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    So - I have set a date for stopping smoking. It's coming very soon (not telling until it get's here and then you guys are probably the only ones I will actually tell - not telling my family). I've been trying to cut back in preparation; have also gone from a pot of coffee a day to about 2 cups (coffee and cig just goes hand in hand). Have been drinking boatloads of vitamin water.

    husband bought a stationary bike and I've been getting on that. I had lost a ton of wt when I had my back problems in 2007 and while I gained it all back (not a bad thing) it seems to be all flab instead of muscle. I think also my metabolism is changing because I have a belly like I haven't had since I was preggo! ;) So while wt loss isn't necessarily my goal, redistribution is definitely needed (wonder if I can get the belly to move north???? :rofl: ).

    I'm dreading losing the cigarettes - I'm one of those sorry folks who enjoys them tremendously. After 33 years, the last several at 2+ packs a day, I know it's going to be hard but I also think there's no question I need to stop. The smoker's hack is getting pretty doggone bad.

    I'm looking at the stop date as an independence day. Loading up on lollipops and lifesavers, and lots of water. Anything else I should have on hand (besides a muzzle and padded room)? :winks:
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    Congratulations on making it this far, Sue!

    I've never had to quit smoking but I think having Raoul, Richard or the young stud of your choice on hand to comfort you in your time of need would be fitting.
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    I'm proud of you for making this monumental decision to live healthier. I think the exercise will definitely help. I would also encourage extra vitamins like C and B. I know you can do this!
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    Wow Sue!
    You're doing really well in preparation for the big day.

    The steps you're taking (getting rid of coffee, exercising, finding replacement habits, not telling anyone about your quit day) are all the things I did when I was getting ready to quit, and they worked very well for me too.

    The one thing I found really helpful was a sort of home-made aversion therapy kit that I came up with. I used to love smoking too, so I needed something that would really put me off it.

    When quit day was approaching, I took a large glass jar, and started using it as my one and only ash tray. When the jar was about 1/2 full, I put about an inch of water in the bottom. It smelled appalling. Like mule-chokingly bad.

    In the early days after quit day, every time I wanted a cigarette, I would open the lid of my jar and take a deep breath in. The smell would nauseate me so much that any desire for a cigarette disappeared. It also gave me a great visual reminder of all of the icky things that smoking would do to my body.

    Don't know if this is your thing, but it worked really well for me.

    All the best with your quitting. We're in your corner.

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    Ewwww, Trinity - what a disgustingly brilliant idea! That's definitely something that will work, I think. Ashtrays are bad enough - but wet ones are the worst!

    I've been drinking this water with- lots of C (400% of daily allowance) and also a lot of the B vitamins as well as potassium (wicked foot cramps lately). I seem to recall that C helps with- smoking cessation. I think it's actually helped coming off the caffeine because the last time I tried, I was just devastated by withdrawal headaches. Didn't happen this time (phew/whew).

    Going to have to settle for my old, used-to-be stud, LOL. But I am thinking with the $$ saved on cigs, perhaps a routine of massage a couple times a month might be a luxury to partake in.