Jamie and family here....and of course, always drama...lol

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    I cant remember if I told you guys that he was coming down this weekend but maybe I did.

    He got down here on Thursday evening and went straight to Cory's house where he is staying for the weekend. Im so tickled that Cory now has a place that is nice enough for him to invite his brother to stay when he comes down. Tony, on the other hand, is upset that they dont stay here but I like the downtime from being with them constantly. I know that makes me sound horrid but oh well.

    On Friday, we all went out for lunch at a buffet and then we came home so Jamie and Tony could go hunting. Jamie only gets to hunt one time a year and it is when he comes down here in the fall for one weekend. He hunts on a friday evening and if he doesnt get anything that night, he goes again on Saturday. Well he didnt get anything on Friday, so he and Tony went out again today.

    Oh Billie is ticked off...lol. She got her period and she is acting like she is the only woman on earth who ever got one. (sound familiar...only woman who ever was pregnant?) She is over at Cory's and has been texting Jamie out in the woods constantly telling him he better do this, that and the other. Normally the guys come out of the woods around 11 and then go back around 2 but she told him that if he came home he was staying home so he said...Im not coming home...lol. So she is threatening to just leave. She does this every time she is here. No matter what, she threatens to leave on a Saturday evening. Every single time she comes down here.

    I called over to Cory's and told her to come over to my place and bring the kids, she could get on my computer and play around. Or we could go out and do something...maybe go up to Fayetteville and go to some stores, take Hailie to Chucky Cheese to play, go out to eat...something. Nope. She was gonna lay around at Cory's. He gave her a Tylenol 3 for her tummy and Hailie was watching tv. Ok.

    Now I guarantee that Cory is taking care of the kids just dandy. He is great with little ones. Keyana will show up here sometime this evening. She had a parade this morning and has a party this afternoon. I cant help she has a social life. Lindsey is bringing her over as soon as she is done.

    Hailie and Michael did well yesterday. Only Mama has been cranky...lol. Im betting dollars to donuts she will force Jamie to leave before Keyana gets here tonight. I just dont get it. I can manage to stay up there at least a week before I cant take it anymore!
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    Janet, I'm a big fan of breaking up time together. It's the secret to getting along. We like staying a few hours, then going out for a few hours. Gives everyone some breathing room. It's not horrid at all. I think it's downright civilized now.

    Does Jamie visit her family? Does Billie have any hobbies?
    I always do for husband's family what husband does for mine. If Jamie goes to her parents home and acts decent then she owes Jamie the same. If Billie spends time doing a hobby or even a whole day away with her friends then she needs to let Jamie do his thing for the weekend and just move on.
    Obviously, she isn't working hard on learning how to be a married person. Too bad. Jamie is a good guy who works hard.
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    They are going to spend Xmas with her grandmother. (Her mothers mother) Billies mom died last year while I was in the hospital. I so wish she was still alive, she would be giving her hell for acting like this. I adored her mom. I just never got to be with her long enough. She was a really nice lady. Billies natural father...Michael...lives up near VA Tech...and they go up there at least twice a year...if not 3 times a year. They spend the whole weekend up there when they go. My dad lives an hour from them and they may go once or twice a year and spend an hour or two. Billie has a step father who has lived in her basement for the whole year since her mom died. Her brother lives in their house. At home, Billie does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. She will call Jamie on the phone while he is on the job and tell him to come home cause one of the kids is crying or needs their diaper changed!
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    Is she a drama queen or what?? LOL! Well, at least you are making it through.

    by the way- how did his CPS issue end up? I read that the worker came over and gave him some "advice"- is the case closed now or does he have to have follow up?
  5. DammitJanet

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    All I know is what she told him...got no idea if there will be follow up.

    I can tell you one thing, they need to look at Billie though as far as winning stupid mother of the year award. She actually handed Michael to Hailie and let her carry him to me across the room! Granted she did walk behind her but still.

    She said they realized Hailie would do this when they heard Hailie yelling from the family room one day...Mommy, Mommy...come get Michael...he's heavy! She walked in the room and she had taken him out of his swing!
  6. susiestar

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    So why didn't she tell Hailie not to do that? Or is the word NO too damaging?

    Is Jamie aware of how she treats you? My husband would have a cow if I treated his folks that way. Ditto if he treated my folks that way.

    Have you considered writing Jamie a letter to tell him how much Billie's treatment of your side of the family hurts you? Unless you tell him you cannot expect him to know how you feel. He may be so used to her nonsense that he doesn't see how it feels to you. in my opinion he needs to put his foot down a bit more, but it is HIS marriage and his to take care of however he chooses. I don't think many men could stay in a marriage like that. Not the ones I know.

    Billie seems threatened by Keyana. Not sure if it is because Keyana is your first granddaughter or what.

    Hugs. She isn't a tenth the woman you are.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I think she is threatened by Keyana too. All we heard from her and Jamie before Keyana was born was how stupid it was for Cory to be having this baby. Well we thought so too but it happened. Little late for being upset. Then when Billie saw Jamie holding Keyana, even though Jamie held her like she was a football and like he was afraid he would drop her, she suddenly got pregnant within two months! Literally...they were here in July and she got pregnant the end of September...lol. Remember the girls are 13 months apart!

    I suppose it doesnt help that Jamie adores Keyana. He takes her around with him when he has her up at his place and everyone remarks about "his" two little girls. He just beams when people tell him how pretty she is. I think she is so remarkable because of her hair...it is so blond and curly and she has such expression filled eyes. Now that she wears pigtails she does look like Cindy Brady. And she is normally smiling...lol. Plus no matter what Billie wants to say, Keyana looks like our side of the family...ok..not mine..but Jamies side of the family which makes her look somewhat like him. Cory, Jamie and Tony all look remarkable alike and Keyana looks so much like Cory its pathetic...lol.

    Billie wants to say Michael looks like Hailie but she is delusional...lol. That boy looks just like his daddy's side of the family. In fact, he looks more like Keyana than Hailie...lmao. The only one who will admit that though is my Billy...lol.
  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Certainly Jamie is within his rights to tell Billie that they are staying the whole weekend as planned if her step dad is in their basement. If she wants Jamie to visit her family without throwing a fit then she has to act better.

    I wonder if Jamie confronts Billie with her obvious competition with Keyana if she will see it. There is enough love in the family for all the grandchildren and each one has their own gifts and weaknesses. Maybe if Jamie explains that although he enjoys his niece there is no comparison to his love to his own children and wife. Obviously this is a conversation best done with the two of them without in laws around.

    The fact that Hallie feels like she has to be a help says to me that A) the baby is left to cry too long and Hallie wants to help or B) Billie wants Hallie to take over with babysitting. Neither is correct obviously.

    Jamie may have to explain how life in their home needs to change so that everyone can get along.

    Hopefully she will grow up but if not, this isn't looking too promising.
  9. DammitJanet

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    Im not sure which one of those two it is Fran or if its another one all together. Hailie seems to think the baby is her personal baby. Almost like a living baby doll. She wants to feed him, put his clothes on him, stuff the pacifier in his mouth, wipe him down with baby wipes...etc.

    I dont remember mine being that interested in their brothers. I dont see Keyana in that much contact with her little brother. I mean, she gives him a kiss good-bye when I pick her up but she doesnt constantly grab at him when we are out with Lindsey and the kids. She knows thats her momma's job...lol.
  10. DammitJanet

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    More Drama.

    Jamie and his dad went hunting and stayed all day. He ended up turning his phone off at some point to just get away from her rantings. Cant blame him. I had offered for her to come here,,,no go Ok, cant drag a horse to water.

    Cory invited a few friends over to help him cook a boston butt in the grill. He stayed outside most of the day with that but came inside periodically to check on her and the kids. Mandy was inside too. Cory gave her the tylenol 3 for her cramps. Cory and Mandy did most of the taking care of the kids cause Billie just let them go.

    Then when Jamie got home she decides to start a fight and said that Cory did nothing but sit around all day with these strange guys in the house and roll blunts and smoke them right in front of her and the kids in the house. Now I simply dont believe it. Yes Cory smokes but he wont smoke in front of anyone who doesnt smoke. And he doesnt smoke in front of kids.

    Then she complained about the food he cooked and said it was nasty. Cory is an excellent cook. She cant cook at all. She complained about the food we bought last night too. It wasnt as good as what she buys at home. She wanted to leave out tonight and leave Jamie behind with no money to get home on. Oh if she tried that on me, that would be the last time she would be able to do that! Bank account would go straight in my name!
  11. DammitJanet

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    Oh one more thing. Funny how she is so darned worried about pot and Cory but her brother is a huge pot head and he lives in her house. Her step father is a pot head, a pill popper and a drunk, her mom was a drunk, used pills and smoked pot, her dad smokes, her sister smokes and drinks, her friends drink, and she used to smoke pot and still drinks. Hmmmm....why get so upset?
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Janet I am so sorry you got the daughter in law from hades. ugh!

    Sad part is, usually a man will only take such behavior so long then he walks. Especially a man as family oriented as Jamie. She's shooting herself in the foot.

    I had a sister in law like that. Notice the tense. lol It took my brother a good long time to wake up, but when he did the bomb was practically nuclear.

    Miss Prima Dona has some mega security issues going on. And what happened to the CPS thing? Did they drop it or what? Cuz you let them see her letting Hallie carry her brother around and odds are it won't be pretty. Lord she's got rocks for brains. Darrin is 5 and has never carried Brandon. He's only allowed to hold him on his lap with an adult sitting right there. Or was lol, Brandon won't hold still long enough these days. lol

    Whew! I don't know how you've managed to make nice with this girl for so long. I think I'd have blown by now.

  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    This daughter in law of yours is more a dill pickle! She is an idiot to boot. Complaining about Cory's behavior when she is a guest in his home and she is allowing the things in her home that she objects to in his?

    Jamie is going to get fed up with this very soon. Whatever you do, do NOT have her stay at your home. Not only will she try to throw you out of your bed again (GRRR) but you iwll have to face her all the time.

    Next time you go to see her take a cooler and bag of food so you can eat. Even if it is Christmas, pack your own food. When she has a fit just tell her it is because she didn't want you to eat anything of hers last time you were there. Do this IN FRONT OF JAMIE.

    He NEEDS to learn how she treats his Mom. Cause I can guarantee that if he knows he will object. Esp if her family is living with them.

    Do I understand that her family lives with them and uses pot? Does Jamie know this? IT is one thing for Cory to use in Cory's home. For Jamie to have anyone living/visiting his home who is smoking pot or using other illegal drugs is a real danger. Jamie is part of the legal system. He will lose his job, his home, everything that means anything if one of Billie's relatives gets caught or gets mad and tells the police that they live with Jamie.

    This is a HUGE risk. I cannot believe he would chance that. If any of his friends from work came over he could lose his everything. You can be SURE that Billie would use that against him in custody proceedings too. I know pot use is common, but it still is illegal and dangerous for him to be housing anyone who is using drugs in his home.
  14. DammitJanet

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    Well they are finally gone...thank god. I really dont want to have her here again. Sad. Cory is adamant that she will never stay with him again. Jamie and the kids are welcome but she is not.

    She spent the whole day yesterday laying on the couch telling him to feed Hailie, make Michaels bottle, bring her a drink, etc but then acted like an ass to him in front of his friends? He thinks not!

    This morning wasnt much better. She got up and started cussing Jamie out for every little thing. They both cuss so badly. Cory came over to get Keyana and he point blank looked at the two of them and said..."If my daughter starts cussing like you guys and Hailie, there will be heck to pay!" The worse Cory ever says to Keyana is that he is gonna whip her ass sometimes but he doesnt ever have to do it...she jumps when he has to use that threat. Cory heard Keyana repeat DumbA after hearing Hailie saying it and it ticked him off!

    This whole morning was a barrage of threats screamed from Billie at Jamie about how she was going to take their car, cut his cellphone off, divorce him...blah blah blah...all because she had to take care of HER kids. Ok...their kids....for 12 hours on Saturday.

    I couldnt take it anymore...I went over and looked at Tony and said...oh honey...I remember when I had to take of OUR kids...three of them, all of them 6 and younger, two of them very hyperactive...for 4 months straight with NO help at all...while you were gone out of town working! Gosh. Then there were all those times you worked weeks out of town and I took care of them during the week by myself...darn...how on earth did I do it?


    Seriously...that girl needs to get a grip. You do not argue like this in front of the inlaws or even your own family for that matter. Fight in private. I have never fought in front of my dad. As far as he is concerned, Tony and I have a completely blissful relationship...lol. Never have uttered a word in anger.
  15. 1905

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    Poor Jamie!!! I'm sure she acts like this everywhere she goes. What a nice family you are for treating her so kindly in spite of her behavior, and how she treated YOU last time you were there. I can see rebelious teeenagers in the future......She doesn't have manners, she needs to act like a lady and be more respectful to your family. This is normal behavior to her, so she doesn't see how disturbing her behavior is for others to watch. Tg they're gone.
  16. donna723

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    So Janet, how does Jamie react when she behaves this way? Or does she only pull this crappola when he's not there? It looks to me like you have bent over backwards to try to be nice to her, way more than she deserves. Her behavior is so over-the-top obnoxious, it sounds like she's almost trying to drive a wedge between Jamie and his family - and she just might be!

    I wouldn't blame you one bit if you told Jamie that his wife is no longer welcome in your home! At least it would open it up for discussion and then the ball is in his court. Jamie needs to man-up and demand that this childish, spoiled, rude person that he married treat his family (and him!) with courtesy and respect. If he has even one ounce of dignity and self-respect left, he will not put up with this for long. And if drastic changes aren't made, I feel very sorry for those kids being raised by a mother like that - they won't stand a chance!
  17. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Rebellious teenagers? They are going to have even more rebellious third graders! Hailie already sounds like she is not much fun to be around, mostly because her mother is teaching her only how to be unpleasant and downright ugly.

    You all need to confront Jamie, without Billie being around. To tell him, straight out, that his wife is rude, disrespectful, demanding, lazy and selfish and that she is not welcome. The kids are, he is, but she is NOT. Also that he must stop cursing around Keyana or he won't be allowed to see her.

    I forsee some real problems in the future. Not sure why Jamie would want to be treated the way she treats him, but he must get something out of it or he would not tolerate it.
  18. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Janet, wow. I read all of this and just shook my head.

    My daughter in law, as you well know, has also caused a lot of drama and trouble both for me and my son and the others in our small family. My son will not go against her so we do the best we can, since there is a child involved. We're spending Christmas at their house, but only until 2 because then they have to see one of her twenty sides of the family. They all live nearby, but she claims she never sees them and can't give us a whole day. So be it.

    I almost dread the holidays because of my daughter in law and wish I could spend them only with hub, the two kids still living at home and my twenty-five year old daughter and her significant other. The drama always comes from my son and his wife. The worst part is, I know she hates me (although she has never said why) yet she is all smiles and hugs and hypocrisy to my face. Well, at least we don't have all out confrontations...lol.

    You are a saint for what you put up with in your own house with daughter in law. I am so sorry that you were treated so shabbily. But you really handled it well, at least to their faces.
  19. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Jamie yells at her and tells her she is being a horses behind and that she is making herself look like a witch. I point blank told her that I knew she was lying about Cory and she just tried that wounded...why wont you believe me BS. I told her because I dont and I know he wouldnt do that around you or the kids because he respects me and Jamie too much to do that. See...Cory has a bit of respect for some people and all she does is try to manipulate people. I am convinced there is some form of mental illness at play and if you made me guess...its a personality disorder. Borderline if you ask me. She is moody as all get out and manipulative as hell. She can also play little miss innocent. Doesnt fool me though. Takes one to know one I guess.
  20. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Wow, Janet, do you ever wonder why Jamie chose her? Was she a lot different before the wedding or before the kids?

    I hope she and Jamie can learn better ways to speak to each other and behave toward each other and the kids. By yelling at her that she is a horses' ass Jamie may be right, but he is not approaching her in any way that is likely to yield positive behavior changes. He may not know how, or there may not be any way to communicate with her (my suspicion) so he gets frustrated and yells. I probably would too.

    This is kinda sick, but have y'all started a pool to try to pick how long the marriage will last?

    (I do hope you can mention to Jamie that if her family is smoking pot in his home then all she has to do to RUIN him is to call and tell his boss that he has pot smokers in his house and he knows it. She IS manipulative and self destructive enough to do this, even knowing it will end their income or his ability to pay child support. Be SUPER careful about this if she starts to leave him. I am NOT judging or pointing fingers. Just seeing a REAL danger here for one of your kids and his babies.)