It's Week Twenty-One ~ what have you done

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    to support yourself? Not your children, not your significant others, but just for you?

    Healthful Living is not just about eating, or not smoking, it's about becomming a better you! A better you takes a little pampering and time.

    Are you taking care of you?

    I'm trying. I don't plan anything else on my schedule for M, W, and F mornings. Those are my absolute gym mornings. I feel there is nothing as important as my health. And, we all know how easy it is to loose the incentive once you start getting off schedule.

    I've lost 1.5 pounds of the 2 I gained last week so I'm happy. Brings my total to 31.5. Don't think I will meet my personal goal of 38 pounds by the end of May. But, I'm not giving up, I'm just plugging along!!!

    Share your ups and downs.

  2. ScentofCedar

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    Oh, I didn't know you had lost thirty pounds, Sharon!

    That's wonderful.


    (I think I have been just a little too tightly wrapped, over here lately. I knew you were trying to lose weight ~ but somehow I missed the thirty pound part!)


    Thirty pounds is like two or three whole sizes, isn't it?!?

    You go, girl!


    P.S. What has been your best experience, your most positive "Boy, am I glad I did this!" feeling since you took those thirty pounds off, Sharon?
  3. SearchingForRainbows

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    Week Twenty -One already - I kept meaning to respond to week twenty... However, the time just flew by...

    Anyway, I don't really think I've accomplished too much the past couple of weeks. I've been faithfully going to my physical therapy/ultrasound therapy appointments. I was doing really well until Friday. My ankle started swelling again. So, I didn't walk Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I took mega doses of ibuprofen and kept icing my ankle. I "babied" it the best I could while dealing with many difficult child and easy child issues.

    Tuesday, I walked for about half an hour. My ankle seems to be doing better today. However, I'm going to give it a rest. Tomorrow I have a PT appointment. I think I'll try to take it easy until then.

    I know I've made some good progress as far as this injury healing. It's just frustrating because it is so SLOW!!! It's kind of like taking care of difficult children - One step forwards and two steps backwards... Anyway, I really am grateful that my archilles tendon is healing. I'm lucky because my PT and doctor keep telling me that I WILL be able to run again.

    I've been doing a good job as far as healthy eating is concerned. I'm more aware of what I eat now. I've added even more fruits and vegetables to my meals and snacks. I know this has been helping me maintain my current weight.

    Emotionally, I've been taking care of myself the best I can. I'm still taking a bit of time for myself each and every day. I'm still getting out more - ALONE!!! This has helped me quite a bit. I'm finally practicing what I've been telling others to do for so long - "ME" time is no longer an afterthought - It is an important and necessary part of my day. Without it, I truly think I would lose my sanity!!!

    If my injury served one useful purpose, it was to remind me that I need to take care of me as well as I try to take care of the rest of my family. However, I still battle the guilt feelings when I take time for myself. Intellectually I know this is ridiculous - I just need to get over this emotionally.

    Sharon (LDM), I'm so proud of your accomplishments!!! Not only have you lost over 30 lbs, but also you are exercising regularly. I totally agree with you - There is nothing more important than your health!!!

    Barbara, How are you doing? I haven't been around much lately but I know you've been having a difficult time giving up smoking. Thinking of you...

    Well got to go. I'm thinking of all of you and hoping everyone has a HEALTHY day... WFEN
  4. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-You are really doing awesome and should be very proud of yourself! I love that you are setting that time aside for yourself. It is so important!

    Barbara-Hoping things are going well with you.

    WFEN-I know how frustrating your injury must be. For someone as active as you I know it's hard. I'm so glad you are doing great on the healthy eating end of things! I'm glad you are taking some "me" time as well!

    I'm up and down and all over the place right now. Some days eating healthy and some days not. I'm doing well with the workouts, as usual.

    The thing I think I've done for myself is stopped being quite so hard on myself when I don't get in a workout or eat super healthy. I used to get so mad at myself but I am trying to look at what I am doing that is good instead of focusing on what I'm not doing. I get my workouts in most days even when I don't feel like it. I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch every day. I've kept off 50-55 of the original 70 pounds I lost 12 years ago. I give myself some "me" time whether it is reading a book or doing a soduko puzzle or just kicking back.

    I do have to share that I had the sorest quads ever this past week. I think it was from all the power walks I was taking at lunch along with doing my regular workout. Saturday through Monday I was in major pain every time I had to stoop down for anything. I couldn't even do my leg exercises it felt like the muscles were going to snap in two! Thankfully they are feeling much better now.
  5. trinityroyal

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    Way to go everyone!
    Sharon (LDM), what an amazing accomplishment. You must feel great.
    Barbara, hope everything is going well
    WFEN, I'm glad to hear that you've been able to get out walking. Take it slowly, though. When you're just on the point of healing you have to be very careful of re-injury
    Sharon (WO), focusing on the good things and not beating up on yourself for the occasional slip-up is such a healthy outlook.

    So...what have I done for me this week?

    I came crashing down with a very bad sinus infection. Strangely, it was just what I needed to wake myself up to the fact that I've been pushing too hard for too long and I needed to ease up and take a break.

    Of course, I'm sitting here at my office at 10 pm, trying to finish up a report for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, so I haven't entirely learned...but I didn't even turn on the computer this weekend, and I've been trying to get to bed early the last few nights.

    Happy Week 21 everyone!

  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I missed the first 21 weeks and boy, do I need to hop on THIS bandwagon! Had my annual gyno exam today and actually stood on a scale for the first time in over a year (probably). Let me tell you, it ain't pretty. I'm supposed to be 9 months pregnant -- with TWINS -- no, wait! QUINTS -- at this weight! Not good.

    Time to make some changes. Aerobic exercise would be a good start.

    I need to check this part of the board more often for inspiration. Wow. 30+ pounds? That's fantastic! I know exactly where they went ;)
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    gvcmom, welcome to our group!!!!! Glad you have decided to make a positive change in your life. And, I promise I didn't send those pounds your way!

    Trinity, sorry about the sinus infection. I hear they can be pretty nasty. You are hereby ordered to turn off the computer this weekend!!

    Sharon, glad the quads are feeling better. Sometimes I kinda like the pain because it makes me feel I've some something new! I know that my quads always sceam after I do a lot of gardening. This body is just not used to scwatting! Did I spell that right? My mind is fried today!

    WFEN, continue to baby that ankle. The better you take care of it, the quicker you can get back to doing what you want. Glad you taking time to do something for you - all alone.

    Barbara, yes, I've lost a few sizes. But I'm holding off buying a bunch of new stuff right now. Most everything I own is big on me. All my workout pants have to be pulled up to under my bust!!! Good thing I don't tuck my tshirt in!!! I did buy new bras but am waiting a little longer. I've a long way to go and I can't afford to buy new stuff every few months. Hope you have been inspired to cut back on those cigs!

    Great job everyone for taking care of yourself!! Keep it up. We are almost halfway through our first year. We'll have a cyber party that day!

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well Sharon I am totally in awe of your accomplishment. Actaully I'm envious - I've been here doing healthy living and exercising and not lost 1 pound or inch. But I've gained water weight. I'm still looking for a doctor that takes our very expensive yet totally crummy insurance.

    And as far as following with pampering?

    I slept in until 10:30 Sat and Monday
    I got some nail polish to do my toes
    I planted a garden so I can play in the dirt
    I tried to fix our pool but need a 12x36" liner - and money is tight. But the pool is to help me with exercising. I just need a liner.
    I gave love at the animal shelter and nearly adopted a 180 lb. Dane /Mastiff mix = he's such a dewfus.

    And I got some spendy shampoo for my frizzy hair.

    I'm taking spendy vitamins my mom sent me -a nd growing nails without splits for the first time - hoping it will help the hair. lol

    And I'm still making GOOD choices - apples over candy - pear over cake - stuff like that. That makes me feel good.

    I'm sticking in there - :biting:

    and your rhymes are getting better.
  9. LittleDudesMom

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    Well, the sleeping in, polish, and shampoo qualify as pampering. The other stuff........

    Now Star, you and your sweetie need to go out and take a nice quiet walk every evening after dinner. Gives you an excuse to hold hands.


    P.S. thanks for the compliment on the rhymes; so glad those teens are over, but I think I'll be repeating the ryhmes each time the numbers 1-9 come around!
  10. Marguerite

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    We bought Wii Fit on Wednesday night. We tried out easy child's last weekend and really liked it. I've had a sore leg for the last week, thought, I haven't been able to go for my evening walks as usual, so the Wii Fit hopefully will help.

    Total weight loss - hard to work out, because my scales give me weird numbers sometimes. As far as I can tell, looking at what my scales say (not very complimentary) I've lost 12 Kg in almost 3 months. That's 25 pounds. It could be more. I'm finding more clothes that no longer fit, and other clothes I'd buried long ago, that do fit.

    For those considering spending money on a gym membership - I can recommend a Wii with Wii Fit. I did some step aerobics tonight, plus my regular balance exercises. difficult child 3 did the same. but also some balance games, some yoga, some strength exercises including press-ups, about 90 minutes' exercise in all. And all the time, it is monitoring his balance, timing, his accuracy of movement, showing him the right way to do things and reporting on his weight and BMI. It also encourages you by name to support one another (by name). For example, tonight it reminded me to remind difficult child 1 to get more sleep, and told difficult child 3 to keep an eye on Grandma's posture and balance.

    Congrats to all who are doing well, and welcome to new faces.

  11. ML

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    Well I've lost 6 pounds and I'm walking more. I am doing more stuff that I like... for instance garage sales on Saturday mo morning all by myself! I have found practically an entire (almost new) wardrobe for a fraction of the cost. We're talking name brands (which I seldom can afford). I've also found crafts and art supplies for d.
  12. ScentofCedar

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    Back on the non-smoking wagon as of today, ladies. :)

    I am finding it difficult to get back into the "taking care of yourself" mindset. Since husband retired, it is (I was going to say damn near impossible ~ HA!) difficult to focus on what might comfort me, now. I did start the Williamson book. I did stop smoking again (today). I did Morning Pages this morning (it is amazing how "congested" my mind and thoughts seem, since I left that process somewhere along the chaotic path this past year has been). I am getting the apartment in order in preparation for the move, and looking for music I can love ~ tougher than you might think.

    And I am reading a book on Feng Shui, and another called "Tea", both of which have to do with bringing balance into our lives.

    Now that I am feeling stronger, I am going to see what can be done about karate classes again or at least, Tai Chi.

    Once we have moved into the house here, we will go back North ~ and that will be another move, another time of chaotic "just get things in order". (Does anyone remember that the house there flooded last Winter? Eeeewwhh!)

    So I get it that this is why I feel rootless and disconnected lately ~ so strange, that we do that to ourselves just when we need that calm, centered feeling most.