I've been appointed...

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  1. mstang67chic

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    ...to the board of my local library!!!!

    I applied at the beginning of December and never heard anything. I figured it would take a bit though with the holidays and all and was going to call soon to check on it. Yesterday I was at the store and ran into the parents of one of husband's friends. She congratulated me for being appointed.....I blinked and gave her a blank stare. LOL I have no idea where she got the info....she think she read it in the local free paper. I think she read it in the county commissioner's meeting minutes and just forgot. LOL

    So this morning I pulled up the commissioner's web site, found meeting minutes and sure enough, there I am! I called down there to see what was up as no one had contacted me yet and found out they should be soon. Turns out, it's a joint appointment with another county as one of the library branches is in a small little town that straddles the county line. A rep from that county just approved me this morning so I hadn't missed anything like I was afraid I had.

    It's a four year appointment with meetings once a month and even though it's not a paid position, I'm excited!!!!!
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    That's awesome! Congratulations!
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    Congrats! I was asked to apply for our local library board a few years ago but they chose someone else... the director said something to the effect that I made the other members nervous when I spoke about accountabilty... :winks:

    Be sure to find and bookmark your state's info on library law... NY's libraries are overseen by the board of regents/education department.
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Once the person at the library receives the official paperwork from the commissioners, she will call me and I'll go over and sign, swear etc. Once THAT is done, she'll send the paperwork into the state and I will get the minutes and financials from last year to look over as well as the bylaws and regs from the state. The first meeting is next Monday and although I won't have all of the info before then, they want me there (and I want to be there) so I can go ahead and start. Worst case scenario is that I wouldn't be able to vote on anything yet.

    I've been walking around with a goofy grin all morning and break into random happy dances! LOL
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    Cool Beans!
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    Contratulations! I am a library lover and would love to serve at some time in the future. Our local library has undergone radical changes in the past two years......all of which are terrific. Later hours, additional drop boxes, automatic emails about renewals as well as an interactive website...it's all good. Chances are you will meet lots of terrific people with your new job and expand your horizons too. I'm almost green with envy.;) DDD
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    Ah, I knew 'stang when she was just a little filly....... now she's going out in the world and doing adult stuff........ (just kidding stang, congratulations on the appointment, but I still think it sounds pretty adult..........)
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    I'm so very proud of you Mstang.

    But dear please do go there and sign in, but don't go there and swear. Save that for OUR phone conversations. :redface:

    Congwatuwayshuns Autie Mstang.

    Wubs Pootie & Luu Luu Bee
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    WMM....funny you should say it like that. I went to the store to find a nice, grown up, adult type planner for my meetings. LOL It was like school supply shopping except for grown up stuff! I got a planner with a nice fake leather (actually croc skin) cover that zips, a couple of pens, a couple of highlighters, a pack of notepads, some paperclips and a few of those metal clips so I can use one to mark my place on the calendar. THEN I started looking at those expandable file holders but I though I'd wait till I actually went to a meeting. I may not need it. Then again......it IS a four year appointment so you never know! LOL

    I also popped in at the library and found my favorite librarian. I had told her I applied for the spot and wanted to tell her I got it if she didn't already know. She knew and we both had a nice SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE over it.

    OMG I am soooooooooooo freaking excited!!!!!!!! Erm.....I mean extremely. Guess I shouldn't say such things as freaking now, should I? LOL

    Hmmm....I wonder if I can have business cards made up???
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    Make the business cards yourself, on the computer. Hubby just made a new set for me. You can get the blanks at Office Depot/Max.

    Congrats of your appointment! Make sure they get some good books!