J Has Another Sprain

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    Jess was doing some things at the Y tonight and managed to slip on something and fall. Her wrist hurt really bad and was starting to swell when I picked her up so I took her to Urgent Care. I am very glad I got all the insurance stuff fixed last week!

    She got 3 xrays and then 2 rx's. One is for tramadol (ultram) which in my opinion is a great choice for her. She has had it before and does well with it. The other is for an NSAID called Lodine (generic name is etodolac). I made her almost snarf when I told her it was going to turn her into a toad.

    Has anyone had lodine before? I stopped taking NSAID medications about six yrs ago because they give me a rash. Toradol is the only one that doesn't do that, but I wonder if this is close enough that it would be an option. The timing for this is pretty good because I see my pain doctor tomorrow!

    J apparently looked so miserable that 2 teenage boys about her age each bought her a bag of m&m's. Silver linings are all over this sprain, lol!

    I picked up husband on my way to get her rx's and it was nice to have 30 min to ourselves. We even browsed a bit.
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    Uh oh, dad better let he know boys only want one thing, LOL .....