It's Week Twenty-Two; What's happending with YOU?

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    It's nice to get back to numeric weeks that having rhyming options :crazy1:!!

    So let's hear what you all have been up to the last week.

    I'm back on the weight down trend again. If you remember, two weeks ago I gained 2 lbs, last week I lost 1.5 and last night I had lost 1. So I've made up the gain and added .5 more in the loss column. I'll take a loss, no matter how small!

    I had a good experience at the gym this morning. My "trainer" saw me on the eliptical and came over to say "Wow!" Unfortunately I couldn't respond. I tried that elip machine a while back and couldn't do but 60 seconds. Today I did 5 minutes (after the treadmill) which was a real feet :surprise:. My calves were screeming and my quads and thighs were whinning big time! As I stumbled off the machine, she was waiting. I've changed my routine, per her instruction, to do the weight training first then the cardio. I don't do the typical rest period between weight reps, and go quickly from machine to machine so that when I get on the treadmill, my heart rate is already up and apparently helps with the fat burning. Also the muscle bulk she is trying to get me to build will ultimately raise my metabolism. At least that's the story she is sticking to!!!!

    So things are going well. easy child gained a few this week and is really bummed! But she has put herself on a fruit and veggie regiment for the next week to loose what she gained.

    I posted a gatzpacho recipe on the recipe thread so check it out. It's like one point on WW for a huge bowl and makes a great cool lunch and is good as salad dressing too.

    Barbara, I noticed you have rededicated yourself to the no smoking issue. I send you strength!!!!

    What's up ladies :confused:?

  2. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm continuing to eat healthy and so far, have still managed to maintain my weight without strenuous aerobic exercise. I'm continuing physical therapy - I think I'm going to be going to PT for a long time... A depressing thought...

    I tried on what I call one of my all purpose black dresses today. It is very simple - all black, no buttons, zipper, or belt, sleeveless, with a v neck. I like it because I can either dress it up or dress it down depending on where I'm going. Plus, I can toss it in the washer and dryer and it comes out fine.

    I was kind of nervous about trying it on - Even though I've managed to maintain my weight, I'm sure I've lost lots of muscle to flab. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!!! I can still wear the dress!!! This definitely brightened my day!!!

    Sharon (LDM), Congratulations on your additional weight loss!!! And, I'm very impressed by your dedication and hard work at the gym!!! I'm going to check out the gaztpatcho recipe you posted - THANKS.

    As always, I hope everyone is doing well. WFEN
  3. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Good for you being on the downward trend again!! I think it's great about the elliptical machine and I do my weights the same way as you!

    WFEN-Yeah about the little black dress!!! It's great you are maintaining right now!!

    I was actually down about .8 on Saturday but I'm probably back up again. The eating is tough but I'm doing some ww meals. This time of the year is hard for me at the end of the school year. There is so much going on and the days are long. I can't wait to look at the gazpacho recipe!

    husband and I didn't go to the club last night or tonight. We decided with our schedule this week we would not try to push ourselves. We will probably be back on track tomorrow with the exercising.

    So nothing too exciting but for now I guess that's o.k. Soon school will be over and it should be easier to eat healthier!
  4. KateM

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    Okay, I'm jumping in, ladies! Twenty two weeks late, but you know what they say... better late...

    I've been following this forum since its inception. Congratulations to all you healthy, committed people! You have inspired me with your dedication and perseverence.

    I lost 22 pounds with WW last summer and was almost to my goal when I platued (sp?). I have since gained back about 10 pounds, mainly through emotional eating.

    This week, I commit myself to following my Points plan and exercising 30 minutes/day for 3 days. I will be rejoining WW at the end of the month.

    Thanks for letting me join in with you all in our journey to better health!
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I saw the GP a couple of days ago; she said according to her scales I lost 2 Kg in three weeks. I feel my weight loss is still slowing, the doctor said it's still OK and to not get disheartened. I've not broken my diet at all, it's just that as you lose weight it takes less energy to do the same activity. SO you wither do more activity, or eat even less. And I don't think it would be good to eat even less!

    It's also raining and windy here, at times gale force winds. Very cold, plus my leg is still cramping (it's almost two weeks now) so going for my walk hasn't been as possible.
    We bought Wii Fit just over a week ago, I find I can do some of the exercises on it; plus I trust those scales, and it's keeping a chart of my weight (it also calculates BMI). I'm enjoying the balance exercises, and I've been doing step aerobics. I'm using it to replace my walking at the moment. I strongly recommend this "game" to anyone who already has a Nintendo Wii. And if you don't already have a Wii - get one! It's the computer game system that can involve the whole family in getting up out of the chairs and getting active. Have you ever been ten pin bowling in your living room?

    My leg cramp - it's been constant, my left calf. I'm not so sure it's a cramp. I talked to the doctor about it, she said it is possible it's a clot but if it is, it's not totally blocking anything because I still have good pulses in my foot. She said if the pain doesn't go away in another week, to go see her and she'll do Dopplers on it.

    I've been doing my utmost to avoid anything that could put me in hospital - almost the last thing I need is a DVT.

    Fingers crossed...

  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Sounds like everyone is on a roll!

    Marg, glad to hear that the Kg's are still coming off - sorry about the pain in your calf. I hope it is not a clot. Take care of that :angel3:!!!

    Kate, glad you decided to come out of hiding and join us :tongue: - good luck as you being back to WW and start your exercise routine!

    Sharon, congrats on the .8 - as long as it is down point something we'll take it!!!! I know you've been worried about fitting your exercise in and your eating - you are obviously succeeding :jumping:!

    WFEN, I think it's great that you have been able to maintain without your cardio :D. Good news about the little black dress.

    I'm proud of us my friends!! Keep up the good work and keep the good thoughts uppermost :proud:

  7. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone,
    Week 22! Wow!

    Sharon (LDM)--Great to hear that you're back on track with the weight loss, and even down a 1/2 lb.
    WFEN--You must be so pleased to be able to wear the little black dress. Way to go!
    Sharon (WO)--That gazpacho recipe sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try it. With school out, hopefully you and husband will find lots of healthy ways to enjoy being outside
    Marguerite--Fingers crossed that the pain in your leg is not a clot, and hope that it subsides, whatever the cause. The Wii and Wii fit sound like a great idea. I will have to look into those.

    Over the last several weeks, I have been focusing on emotional and spiritual healtn, and not paying too much attention to the physical side of things. I had 2 very pleasant surprises this morning:

    1) This morning, when I was getting dressed, I pulled an old pair of capri pants out of the closet that I haven't been able to wear for a couple of years. I had considered donating them to the Goodwill, but today I just thought I'd try them on. They fit fact, they are a little bit loose. I haven't seen a number that small on a size tag in a long long time. Woo-hoo!

    2) I have garment...that I wear under close-fitting dresses to smooth out any lumps and bumps. husband calls it "The Squeezer".
    This morning, I got dressed in the capri pants mentioned above and a fitted little T-shirt. husband had just woken up. He was staring at me. Then he said, "Darling, are you wearing The Squeezer under that shirt?"

    I said, "No"

    Golly! It felt so good! husband thought I was wearing The Squeezer, but it was just me. I've been glowing ever since. I know that I've been feeling fitter and healthier overall with the dance classes and healthy eating, but I haven't been paying attention to my size lately. Yay!

    With regard to dance classes, I am "graduating" from the advanced-beginner level next week! I have an evaluation in front of the Senior Instructor, where I will be graded on my progress and my teacher will be graded on getting me to that point. I'm so excited.

    Good work everyone!

  8. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    No longer needing "the squeezer" sounds like a major accomplishments!!!!! Good luck with the dance evaluation. Hope you have a good weekend.

  9. ScentofCedar

    ScentofCedar New Member

    WOW, guys!



    I was just going to post something like "Arrggghh! Still smoking."

    But seeing everything you all have accomplished ~ man, that's great!

    We'll just have to see where I am by next week's check in. I did patch it for one day?

    But would you believe it the patch fell off in the shower?

    (I had put it on my inner thigh so it wouldn't show ~ it's so warm down here that everyone goes sleeveless ~ and people were assuming it was a hormone patch!


    Like I would know what to do with a hormone if I had one.

    But anyway, that was enough of an excuse for me to smoke cigarettes that evening.


    I am a little frustrated with myself.

    But there is always next week's check in....