It's not mange!


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$95 later, four of us to hold her down while they scraped her lower eyelid with a scalpel, and an RX for antibiotics, and there's no mange.

YAY! :smile:

Apparently she has been playing too hard with the neighbor dog and scraped her face up but good. :shocked: Of course, she's still got a bit of the puppy in her, and she bashes herself about into furniture all of the time, so that could be it too. She's losing her hair because it's autumn.

I hope that's about it for us on the dog front for a while!


So glad for you. I need a vet who will TEST my dog.

When ever I mention anything to him(on the phone) he says, "no". Very quickly. Lucky if I get to finish the sentence. He asks that I call each week with an update but hasn't asked to see her. Which is ok with me to some degree since we have been there every 10 days most of the summer. But when she was at her worst he didn't see her. there are several Dr. vets, there. She didn't always see the same one. This latest one saw her the last time and I have spoken to him the past 3 weeks on the phone.

I do believe this prescription shampoo (which says it is a hair folicle cleanser) is what is correcting the problem. Not the 15 pills she took every day. We are now down to 8 pills a day.

Glad you have a happy outcome.


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Kjs, my female Yorkie cannot tolerate normal dog shampoo. It makes her itch incessantly (hair loss?). The only shampoo I can use on her is canine "oatmeal" shampoo and rinse, rinse, rinse. Although, I CAN use baby shampoo on my male Yorkie and it doesn't bother him a bit. There is also an emollient shampoo that can be purchased at your vet for moisture on the underlying skin. It's a little expensive $$, but it lasts a long time. Be careful with shampoos....


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It's difficult if you don't live in a large city where you have access to all the "doggie specialists" like allergists! My oldest Boston, Ragan, has allergies and I would have to drive for two hours and spend money I don't have to get her tested. She's always had skin problems but it's been trial and error with her. I KNOW she's allergic to fleas. Even one on her and she's up all night crying and scratching, so I have to be very careful to keep her treated for fleas. And I KNOW she's allergic to grass, especially when it's freshly cut. If I were to let her walk through the freshly cut grass, she'd be licking and biting her little feet till the the pads bled!

And part of it is food allergies too. The affects of food allergies can show on their skin too. I found out by accident that Ragan's apparently allergic to CORN! When all the dog food recalls came out I got scared and stopped feeding them their usual canned food and started cooking homemade "human" food for them. And within weeks, for the first time in her life, her coat grew in thick and shiny and she stopped scratching! Just TRY to find a "grocery store" dog food without corn in it! There aren't any! Read the labels ... corn is the MAIN ingredient in almost all of them and LOTS of dogs are allergic to it! So I'm still cooking for them, and I'll be off to the pet store for some of the really expensive "allergy formula" two-ingredient dry foods for her. She did OK for a while until she started her normal summer shedding and now she's looking a little thin again. We've had a horribly hot summer but she should be better when the weather cools.

You might try experimenting with the food though. Right now mine are eating my homemade concoction of cooked ground beef (and sometimes turkey), rice, and canned mixed vegetables. No seasonings, of course. I make a weeks worth at a time and put it in freezer bags. Then in the mornings I thaw one bag and mix in a few freshy scrambled eggs. They LOVE it and they're doing great on it! And NO corn! And it doesn't cost much more than the expensive canned food I had been buying for them.


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I'm so glad it is NOT mange.

We have exhausted our vet on our American Bulldog. He takes Benedryl, 2 tabs 2x a day, he takes Soloxizine for thyroid. We have discovered through food elimination diets he is allergic to corn, wheat gluten and soy. I spoke with a vet regarding his food and it was suggested we try Nutro. All natural no corn no crap. And he likes it. We feed the lamb and rice.

I also use a WONDERFUL shampoo that was created by a specialist. IT's a keratolytic, degreasing, follicular flushing, antibacterial. It has Benzoyl peroxide 3% solution in it. It's called BPO-3 It's by vet solutions out of Ft. Worth TX. You mix it in a cup AFTER you have used another shampoo with tremendous rinsing. Then I apply it and work it in with a soft scrub brush. Then we dry, dry, dry....and set him somewhere to completely dry. THere is no odor...and my dog doesn't itch nearly as bad after being washed.

-WHen I can I just put him in the shower with me...and crack the door a little. (That's when I had a shower before my bathroom fell in) - another phat story. whats in her dog treats. Most of them have CORN. Tossing the occasional pop corn treat? BIG no no. A lot of human food ? CORN.

My vet says we're fighting the invisible devils in airborne allergens. I considered a mask....but the other dogs surely would make fun of him.

Hope she's felling better today. You must be relieved.