It's official--------easy child is difficult child

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    So what a day......easy child shared with school counsellor her suicidal thoughts. difficult child 2 psychiatrist was unavailable to ER we go.

    The visit in the ER was a little too traumatic but the end result was a sooner appointment with the counselling group and an RX. All good things.

    There was a great ER psychiatrist.........we will see him one more time. Preliminary diagnosis was depression and anxiety and the psychiatrist says she meets criteria for ADD. (Those pesky inattentive types are so hard to diagnose).

    And me, I am exhausted. Not so much as her (now difficult child 1).

    I suppose I have yet to process the whole chance I had of losing her. At this time she is safe and no harm to herself or others. I am confident that treatment will keep her that way.

    Hey group, thanks for listening. everyone's life around me is So falling apart that I couldn't burden friend's and family with all this!

    As a previous post has stated, I too needed a soft place to land.
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    Sorry to hear your family has to deal with all of this! Hopefully, your daugher will get some comfort from treatment and will soon be back to her easy child self again...

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    Depression hits 1 in 4 people. Much of it happens in teens.

    The good news - she was smart enough to tell someone, and not to go ahead and carry out a suicide attempt. She knows to call for help. That's good. And now she knows she is right to take such stuff seriously. She was not crying wolf. Help is available, she doesn't have to feel this bad.

    All good, really. Much better to have it out in the open being dealt with.

    Thank her for telling and giving you a chance to help her.

  4. lizanne2

    lizanne2 New Member difficult child 2 is acting awfully...

    I hate the end of the school year. I mean, are finals really necessary. And why does Little League need playoffs?

    I need a break!
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    So sorry about difficult child 1, but glad she's getting some help. My heart goes out to you.

    I totally agree about the end-of-the-year stress. Both pcs and difficult children tend to act badly as school winds down. My teacher friends say they see a definite change in behavior at this point. Sometimes there's so much going on that even the fun stuff isn't fun.
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    I am so glad she reached out to someone rather than hurting herself!! It sounds like the psychiatrist at the ER was very helpful.

    Before you put her on ADD medications PLEASE get her seen by a pediatric neurologist. They thought Jessie had inattentive ADD. She most emphatically does NOT. She has Absence Seizures. They only last a few seconds, usually are under 1 minute in duration. But the person is totally unaware of anything during that short time. SO MUCH can happen in that short time.

    Another mom, who isn't around anymore, tried all the medications for her son. Then she discovered he had a seizure disorder and the medications actually made it WORSE. She pushed me to have a sleep deprived EEG done before we trialed medications for Jessie.

    We had a great pediatric neurologist and he was astounded by her results. He expected my boys to pop for some seizure activity, but not Jessie. And she was the only one of them to show seizures.

    If we had gone ahead with medications her seizures could have been a LOT worse.

    The test is NOT painful. They hook some leads up to your head and then have you do some things while they watch what your brain does. It is IMPORTANT to have it be a sleep deprived EEG. If it is not sleep deprived you have a much higher chance of missing something. The sleep deprivation can trigger the seizures so they can be diagnosed.

    Anyway, welcome. I look forward to getting to know you more!
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    Sorry to hear she was feeling so depressed. It sounds like the er doctor was a huge help!

    I hope you are able to get some sort of a break for yourself-sounds like you are dealing with a lot.
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    {{{Lizanne}}} I hope you have many better days to make up for the trauma and heartache of today.
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    thank you everyone for your kind words. I am hanging in there.

    Help me with this one. So difficult child 1 is now starting Zoloft. We are on day 3 from ER prescription. She is still a little traumatized but at school and trying to pass her class. SO, she gets detention yesterday after school for being late to a class and then today for being late to school. She actually was at the school but was a little too anxious to get in the door right away.

    Now don't you think that this girl deserves a free pass on detention for these last two full days of school? What are these people thinking?
  10. tiredmommy

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    I would call and ask the counsellor to intervene on her behalf.