am. Husband and I both went out for the morning and when husband came home at noon, Difficult Child threw a huge tantrum, saying he was starving and there was nothing to eat. There were crackers and cheese, but he didn't fix himself anything, just waited for his dad to come home. He was yelling and screaming and banging his head on the wall. He hasn't done that for a few years. It was really scary as he's now almost as tall and heavy as his dad. He was ready to call the police, but Difficult Child finally calmed down enough to eat a piece of fruit and some crackers, and then finally consented to eat some soup. I really hope that this new medication isn't causing this or we'll have to take him off it. I guess we'll find out soon.
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    Medication for mental illness is... an art, not a science. And you're dealing with one of the toughest combinations: MI + puberty. His hormones are throwing him all over the map, compounded by bi-polar, which is a significant diagnosis, and compounded again by other issues... trust me, "sensory issues" are NOT minor. And if he happens to just be starting another growth spurt, then maybe he needs more calories than what this doctor is allowing for... it's just so hard to know until after the fact.
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    Ll)if it's a. Antidepressant or antipsychotic they cause weight gain and insatiable hungar. Been on many myself. Mood stabilizers like lithium and Depakote are big offenders too. Often it's the choice between quality of life and obesity. I know it isn't fair.