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    Now my oldest has always been quite slow and backwards and whatever else you want to call it in the dating, leaving home, etc department.

    Well he did somewhat "date" a girl or two in HS but that mostly just meant they got together at school or went to church or football games. Nothing real fancy. Billy has always also been a rather large boy...and socially awkward so he was in the geek squad. Not a ton of friends.

    Well, after he finally got his job and started working and then got his license and a car...well he started taking off in giant steps! He has been dating more. He went to his HS reunion all by himself in North Myrtle Beach. He got back up with a lot of the people he went to school with and now keeps up with them on FB. And there is one special girl...lol. One he dated in HS.

    Her name is C. She is in the Army currently in Iraq. She is divorced and has 2 kids. She gets out in a little less than a year. She wants to come home to the Myrtle Beach area because her parents are still there...and she is in love with Billy!!!!!! She wants to do some in real life dating but it is looking like they will attempt to get together...lmao. Who would have ever thunk it for Billy? I may get two more grandkids.
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    Isn't that awesome?????? I'm thrilled for him and hope that he is able to keep himself in check just in case it doesn't pan out as well as he hopes. Fingers crossed. DDD
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    Exciting news! Hope it all works out for Billy.
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    Good for him, that's exciting!
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    That is so cool!
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    Well, if you know their sizes, there might be something here that fits them, lol. Way To Go Billy!
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    Awww, that is so awesome!!!!!
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    Gives me hope Travis will find someone for him as well. Of course it would help tons if he would get out there and meet people................and actually ask a girl out. lol I think he's a bit embarrassed he can't drive......but given his eyesight, I'm sure any female worth her salt wouldn't mind at all.
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    That's great! Very exciting. Good luck to them! :)
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    That is exciting. Best wishes to them both. :)
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