It's official: I'm a diet difficult child

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  1. SRL

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    So this past week I was to have a fresh start and wound up mopping up large quantities of cheesy potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and Easter candy on various days. I can't ever remember a time when I've struggled with self-discipline more than this.

    How have you overcome this hurdle?

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  2. tiredmommy

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    I went bathing suit shopping. It was humiliating. :(
  3. trinityroyal

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    Oh SRL, I can understand your pain. I've been falling off the wagon and climbing back on throughout this process.

    The thing that has helped me the most is exercise. Especially if I can manage to get outside during daylight to do it.

    A brisk walk, a run, playing in the snow, whatever. I notice that I crave carbs when I'm sleepy and sluggish, which inevitably happens during the last several weeks of winter. But, the carbs make me sluggish and sleepy, after the first sugar hit is over.

    Next time you crave a cheesy baked potato, try to force yourself out for a walk or something. If you still crave the potato after the walk, then have it.

    Of course, now that husband is on this incredibly strict diet prepared by his bariatric doctor, I feel guilty about scarfing down popcorn and things in front of him. (I tell myself that I'm getting rid of the bad foods without wasting them, but I know that's nonsense)

    You can do it!

  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Like Trinity, exercise helps me stay on track. It's also a bit easier if you don't think of it as a diet, but more as just healthy eating. Don't try to make too many changes at once. It can be overwhelming.

    I agree with Trinity that if you crave a certain food, don't deprive yourself of it. I find that if I deprive myself of something I'm craving, I'll usually end up eating more than I would have if I had just eaten what I really wanted in the beginning - Also, I won't feel satisfied.

    I think TM's comment is so true!!! When I've put on some weight and need motivation to get it off, I pick an article of clothing that I want to be able to wear again, and keep it in a visible spot. Nothing works as well as a swimsuit!!!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Today is a new day. WFEN
  5. Nomad

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    I recently fell off the wagon a little...but I'm not overly worried about it. I recognize that this is part of life. I put signs all over the house that I'm not to eat after 7:30...simply because this is when I tend to eat poorly. IN addition, I have the Easter Candy under LOCK AND KEY. It is in a tackle box LOCKED. ONLY husband has the combination. And, I'm exercising a tiny bit longer and harder for the time being. Anyway, this is how I overcome the hurdle of weight gain. in my humble opinion, its best not to get overly stressed...just plant your feet firmly on the ground and make a plan. A lot of WW experience has been of great help.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I went brazoon holder shopping -

    I've never had to wear bras with shoulder pads -
    I think they turned the heat up in the changing rooms to 210-
    I am POSITIVE Playtex and Bali are in like with saying the bra is a 40 but it's really a 34 - has to be
    I now hate sexy lingere - but LOVE the new Kit Kat Bunny shaped Easter candy. (blarg)

    This has really been a chance for me and DF to figure out that CHANGING BEHAVIORS IS VERY HARD and if someone yelled at me everytime I ate a cookie I would hate the world. Not much different than changing a difficult child and his/her behaviors is it? hhhhmmmm?

    Also - My story of the week - I took some bras back to Walmart -I wanted every day types and not spendy. I was so glad to see a little old lady at the door with her price gun to mark my return bag and not a man to touch the bras. While not able to be embarrassed I still have decorum regarding my undergarments. (mostly)

    So there we are; me with a bag full of bras (larger size) and her with no machine - "The other lady has it" she said softly. I turned to see this Amazon woman literally pulling kids off the "little rascal" shopping carts and chastising them. (They were supposed to be there selling candy for a church).

    Anywho she come over and instead of just looking in the bag like a normal woman and seeing the (say it silent) bras - and giving me a ticket she starts pulling them out of the bag - and at her height hanging from her hand it looked like a string of Christmas lights all somehow chained together in the bag and now trailing down from about 6'6" to the floor....and men are walking by snickering (as my bras are not small) and I'm thinking to myself - laugh hyena - laugh. Ten years ago you would have killed yourself to stand in my shadow of my bras, and now they laugh at them.

    I tried to recover what dignity I had left by telling the larger of the two woman and I kid you not she was every bit of 6'2"; that I had just said HOW GLAD I was there was a lady working at the door because some of us were still a bit discreet about our underthings. Do you think she shoved the bras back in the bag quickly? No - she twirled around with a fist full of them to help another MAN standing behind her not waiting HIS turn and fumbled to give HIM a ticket while he's staring at my bras, and then me, and then smiling...and I'm thinking - OH GOD just let me go get my return. Did I mention I hate Walmart with a fervent passion?

    Finally this large, non-discreet woman with a voice like an elephant seal bark looks down at me and says "HONEY THEYZ ONLY BRAS - you shouldn't get so uptight 'bout it - every woman gots em." And then proceeded to mark my stuff and place a tag on each returned item. On the actual tags so that if they try to resell them the tags will be torn (dumb) and finally shoved them all back in the bag and handed me my receipt which I could NOT have snatched out of her hands any quicker or haughtily.

    As I walked to customer service I try to arrange the bras in the bag so that the sticker is on the top and the rep. only has to scan the stickers - but nooooooooooo she pulls them out and throws them out across the counter and I swear if she did it once she did it three times to get them to lay flat and they were not going to - they are big and they are lined - and now there are a bunch of men standing there watching or oogling depending on if they like big women or not - and there I am. To make it worse I was refunded the wrong amount for one of the bras - and they had to go get someone to prove me wrong - (they had gone on clearance -from $12.96 to $5.00 in three days) and I just thought well thats dandy.

    Never again - and all this could have been avoided if the stupid man at the ALL IN ONE UNISEX changing room (do not like that either) would have allowed me to try them on in the store.

    So THAT is my inspiration - I'm allergic to people and now I am only going to buy my bras from a place that sells them and allows you to try them on.
  7. Loving Abbey 2

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    Star--OMG that's awful.

    SRL-I've been doing this healthy stuff for 1 1/2 weeks so far, so take it with a grain of salt. I have healthy eating buddy at work, she always walks with me. She has been on the healthy eating and walking for while so she understands the road. I've been reporting to her the positives, like I made it all night without making brownies, instead I had fat-free angel food cake with light cool whip. And I like saying what I've done right, it's rewarding, like praising myself-positive reinforcement. (sound familiar?)

    She said something to me today that helped at least for today to keep me from going to the "Wall of Shame" (wall at work filled with high fat candy and snack, proceeds to benefit christmas fund for DSS kids-talk about guilt!). Anyway she said, if you eat a chocolate bar than all that walking you did yesterday will have been wasted. Think of all the walking you will have to do to make up for that chocolate bar and think of HOW SORE YOUR LEGS WILL BE THEN. So instead I had one hersey's kiss and let it melt in my mouth instead of chewing it. It was hard!

    But my legs and arms are already sore and I want that to be for something. I don't want to be sore and still be putting things into my body are counter productive. I just don't have the time or energy for that. There's no telling how I will get through tomorrow!

    You can do it!