It's Week 35; Who's taken the dive????

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    :bravo: I know, I know, but it rhymes!!!!!!

    Believe it or not, those of us that started in January are on week 35!!!!!! Hard to believe that much time has gone by. Side note: Christmas will be here before you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    easy child and I began going back to WW tuesday night. Both of us were a little gun shy of getting on the scale because we've been away from it for awhile. I've been exercising, but eating more as well!

    I was up 1.4 and easy child was up 2.4. I was not displeased and easy child was actually happy becuase she thought it would be 5 or more!!!!!!!

    We have also opted to go on Core and see how that works. It's only our third day, but so far........

    We also are excited about the feed the hungry program they have going. For the next 7 weeks, for every pound you loose as a WW member, WW will donate $ that equates to a pound of food. They are working with two worldwide orgranizations in this charity effort.

    A loss for us is a gain for those who suffer with hunger. You can't get more incentive than that to work hard!!!

    Wendy, I saw that you got your 10 pound star last night - Congrats :congrats:. That is awesome!!!

    So, how are the rest of you doing????? Come on, fess up!

    Don't forget to post your great healthy recipes on our recipes post. Since I'm doing WW Core, I would love some recipes if anyone else is doing it.

    Let's here from you - how is it going? The celebrations and the detours.......

  2. trinityroyal

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    I can't believe it's been 35 weeks!

    Sharon--sounds like you and easy child are back on track and very motivated. Way To Go both of you for maintaining so well while you've been away from WW. Hope the Core program helps kick start your progress again.

    I've been trying really hard to get back to the healthy eating habits that I'd established earlier in the year. So far I have been able to resist the allure of the cheesies :morecrackers:, but I've been overindulging in chocolate and late-night snacks, and WAY too many carbs. :spaghetti:

    The Summer of Business Trips set me back a bit, but I'm ready to jump back on the wagon.

    Dance classes are getting harder. Now that Showcase is over (I posted some video clips in another thread...TrinityRoyal, Dancin' Fool part 2), I'm working toward my Bronze Level exam. What that means is I have to do the "school figures" for 8 or 9 dances. It's a bit like in figure skating, when they make you do figure-eights etc.

    I have to be able to recite the timing and rhythm, and perform several steps for each dance. By MYSELF. As in Dancing With an Imaginary Partner. To make it even more confusing, when the step is "Forward whatever", I have to dance backward. Because it's forward for the GUY. I guess it's a bit like practicing scales on the piano. It may be tedious, but it makes me a better dancer.

    The Trinity family continues to keep up with the fitness plan.
    husband is down 22 pants sizes :faint: He only has about 30 lbs to go to reach his goal weight. Yay husband! :jumphappy:
    Little easy child is entered in a little kids' Duathlon in a couple of weeks. Biking and running. It's his 3rd year doing this, and he really enjoys it.

    Hope everyone's doing well!

  3. 1905

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    Sharon, We all need incentives, and feeding the hungry is a good one. The WW core program will get you and easy child right back to where you were!

    Trinity- You' re a dancer, it's getting harder, but just think how good you'll be! And you already are good! husband IS DOWN 22 SIZES, that is such good news, he must feel so good about himself. OMG! Congratulations TRDH!!

    I've been working out every day. I'm embarrassed to say that I joined another gym a few days ago. My knees hurt from running, so I've been doing this fun elyptical (sp) machine, going swimming, hot tub, and steam room in this new gym. This is my new routine before work. Plus we box 4 times a week. I'm obsessed, I guess, but I still feel really fat and sickening. I feel so good after I work out, it's like a drug, I crave that feeling. Eating healthy as best I can.-Alyssa
  4. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-It's great you and easy child are doing the core. I can't wait to hear if you like it. I guess in some ways I'm doing my own version of the core because I'm not tracking but I also am eating too many carbs for it to be truly core.

    Trinity-I will check out your videos in a minute!! How cool your whole family is doing so well!!

    Alyssa-It's great you are doing your exercising-be sure though not to overdo! I totally understand that feeling-after the workout-there is nothing like it!!

    I'm doing o.k. I think I've been doing a bit of stress eating this week with getting back to work and trying to work out the transportation for difficult child (which I think is worked out now). I need to get back on track. Also so far I didn't exercise on Tuesday (first day of school) and today-cold and rainy-I know weak excuse. I'll have to be sure to get there tomorrow and Saturday to get in my five days.

    I think I may have to start working out some mornings before work. It will mean getting to the club by about 4:45 a.m. so we'll see.
  5. Marguerite

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    It's not week 35 for me, I began my diet at the beginning of March. Because I've been on the diet pills, I know exactly how long I've been on it, based on the number of boxes of pills I've been taking. I finish my 6th box in two days time. That's 6 x 30 days. 25 and a half weeks. Total weight loss - 20 Kg, at least. Probably a kilo or so more, but it's hard to tell with my scales. I've switched to going to op-shops to buy my jeans/warm trousers, because I just can't keep up with the weight loss and the need to get new clothes just so I have something that won't fall off. When summer comes, I'll be able to wear dresses that I can just cinch in. But there's only so far you can cinch in trousers before the belt buckle digs in with the trousers sagging below.
    A pair of jeans I op-shopped a month ago (and were tight) are now getting too loose. There was a nice pair of cords that I didn't get at the time because they were just too tight - if they're still there they'll probably fit by now.

    Exercise - I do what I can but because of a combination of torn muscles, my general weak muscle problem anyway, plus recent joint/bone pain, exercise is not something I'm able to do much of. I'd like to do more, I'm hoping to get out more if/when we can sort out the bone pain problem.

    I'm glad to be thinner, I know husband is happier to see me thinner, I'm happy I look much better. mother in law I think finds this change in my appearance a bit - confronting. She keeps telling people how pale I look but that is always a problem for me in winter. It has to be better for my health, to lose this weight. I'm now lighter than I've been since before I had difficult child 3. Somewhere I have my notes on how much I weighed fifteen years ago, I'll have to find them, for the sake of curiosity.

    I see the liver specialist in another week. That will be interesting, to say the least. I know he was hoping my enzyme levels would be better. There will be more tests needing to be done, to see if I've been able to move further away from diabetes.

    Fingers crossed!

    Congrats to all those who have stuck it out, encouragement to those who are hanging in there and finding ways to keep going. And for those who are really struggling - you will find your way. Some people need to use total denial, others can cope with only a small amount of otherwise forbidden fruit. I still eat a small amount of chocolate, every day. But I tell myself - a piece of good, dark chocolate is positively good for you. More than one piece - is not. When I'm obsessed with food, I cook - for others. I've also been exploring food to discover new foods I've never tried before, especially focussing on eating fresh vegetables in season.
    I tried (for the first time) fennel bulb yesterday. I cut the bulb into thick slices and roasted it with other vegetables like carrots and potatoes for roasting. I had expected a very strong flavour - it wasn't, it was mild and delicious. And the night before - fresh asparagus, with a small amount of home-made bearnaise sauce. It all helps me feel better at having to restrict what I eat, in quantity.

    You do whatever works. You feel good about it, knowing you're doing a lot of good things for your body beyond mere weight loss.

  6. busywend

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    Marg!!!! That is over 40 pounds!!!!! Way To Go!

    Congrats! I know you are feeling better because of it. Did you know that for every pound you have lost you have reduced the pressure on your knees by 4times? And reduced the hip pressure by 6times?

    For every pound!!!!!
  7. Wow, I'm really impressed by how well everyone is doing!

    I'm not up at the top with my weight loss, but I'm chipping away, slowly but steadily. I'm continuing with my journaling and I've been meeting with my trainer to amp up my workouts. I had ceased my upper body workouts due to a rotator cuff injury - but I'm working out gradually in that area now.

    I started in April and I just hit the 15 pound point. It's less than a pound a week, but it has been surprisingly easy and not painful in the least.

    It's funny though, my family and those who are around me every day haven't commented on the weight loss. Those aquaintances who see me less often all do! I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn for years. It's amazing how small, persistent changes can make such big differences!
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    Great job everyone!!!!

    1 Day, please don't say "just 15 pounds" - a pound a week is awesome!!!!!

    Keep up the hard work - I was going to say good work but I know how tough this is!!