It's that time again IEP!!!Please help me

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    Hi every one I haven't posted in a long time but I have visited and read alot.
    I will give you guys a quick review in hopes that you can help me prepare for IEP meeting thankyou all in advance.... :angel:

    Well my difficult child was finally diagnosed with ADD just 2 days ago
    She just started 3rd grade last month
    difficult child had a terrible kindergarden year she was not speaking much and she mostly got into trouble for pushing , hitting and spitting and lots of defiancy. I fought the school tooth and nail to get her IEP which she did not get.

    difficult child went on to 1st grade, from the beginning teacher and difficult child did not hit it off it was daily calls home and she earned about 25 consecutive detentions which she chose to ditch I was finally able to get her IEP in the middle of this school year her speech improved and she was able to get speech classes toward the end of this school year things got worst teacher and difficult child were just having the battle of the wills.

    2nd grade I was able to help select teacher I met with teacher before difficult child started school and gave teacher the Explosive Child book since IEP was established and difficult child was seeing a new doctor. seeking proper diagnosis she did much better this year with the exception of not wanting to write. See she can't spell because her speech was still slurred and she was showing defiency only in writing class 2nd grade went fairly well speech improved much much more but difficult child still refused to write she finished this year with 3 A's 1 B and a C- in writing.

    Now we are in third grade difficult child is on Concerta 27mg first 2 weeks I have not heard form teacher difficult child is coming home daily and doing her work even written work
    :smile:!!!! I am estatic beside myself though her spelling :censored2: she is doing her written work I am sooooo happy I am thinking Principal must have spoken to new teacher and this is why difficult child is doing great plus she matured over the summer and the concerta is helping and difficult child is enthusiastic about school she is NOT getting in trouble during recess or lunch YIPEE!!!

    Well on the 3rd week I heard form teacher difficult child got detention for forgetting to bring home her homework ???? i check her backpack everyday she is getting more homework she is not complaining she is doing her HW ??? Well teacher says "well this year I cannot baby her!!" It is difficult child's responsability to tear out her HW from work book and if she forgets she goes to detention, then she tells me difficult child was refusing to go to detention and offered to stay in class duing recess and finished HW but teacher said no so off to detention she went :bloodshot: I spoke briefly to teacher about difficult child and her track record teacher said she had not had time to see my difficult child's quem ( i guess this means school file) yet but she would try to get on it!!! now difficult child is happy and still struggling with spelling but she is doing her work spelled wrong but doing it. I asked the principal for IEP meeting next week and she granted it. Today difficult child brought home a health test she took she got an F it was a written test I read her answers she really tried but they were marked wrong her spelling is very behind :bloodshot: She will need help in this area what can I ask for in IEP that can help her ????
    Sorry tooo long
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    You can definately get support with reading and writing as part of her IEP. You should request classroom and testing accommodations which require the teacher to read aloud the test and scribe answers and/or have difficult child respond verbally. Can she answer the questions verbally?

    I'm so happy to hear she is doing work at home !! :bravo: Talk with the teacher--you can also add an accommidation for the teacher to do frequent check in with you child to monitor and assist with organization. This would ask the teacher to make sure your child turns in the completed work.

    Good Luck
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    Yes difficult child can answer verbally, what do you mean by SCRIBE ANSWERS??? I will ask about the frequent check to monitor and assist with organizations.

    Does anybody have any of these in IEP or had them in IEP please help me brain storm thanks
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    Scribe is another word for dictation. So during a test, you can read the question aloud and then your child can answer orally and the scribe (instructional assitant, special education teacher, general education teacher) writes word for word her responses. This way you are testing a child's knowledge as opposed to writing skills--Scribe is often used during state wide assessments--
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    Thanks Jannie I will put this in my notes. Today was such a hard day my husband lost his job and when he called to tell me I was waiting for difficult child outside of school when along came her teacher and told me difficult child had a hard time with written work and was again given detention also a referral to the principal but principal was in a meeting so difficult child will see her on Tuesday. Apparently difficult child was given a page with sentences to correct and a box of words that she needed to identify the words that were spelled correctly. difficult child was given this form on Monday and IN-Class assignment today Friday the student get fun friday time if they completed all homework which she did this week but when asked to pull out this IN CLASS given to her on Monday she could not find it??? She was given a new one but refused to do it she kept telling teacher "FUN FRIDAY FUN FRIDAY"!!! difficult child proceeded to get back to the group of kids having Fun Friday but teacher escorted her out of the class and sent her to study hall but difficult child continued repeating "FUN FRIDAY" another teacher approched and tried to help but No difficult child was in full odd mode and refused by this time it was time for recess so all the kids wnet out to play teacher gave difficult child utimatum finish IN CLASS work then detention or go to recess and principals office difficult child ran to playground!!!!

    When I got difficult child home I spoke to difficult child about the IN CLASS work she was very quiet wouldn't respond then finally told me she remembers doing this IN CLASS page and leaving it on her desk I did not believe her so I probed until she said "MOM I cannot spell you know that"! I wanted to cry I told her that all she had to do was use her words and next time tell the teacher she needed more help difficult child said "I do but she said I have to do it alone".

    I did tell the teacher after school that it was a hugh accomplishment that difficult child was even writing at all and that she needed more assistance in writing class teacher said well I have not yet read her Quem (file) so I guess will discuss it during IEP.

    I have a huge mind block with my husband losing job (our only souce of income and medication. insurance) I can't think straight please help me prepare I really need you guys thanks