*Jake and Vienna broke up*

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Suz, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Suz

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  2. KTMom91

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    Gee...and he worked so hard to include her during DWTS. She was so faithfully sitting there during every performance, and they even let her dance with him.

    Made me wonder if she had a life before the show, since she didn't seem to have one after...
  3. DDD

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    Gee I wonder if Ali will dump her harem and try to get Jake back???????

    I can't help but wonder "why" Jake is 32, attractive, financially stable, a pilot etc. with a loving family...and he can't find a life partner??????

    I'm not absolutely sure, lol, but I think I'd choose my life over many of the young beautiful people
  4. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    D3, here's your answer about what Ali plans to do... http://omg.yahoo.com/news/bachelorette-ali-i-won-t-be-going-after-single-jake/42729

    I mean really............Jake or Roberto/Chris? Not even a contest, is it?

    I thought Jake was always so stiff and somewhat humorless (except for his fake laugh). I think Vienna was the first woman he'd ever really had the hots for and it shocked him so much he had to see it through.

    Mary, I think you are right that Vienna was trying to hitch her star to his so she could have his life and leave hers behind.

  5. Nancy

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    Haha I just saw this today too. All I can say is I wouldn't want to be on a plane that Jake is flying.

  6. susiestar

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    It was inevitable. There is a REASON that Vienna was disliked by everyone else in the house. If a person cannot even get along with a couple of people in a group as big as the Bachelor started out with, there is something wrong with them.
  7. Suz

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  8. DDD

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    Oh my goodness gracious! Very interesting.......in a sick sort of way, lol. DDD
  9. muttmeister

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    I had to laugh when I read this because the first thing I thought was, "Who the #*!! are Jake and Vienna?" This happens to me a lot. When I go to the store and am in the checkout line and look at the headlines on the magazines, I usually don't know any of the people they are talking about. I guess there are some advantages to being old and out of it.;)
  10. DammitJanet

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    LOL...Have you heard they are doing a show about Ochocinco and 25 women?

    That should be entertaining! All these women running out on a football field. I wonder if whatshername from DWTS is gonna be one of them!
  11. Kathy813

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    I can't see Cheryl wanting any part of that. I got the feeling on DWTS that she really didn't like him all that much.

    As far as Jake and Vienna . . . I actually believe her side. I think Jake was in this for one reason only . . . to get back into acting. He is in Atlanta shooting an episode of Drop Dead Diva.
  12. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Kathy, no kidding? I never heard of him acting and I certainly never saw any talent. sheesh.

    I agree that I can't see Cheryl wanting any part of that kind of reality show with 24 other women.

  13. Kathy813

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    Here's more of the article that it came from:http://tvwatch.people.com/2010/06/14/bachelor-jake-pavelka-plays-bachelor-drop-dead-diva/

    I'm wondering now if he picked Vienna on purpose knowing that the "bad girl" would get him more publicity. Of course, Vienna's parents must be proud of having a daughter telling the world about her sex life or lack of thereof. Sheesh. These two deserved each other. LOL
  14. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    You could be absolutely right, Kathy. Maybe all of those dramatic scenes on The Bachelor were screen tests? lol

  15. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    i find it interesting that "fame-wh***" Jake isn't rude to the camera people but gives almost no info while "poor me" Vienna is spilling details right and left esp about their sex life. Jake may have decided he wants to act, many thousands of people do. It doesn't mean that he is or isn't able to have a relationship. There are reports from Vienna and her relatives, but you don't see reports from Jake or his family, or even many of his friends. From the beginning of the show, Vienna seemed to be very different around Jake than she was around the other people. Sooner or later you cannot keep up the facade. Having to compete with 24 other people for someone's love, knowing he will spend time kissing them and being romantic with them, and even at least a couple of nights being intimate with others, how on earth could you feel secure in your relationship? How would it be possible to really get to know someone, to know if you could handle the boring drudgery of daily life with them when all your time was spent in such an unrealistic situation? Where there were no money worries, no worries about if he put the cap on the toothpaste, put the toilet seat down, left dishes all over the house or hung his socks from the ceiling fan or her bras on the balcony to dry?

    The show is interesting television but is terribly far from reality, in my opinion.
  16. Suz

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  17. Kathy813

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    There are now Internet rumors that say Ed and Jillian are on the rocks due to Ed's cheating. Surprise, surprise.