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  1. Nomad

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    saw ...

    The Ugly Truth
    Ya know what? I really liked this movie! It's not for the "shy" type. There is a scene in a restaurant that had me in stitches. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I really did in the end. It was somewhat romantic. It's about a TV producer who has to work with a "love/relationship/sex" expert. Some parts are raunchy. Much is predictable...corny and fun.

    Julie and Julia
    This was a special movie for me. My mother loved Julia Child (sp?). She had her cookbook and followed the recipes. This was also romantic. I didn't know that Julia was so in love with her husband of many years. That was touching. Loved the shots of Paris. She was a fun, strong, interesting and loving character. SMART too!

    Both of these were fun and interesting movies. We took our son and daughter in law and they are much younger and enjoyed them as well!!! :D

    Anyone else see these movies????
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  2. Lothlorien

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    Nomad, I can't wait to see The Ugly Truth. I love GB! I also look forward to seeing Julie and Julia. I saw Meryl Streep and the director on Charlie Rose last night, talking about the movie. Meryl eluded to the fact that this movie wasn't hard for her to act in and she had so much fun doing it.
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    I want to see these two as well. I saw a trailer for The Ugly Truth when I went to see Angels and Demons and have been wanting to see it since then.