It's so nice to be "needed"......NOT

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TeDo, Apr 15, 2012.

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    difficult child 1 went to a friend's house for the day. I went to put some bills in the post office drop box around supper time. When I got back, difficult child 1 was home, stripped down to his boxers, laying on the couch in the other room with an ice cream bucket next to him. He told me he felt sick.

    An hour later, he yells for me. I asked him what he needed. He said "I'm going to throw up." I asked what he needed from me and he said "I just need you to be with me." while he pukes his guts out. Yeah, he apparently needed me for moral support. Yuk!!!

    He didn't have a fever or anything so I asked him what he had to eat at friend's house. Here's his diet today.

    a can of chicken noodle soup for breakfast he had before I got up that he ate with saltine crackers
    2 chocolate chip cookies
    a glass of milk this morning and another this afternoon
    6 strips of beef jerky

    Am I the only one that sees the problem here? He threw up two more times before he went to bed. I REALLY hope he wakes up and feels "normal" again. I don't know if MY stomach can handle anymore.
  2. Hound dog

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    Jello, soup (chicken noodle is fine), and crackers. No milk. No cookies. Clear liquids while his puking. Nibble the crackers and if he's really queasy.....don't eat the noodle part of the soup. (but it tastes better than broth)

    Once his stomach starts settling again.....gradually start back onto the normal stuff in small portions.

    Not only does it help with reduces the amount of disgusting clean up.

    (((hugs))) Hope he feels better soon.
  3. InsaneCdn

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    To me, it sounds like a medications/blood-sugar combo. been there done that.
    On some medications, if you don't keep your blood sugar fairly stable, you REALLY crash. It took difficult child two weeks to recover from his one-day mis-adventure (combo of responsible people all failed, including difficult child). But... one missed meal and no back-up snacks around it... basically not nearly enough of the right foods for 7 hours.

    If this is what is happening... he's going to need small meals, 7x/day, until he feels better. NO junk food. NO high-glycemic index foods, either (white bread, etc. - the only exception being plain white rice). Obviously, no candy. No pop. Juice only if it's counted as part of the equation. And... protein, carb and fat at EVERY meal.
  4. susiestar

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    while it could be diet and medications, there are many viruses out there than cause temps to get lower, not higher and still make you vomit. i know my kids have the actual flu because they run temps, otherwise they just get cooler.

    sorry he is sick, but don't immediately assume taht no fever means he did it to himself. Mine have always been like ths and so have i and my brother.

    My kids want moral support when they vomit too.
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    ewww I hope he feels better soon. I was talking with difficult child's pca the other day and somehow the topic of conversation turned to kids vomiting. She said she wasn't sure she could ever be a mom because she can't handle the smell, whereas my issue is the slimeyness of cleaning it up. I told her if I could make it to difficult child's 18th birthday with my gag reflex, she'd do just fine.
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  7. Giulia

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    For nausea, I couldn't hardly take anything but... cocacola !! It was and it still is the only efficient anti-emetic which doesn't make me sleep all day and/or look like a zombie.
    Same for vomiting.

    I cross my fingers for your difficult child
  8. keista

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    Don't forget the tub of ice cream!

    Does he normally eat that way? If he was feeling "off" he could have been trying to find foods to eat that were appetizing and wouldn't make him feel more "off".

    As for the bug itself? My kids and I have NEVER had a fever and vomiting as symptoms at the same time.

    Gingerale if hes' still feeling nauseous today.
  9. 1905

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    The BRATTY diet helps:
    T- my mind is a blank
    Y-yogurt..........................I hope he's feeling better today
  10. DammitJanet

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    I hate puking and keep phenergan on hand at all times. I have suppositories for the under swallowing ages and my pills for the rest. Yes, my docs keep me loaded for bear...lmao. The minute anyone says their stomach feels queasy, medications come out. Of course we still limit foods. In our house it is ginger ale, saltine crackers, chicken broth. Then when feeling even better it is wonton soup. I do like to mix my ginger ale with sunny dlite once I get to feeling a bit better.
  11. TeDo

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    Keista, I had to laugh at your opening sentence. The empty ice cream bucket was to throw up into. My kids have always used those because they didn't make it to the bathroom in time 99% of the time. Now it is just habit to grab a bucket when they feel sick.

    Janet, difficult child 1 and I are both allergic to phenergen. It makes us vomit more, makes our heart race, and makes us sweat profusely.
  12. keista

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    LOL I thought he was eating it! lol We use empty coffee cans in our house.
  13. buddy

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    I hate barfing...Q has only thrown up three times ever and it was all nighters....but that is it in his whole life. (once he added miralax to his drink HIMSELF when I didn't know, so he OD'd on it and I didn't know until the next day... that was awful).
  14. InsaneCdn

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    How much coffee do you drink???!!!
    We have WAY more ice cream pails, than coffee cans... and unless you're using gallon-sized coffee cans... it wouldn't be big enough around our house.
  15. keista

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    Yes, I use the big cans and I drink a lot of coffee - all by myself. I also can't bring myself to throw out these wonderful cans! (hoarder) So after using some for crayons and pencils and other odds and ends and some for the fat that gets drained off meats, I've got a nice stash of them.
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    And still when they are sick they want MOTHER.........gotta love being needed. I think the next time he got ugly with me? I'd go get that icecream pail and hold it out in front of me and say "Your behavior makes me SICK, but WHO is going to help ME?"

    Sending you all my sympathy.
  17. TeDo

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    Love it Starbie!! I WILL have to remember that one!

    Insane, I'm with you. A coffee can would NEVER be big enough in our house either. Last night, the ice cream bucket wasn't. I know, too much information but it's the truth and I'm sticking with it. LOL

    He's tried nibbling on saltines and a banana so far and neither is staying down. Sips of water aren't staying down. I really hope he doesn't get dehydrated again. We have the high stakes State Testing for school tomorrow and Wednesday. UGH.
  18. keista

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    I wouldn't even stress the testing and keep him home at this point for them. He can take them on make-up days. Really, even if he's just a little "iffy" he won't do his best. We've got them this week and next.
  19. InsaneCdn

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    I can't take water when I'm sick, either.

    Try... peppermint tea either plain, or with a wee bit of honey. It's good for the digestive system anyway.

    Mix up some jello, only use half apple-juice instead of water (so, boil the liquids in a pan or the micro), and have him drink some, the rest to gel up in the fridge. Jello has protein in it.

    Ever seen "traveller's candy"? it's made of pure ginger in a sugar base - think "peppermint to suck on" kind of thing. Quite strong, but... it's a natural anti-nausea solution... (also helps migraines...)
  20. TeDo

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    Keista, they don't have make-up days. We do online school and have to travel an hour to a testing site. If only it were that easy like it is in public school. If this doesn't stop, I might have to ask them what they do. Interesting question to pose to them. He doesn't do well on them anyway. He admitted to difficult child 2 that he just guesses anyway because he doesn't "get why we have to do them anyway".

    I made an appointment with our pediatrician to get an antiemetic shot or suppository. Hopefully it works. He feels fine otherwise, except getting weak.