It's Week Twenty-Four; time to hear more

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    about what you have been working on the last week.

    I have no news to report as I didn't make it to WW last night. However I can tell you that I did go to the gym yesterday even though it is a day I normally don't go. I'm going out of town for the day today and wanted to make sure I got some working out in since I normally do it on Wed.

    So, I can't report anything other than I am continuing to count my points and hit the gym on a regular basis!

    How are things going for you guys? Summer is usually the time it's easier to focus on weight loss goals since we are much more "exposed"!!!!

    What about other goals? Barbara, how's the cut back on smoking going?

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    Sharon, I'm glad you made it to the gym yesterday as I just finished reading the Good Morning thread and I know today is going to be extremely busy for you. Missing a Weight Watchers' meeting is ok - You're doing great!!! I agree with you - Being much more "exposed" during the summer is hopefully enough of an incentive to make me stay on track...

    I finally have some good news to report. I received my first dose of Dexamethasone (sp?) applied topically by my physical therapist yesterday morning. It takes about 20 minutes to get a small vial into your skin. It is only slightly uncomfortable while the medication is being applied - Just a slight burning sensation. It was almost peaceful being able to do nothing but "rest" for 20 minutes, lol!!!

    My physical therapist told me that I'm making really good progress. She gave me permission to start jogging at a slow pace during my morning walks. I can do a combination walk/jog, mostly still walking, but it's a start!!! I have to always remember to ice afterwards. I'M SO HAPPY!!! I know I have to be careful and not overdo it. Trinity, I'm definitely taking your advice!!! No matter how much I want to run, or at least jog more than a few minutes at a time, I WON'T. I know you told me that now is the time I'm especially vulnerable to hurting myself all over again. I NEVER WANT TO GO THRU THIS AGAIN!!!

    I'm still managing to maintain my weight. I still fit into my black dress and swimsuit. However, I'm really starting to feel flabby... I just don't like resistance bands... I have hand weights. I carry them while walking. It just isn't enough!!! I'm going to see if I can get my elliptical trainer fixed.

    I'm still taking time for myself. Emotionally, I'm feeling a bit better this week. With the kids home, I know it is especially important that I take care of my own needs as well as theirs.

    Well, not much else to report. I hope everyone is doing well. And, remember today is the first day of the rest of our lives - Make it a healthy one!!! WFEN
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    Sharon-Good for you for making it to the club yesterday!

    WFEN-I'm so glad you are feeling better! Best of all is you are able to start doing more-that is awesome!!:redface:

    I'm still exercising and trying to eat healthier now that school is out. Today we had our bigger meal at lunch time because we've heard that can be better for you.

    I'm a bit nervous because I'm going to have to start doing weights for my upper body for a bit. I probably have a tear of some tissue in my breast or a bruised or crack rib. It has been bothering me for over a week-it has been very painful at times. I finally called the dr's office today and explained what had happened. They don't need to see me right now but want me to stop doing some weights for a bit.

    I already had stopped the ones that seem to be irritating it. Figured that would be good enough.

    We'll see, I can't imagine not doing the weights. husband wants me to follow dr.'s orders so I'm going to try but I really don't see it as being harmful if it doesn't hurt while I'm doing it.
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    Sharon (WO),

    I'm glad you're doing well with healthy eating and exercise, but I'm really sorry to hear about your injury. PLEASE be careful!!! You might not want to hear this, but I agree with your doctor and your husband. Take a bit of time off from doing upper body weights. Don't risk making your injury any worse than it already is.

    I'm thinking of you and hoping you heal quickly!!! WFEN
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    Hello everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), it's great that you were able to squeeze in a workout, even with your tight schedule and being out of town.

    WFEN, I'm so glad to hear that you recovery is going well, and even happier that you're taking it easy and letting your body heal.

    Sharon (WO), sorry about the injury. I think husband and the Doctor might be right. Muscle tears take a while to heal, and even if it doesn't hurt you might be impeding your body's recovery if you keep doing those exercises. Is there something else you can do (gentle stretching, maybe) to maintain tone while you heal?

    This week has been a killer. I'm on day 4 of a 5-week business trip, bouncing around the province. This is the first time I've had to sit down and put my feet up for days. husband is with me, and he's doing the lion's share of the driving, which is wonderful.

    husband's diet is really helping us to stick to healthy habits. Since he's on doctor's orders to only eat certain things, we cooked up a storm and packed a big cooler full of healthy food in the truck. No fast food, no restaurant meals, no room service at the hotels...just home cooking.

    My meetings on this trip are all catered, so I am having to be careful during the day. Between the the pastries at breakfast, big sandwiches at lunch, and sweet trays in the afternoon it's dangerous. I was never so happy to see veggies and dip as I was with today's lunch.

    I am trying to exercise as much as I can. This morning, I walked from the hotel to the office, and husband picked me up there afterward for the next leg of the journey. Tomorrow I have meetings at 2 buildings across the street from each other, so I will try to take the stairs at each destination. Where there's a will, there's a way, I guess.

    Back home tomorrow for the weekend, just in time for dance class.

    Some of the hotel internet connections are sketchy, but I'll check in when I can.

    Have a great week everyone!

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    Sharon -- Summer sure is a big motivator! I find it easier to stick to healthy eating with all the wonderful fresh produce available. You continually inspire me with your perservence!

    WFEN -- Glad to hear the PT's report of great progress! And it's so good you're taking time for you! The summer, while it's more laid back and less structured, involves alot of juggling and work with the kids!

    WO -- Ah, it's your time to kick back and enjoy a daily nap! Yeah for summer!!

    Trinity -- Packing up your healthy home cooking was an excellent idea! Those catered business meals can wreak havoc on a good diet plan!

    I just returned home from rejoining Weight Watchers after a several month absence. I love their plan ! I follow the flex points plan ( I like the exactness of this as opposed to the core program) I am motivated and ready to lose wt!
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    I'm plugging away here, watching what I eat and going to bed hungry! I don't care what I weigh at this moment because I'm on the right track and staying away from all scales!-Alyssa
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    Congrats to everyone who is doing so well - good support plus good motivation is what it takes. Well, it all helps anyway.

    I'm finally getting to report in, because things have been a bit topsy-turvy for me over the last week.

    My torn muscle - it still hurts if I take big steps or stretch it much. difficult child 1 is concerned that I'm still walking around on it, but the physio said it's OK since it is a load-bearing muscle.
    I had my second massage session with her today. I haven't booked another; she said to see how it goes from here.

    She did say it was OK to get back onto the Wii Fit, but to stop what I'm doing if it hurts. So I got back on and was doing the balance exercises mostly. It said I had lost 900g in the five days since I last used it, so I'm pleased with that.

    I've lost more weight somewhere - the new cord jeans that easy child bought me for my birthday (two weeks ago), now need a belt to keep them on.

    I broke my diet yesterday (sort-of) - it was lunchtime, a very cold wintry day, we were at the train track (the miniature steam locomotive track) and I hadn't packed a lunch for me. I bought a hot dog for difficult child 3 to eat for lunch and was standing right next to an oven of pies (those shop ones with glass doors). So I asked for my old favourite - a potato pie. It's topped with mashed potato instead of pastry but otherwise it's a classic Aussie meat pie. Most important - it was hot! The potato would have made it lower in fat than if it had pastry on top, but overall calories were maybe a bit more than I usually allow for lunch. I just checked nutritional info on husband's stash of meat pies in the freezer, and the calorie count for my potato pie was probably about 300, so I guess it's not too bad, not when it was all I ate for lunch.

    I did a fair bit of walking at the train track - more than I had intended, but slowly so I didn't aggravate the torn muscle too badly. I was very tired & sore by the time I got home.

    As for "me" time - I did enjoy the day at the trains yesterday, plus I really enjoyed going out with my best friend on Friday night, to go see a play in the city. Very definitely ME time.

    I'm also having fun finding favourite clothes that I had put aside because they were a bit too tight. Some that I'm looking for and can't find, I suspect I gave away. And the more weight I lose, the further back in time I am travelling, to rescue and revive my classic favourites from decades past.
    On Friday evening when friend & I were strolling through the city past silent shops and admiring fashions in the window, I saw a dress which reminded me of my favourite nylon number that I wore back in the mid-70s. The dress in the window was a more subdued version of my old dress. My dress also had bright colours in garish swirls and splashes, and it could be worn anywhere, with that indestructible, dries-in-second fabric. A floor-length summer dress, to be worn to a pool party over a bikini, or even to a more formal occasion (except for the wild pattern). And I know exactly where it is!
    I'm sure I won't fit into it - yet - but maybe in six months' time, by midsummer here...