It's only day 2 and he's driving me crazy

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Last school year was so nice for us as far as difficult child was concerned. One of those reasons is difficult child went to an alternative school site during the afternoons. Because it was a district wide program the bus dropped him off at our house!!!! He no longer needed to be dropped off at my school.

    Now that difficult child is in high school he can only get dropped off at my school after school. We have him attending a school on the west side (better Special Education program in my opinion) but we live on the east side. Since he is not at his home school they will not bus him to our house (I teach on the west side so they will bus him there).

    Anywhooo, it's only been two days and he is driving me crazy. He comes into the building loudly saying hi to all my co-workers, starts throwing my students fidget toys around the room, is disruptive, and interrupting constantly (makes it impossible to get any work done-he technically gets to my school at the end of my contract day but sometimes I still am working). Also when it is time to go it takes at least 10 minutes to get him going which drives me crazy-constant reminders to bring his backpack, put things away, etc... That 10 minutes feels more like 30!

    Having a snack doesn't matter, having other things for him to do doesn't help. I know there probably isn't much I can do about this but I really needed to vent as I feel like I need to go to a sound proof room and SCREAM for a long time).

    Thanks for listening!
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    High school. Testosterone. Growing pains. Hmmm..........

    He needs a job scrubbing floors at the school. I mean - not literally - but what is there that he can do that burns off steam? Running club? Anything?

    There's too much distraction to be doing homework, and it isn't "cool" to be hanging out with Mom, and... its the end of the day and he's NOT at the top of his form.

    Are his ADHD medications wearing off by that point? Any chance of a top-up?
    We've had to go to that... but we're on the Ritalin family - not sure what the other drugs have for options.
    Ours get Concerta in the morning... and then 5 or 10 mg (depending on the kid and the evening plans) after school.
    Makes a HUGE difference on how the evening goes.

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    Thanks for the hugs! difficult child takes an extra dose of the Clonidine right before he leaves school so we can't add anything more at this point. He has another psychiatrist appointment in late September so we'll see at that time if there are any other choices.