It's Week Sixteen!!!!!!! What's Up?

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    I must start this post off with a :bag: because I was up exactly one pound last night!!! I kinda had a feeling. I drank a little too much wine with mom this weekend (and didn't count the points) and didn't make such great food choices at the end of last week. So, I can't say that I am mad or suprised - I knew I made some not-so-smart choices so I start today with the resolve to get back on that horse and gallop!! Going to try and get some extra working out in! easy child comes home this afternoon and she hasn't been working out. So I may go with her after school tomorrow, that will give me an extra day.

    How are you guys doing? Want you all to keep posting on the recipe post. Always looking for good recipes. We discussed that kind of thing last night at WW. She asked what were our basics in the pantry, the fridge? Then she chose a couple examples and we went on to what we could do with those 2 or 3 ingrediants. Some good new ideas. Keeping things interesting and fairly easy are good for me.

    Waiting to hear how everyone is doing and what you are thinking as we are about to enter our fifth month.

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm still living healthy - currently have a wicked bad cold that kept me home and down for 2 days - (spraying Lysol EVERYWHERE, getting new toothbrushes, taking medicine)

    If I've lost ANY weight in 16 weeks its from this awful cold - lol.

    But I'm still on track with healthy living. Oh and FYI - the crystal light peach tea to go? MARVEY!

    The South Beach Diet Mango whatever you add to water- BLECH!
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    I'm still not sure what's happening to my weight, with scales that seem to make up the numbers as I go along. But they are consistently weighing me as no heavier than 90 Kg, so it seems I've maybe lost 1 Kg in the last two weeks. I was 91 Kg on the doctor's scales two weeks ago today. Before that I was losing 1 - 1.5 Kg a week.

    I'm not eating any more than I was, maybe drinking slightly less water. I do forget to take my vitamins sometimes, but I don't think that's it. I haven't been able to do my walking since Saturday (heavy flooding periods, walking makes it even worse) but that shouldn't be it either. I'm going to try to visit mother in law tomorrow and weigh myself on her scales (which are NOT digital). They seemed to match the doctor's scales last time I checked.

    But if my weight loss is now tapering off - that would indicate these diet pills aren't working after all, which means this diet has just done the damage I was hoping could be avoided - slowed my metabolism even further.

    The doctor did say that anybody can lose weight if they just limit calorie intake enough. My problem is what happens afterwards, when you get hospitalised for malnutrition, for example...

    I'm quite capable of limiting calorie intake. All I wanted was assurance that I could do it without slowing my metabolism any more. I'm now wondering if I was given the right advice after all.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 sees the same doctor, and her appointment is next week sometime (I think). I know he is going to ask her how I'm going, so I do need to tell her not to be too enthusiastic, until I'm sure the weight is still coming off.

    I see my GP in another two weeks, when I get to jump on her scales again. Then we'll know for sure.

    Wish me luck!

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    I haven't been around in awhile and wrote an update in a post yesterday, so I'll keep this short and not repeat what I already said. At the moment, I'm concentrating on healthy eating and finding the person I once was before difficult children.

    I'm still finding it difficult to reduce stress without much exercise. Lots of stuff has been going on with difficult children and easy child. I've been BUSY!!! Also, financially things have been tough. However, I'm coping the best I can by keeping a journal of good things that happen each day, meditating, getting out a bit more socially, and making sure I get a bit of time to myself each day. I'm definitely struggling though without being able to run. It is very difficult for me not having my favorite coping mechanism to fall back on.

    Sharon, As I always say, don't be too hard on yourself!!! I don't believe in willpower. Besides, healthy living is a lifestyle - It's how you live most of the time that is really important. And, most of the time, you're a shining example to the rest of us!!! I'm sure you're back on that horse galloping away as I write!!! I'll have to check out the recipe post - I'm in the mood to try something new.

    Star, I hope you're feeling better ASAP!!! I'm proud of the fact you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle in spite of how hard it is for you to lose weight. I haven't been around in awhile and really need some time to get caught up!!! Did you get your thyroid checked already? Thanks for the tip about the peach tea.

    Marg, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you continue to lose weight!!! I can't begin to imagine how frustrating this is for you. I'm thinking of you...

    Well, got to go. I hope I'll be able to get back here more often soon. WFEN
  5. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone.

    Wow! Week 16. That means we've been at this for about 4 months. That in itself is an accomplishment. Way to go everyone!

    Sharon--don't beat yourself up. One of the things about a healthful living is recognizing that sometimes we're going to slip a little, and having a plan for getting back on track. Another is being kind and gentle with ourselves.

    Star--Sorry you've been sick (bleh), and I'm glad to hear that you've been sticking with the healthy lifestyle.

    Marg--I can't recall off hand whether you've been monitoring your thyroid function. husband's weight-loss on his heavily restricted diet stalled for about 3 weeks. His bariatric doctor redid all of his thyroid medications (he's now taking something called Lugol's solution...which to all appearances seems to be straight iodine, 5% concentration), and his weight is dropping steadily again. It might be worth looking into if you haven't already eliminated that.

    WFEN--it's good to see you back. I posted replies to your other thread.

    I have had a really good week. There are still lots of stressors on the emotions and family front, but I feel like I'm really starting to get a handle on things. dance instructor has entered me in the Showcase competition for June! He wants me to do two dances, Salsa and Cha Cha (my bete noir!). I have no idea what to expect from this, but I feel like I'm ready, so this is the right time for it.

    (As promised, husband took a video of me during my dance class last night. I will post it in a separate thread. )

  6. 'Chelle

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    What's up is my blood sugar, what's down is my weight by quite a bit. My clothes are fitting looser. The bad of that - I just bought new ones a week before being diagnosis'd SIGH. At least it's mostly tops, which can be worn loose for quite a while. Been sticking to the diet quite firmly for over 3 weeks, except one small Dairy Queen cone and 1 red Skittle. Saw the doctor yesterday and put me on combo of diabetic medications, and see him in 2 more weeks and hope the sugars come down on that.

    Sharon, don't let 1 lb gain get you down. It's always a day at a time thing. So last week you made some not good choices, it's past and can't unmake 'em. Have to forget about it and start fresh.

    Hope everyone has a good week. Keep thinking of feeling good.
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Time is moving on isn't it? 16wks.
    I had the unique experience of having a friend visit who has become a bit of an organic food zealot. She eats only organic foods and filtered water. She offered me the gift of organic dog food to help cure HS of her osteosarcoma. I figure it won't hurt her. She preached a good bit about food making us all sick. I cooked mostly organic for her. I have to say that I got very upset when she started to suggest the difficult child would be cured if he changed his diet. I started to feel a little ODD myself by then.

    Anyhow, I am doing well food wise even though I am pretty relaxed on the weekends. I keep a pretty structured diet during the week though. I'm pretty much at my goal so it's a matter of keeping my weight stable.
    Still working on increasing my work outs but I'm doing ok.

    Thanks for the update.
    Sharon, one pound is nothing. It's water retention from salt. It's not true weight gain but it rattles my cage when it happens and I get back to the eating plan. I made a pretty good rice and beans dish that I'll post.

    Hope you all keep at it. It keeps me motivated.
  8. Loving Abbey 2

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    I was tempted not to post this week, but I decided I should. We are all here for the good, bad and the ugly. I gained 5lbs back in one week. (I had previously lost 12lbs in 6 or 7 weeks-I lost count of the weeks) I have no idea how that happened. I am sticking to my diet. I know I only walked once this week because of weather and difficult child's instability. But how can that account for 5lbs!!!!

    It's very disheartening! I am thinking maybe I need more than just diet and exercise to lose weight. Maybe medications? I don't know. It just stinks to be working so hard at this and falling backwards.

    Mental health is bad due to difficult child's issues. I am trying to take care of myself though. I've been able to talk to my therapist over the phone because I can't get there with difficult child the way she is. I'm still eating healthy and have been reaching out to whatever friends I have, even the ones who live far away.

    Sharon, I feel your pain times 5. ((hugs))
    Star, sorry you feel so bad. And I love the peach tea too!!
    Marg, Hang in there, I am always amazed that you are so committed.
    WFEN-glad you are back and doing well.
    Trinity-congrats on the Showcase!!!
    Chelle-hang in there, hopefully you will even out soon!
    Fran-so glad to hear you are maintaining
  9. trinityroyal

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    Timing can mean everything in the weigh-in. Do you weigh yourself at about the same time of day, each time? Differences in water weight can result in a startling change. And if you retain water before your period, that can account for a few pounds as well.

    One thing I like to keep in's a journey. There may be spikes and troughs, but if the overall line is heading in the right direction then you're doing fine.

    Chin up, and hang in there.
  10. Marguerite

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    Congrats to all who are doing well. And for those who are currently struggling, do bear in mind that trying to cope with difficult children in the household can be a major distraction and as parents, we do get into the habit of putting ourselves last. It's also a huge risk factor for those who tend to comfort-eat - you can be nibbling on their leftovers without even realising.

    And hey, sometimes it just happens. Fluid build-up, maybe you had a bit too much salt on last night's dinner - who knows why?

    All we can do, is pick up and keep going.

    With my apparent stop to the weight loss - I'll see my GP in two weeks' time (if I don't have to go see her sooner) and I'll weigh myself again on her scales. If I haven't lost enough in the month since I last saw her, she'll be looking into it. She doesn't know me well enough yet, I hope she will believe me when I tell her I've not changed my diet. I had thyroid tests done about two weeks ago, after I saw the neurologist. A copy of the results should have gone to my GP, so I'll find out next time. I remember sounding off to my neurologist about the way he was preaching at me about how easy it is to lose weight. I pointed out, "You're male. Plus, you can exercise. That's two big advantages you have over me, when it comes to being able to lose weight. Of course it's easier for you. Please be aware, it's not easy for me. Also be aware, I've had doctors telling me all my adult life, that I'm overweight. And yet when I look at the weight charts doctors use these days, I was not overweight until after I had difficult child 3."
    The neurologist was going to ring me with the thyroid test results. So either the results aren't in yet (after two weeks?) or they're nothing out of the ordinary.

    Whatever happens from here - I'm now well into the habit of my current eating pattern. The biggest problem now is likely to be malnutrition, because I have cut back so far. You can't get enough nourishment on this low a calorie intake. I'm getting two to three serves of protein (each serve equivalent to one egg in size), about a cup of high-fibre carbs, one serve of fruit and maybe two or three of non-carb vegetables a day. Dairy - about 100 ml of skim milk. That's the daily quota. No sugar, minimal fat (about half a teaspoon in total). I'm not sure how many calories that is, but it can't be very much.
    The urologist was talking about putting me in hospital - I know if they do that, I'll gain weight. Even if the hospital puts me on a low-fat light diet - last time that happened I gained in hospital.

    I really can understand how people get anorexia. Even though I'm always hungry, I'm finding it quite easy to keep refusing food.

    If I'm out for the day and need to eat something, I try and get to my favourite sushi place. They have a sushi train and one particular plate is my favourite - a slice of raw salmon wrapped around about a teaspoon of rice, topped with salmon roe. Two pieces is lunch. On Tuesday I had to get lunch somewhere else. I was going to skip lunch entirely, as I couldn't find anything safe enough to eat until difficult child 3 pointed out a "dieter's plate" at the shop where I was getting his burger. The dieter's plate was a piece of grilled fish, three pieces of battered calamari and a serve of salad, with a drink. And I couldn't eat it all! difficult child 3 ate the calamari (and had the drink), I managed the piece of fish and some salad (no dressing) but husband had to finish the salad.

    I should be still losing. I'm less concerned about not losing in terms of "I want to get this weight off" and more concerned about why the weight is coming off so slowly. I'm not going to rush back to see my GP yet. By waiting, I'll know for sure. If there is not enough change after a month, I will know there is a big problem and it will be time to go back to the gastroenterologist and say, "Houston, we have a problem."

    Anyway, each day food-wise is much the same, so I'm OK with things otherwise. I just have to remember to shovel food at difficult child 3 - he NEEDS to put weight on!

  11. Wiped Out

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    Sending congratulations to all who are doing well!!! Many hugs to those struggling!

    This was a tale of two halves of weeks for me. The end of last week I did great and the weekend. However, I did lots of damage the last three days. I don't like when I do all this emotional eating but with difficult child the way he is right now and easy child too the stress levels for me is very high. Usually the club helps me with that but I've even had a bit of a hard time getting there. Too much on my schedule right now. I swear if I have to take the kids to one more appointment I'm going to scream. Of course, between the two of them they have at least three appointments next week.
    Last night husband and I were at the grocery store and we talked about how much emotional eating we are doing and bought brownies anyways! It's frustrating when I know what I'm doing and do it anyways. I'm hoping I'll be back on track soon!
  12. SRL

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    I'm up 3 pounds this morning, which isn't the happiest of news. This week I've taken on weaning off my addiction to diet soda, which I've been drinking like water the past two years. For a few days I did substitute sugared, non-caf soda which obviously was going to add some calories. I also had one bad eating day in there where I was aware I was grabbing snacks as a substitute. So all in all I'm not alarmed by the few pounds--I'm convinced I need to tackle the soda addiction before any serious weight loss is going to take place.

    The past few days I've been grooving on lemon flavored sparkling water, with a small dose of soda when I felt a headache or binge due to craving coming on. It gives me a cold, tartish, bubbly blast without the ingredients that were undermining healthy eating. I hope to move off of this soon--especially as it's not cheap--but for now it's filling the void in the transition.