Janet, Hound, it's deck utter start day here

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    Edited: title messed up with auto correct. Meant to say muck out lol.

    Figured you two could relate to my day.

    Started with giving one bag for each of us. Fill with keep clothes. Also permitted 4 coats and 5 footwear each. Everything else is bagged and out back for pick up from salvation army tomorrow. easy child fought it but ended up pleased with he outcome. We have not one item of clothing we won't use. I'm in shock. S/O took 8 industrial bags of clothing out of here and additional 2 of spare comforters, sheets and towels.

    I cleaned an antique 4 drawer chest that is deep. Was ruthless. Took out a full bag from it. What was to keep was so little it fit in a shoebox. I have my nice chest back. Haven't touched it for 4 years.

    Coat closet was a wreck. All that's left is a hunting coat never worn that my sisters husband will take when they pass through town tomorrow.
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  2. Mattsmom277

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    Sent 4 huge boxes of craft supplies to my neighbor. Kept none. It makes me sad to keep hoping to use it again now that I can use my hands anymore for painting and whatnot.

    My 6 drawer dresser is empty. Empty! My bedroom closet. Empty! Only about 30 books I can't bear to part with on the top shelf. Tomorrow I'll fold and hang and put away the clothes we are keeping.

    Matt's room is being gutted tomorrow. It will end up having nothing but our freezer. S/o is painting it next week and we will but a small bedroom set for guests.

    easy child took tons of old clOthes to a neighbor. Her room was always pretty well kept but those toys had to go.

    I emptied kitchen drawers and tossed more than half the stuff. S/o washes the drawers and I organized them. Whew!

    We have tons to do yet but we feel hope tonight. I am hocked how ruthless I became. I tossed like a mad woman. Didn't dawdle over a single decision. Now I hate that I have to stop because I'm in agony.

    Our goal is to have it ALL done in 2 weeks so that S/o can paint before Christmas. He is going to have his brother come and do the whole house in a weekend befor my birthday which is December first.

    Best part? I had my now deceased ex mother in law's family ring I gave her. Ex gave it to me when she passed. She was still wearing it when she died an had my kids pics in hr wallet.

    Hadn't seen it for years and cried and cried about it. She was much beloved.

    Found it in my chest and had a happy cry. It made the work today worth it.

    It never feels fun to start but boy it feels good when you see the progress.
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    The joke today was me saying over and over: if it's a burden it goes! Every time one of them tried to ask if it was keep or go. We all shared a lot of laughs. easy child helped a lot once she saw progress and saw me happy about it. I hope she continues to help. I can't lift and can't bend often so require the help. But it worked with the three of us and with not dawdling over decisions.

    I will be sad tomorrow when I have to be realistic in the kitchen. I have a teapot collection and must choose one or two and get rid of the rest. We don't have the room and I can't keep up the dusting with them on high shelves on a kitchen wall with my body this way. I will hate to pick
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    WOOOOOOT!!! Way To Go!

    Sounds like you guys made amazing progress in a single day! Wow, I'm totally impressed!

    Believe it or not.........I am STILL working on mine. It might be spring before I'm done. :faint: I'm personally dreading Travis' room. I'm going to have to help him, it's way more than a 1 person job and he needs someone to keep him on task or he gets distracted and stops working. I'm leaving it until last on purpose.

    I'm still making progress, though. Today was tackling the mountain of coupons. Hours and hours and I still have a mountain of coupons. Many of which are expired. The tedious part is the sorting to figure out which are expired from those that aren't. I made a big dent in it today until I just couldn't stand looking at them anymore. In the morning I'm going to attempt to gather up the most recent ones and just say the heck with it and chuck the rest. There are far far too many go through hoping not to miss a coupon that hasn't expired. Mentally, it will kill me to think I might be parting with some that aren't expired. To me they're money. But honestly I'm stocked well enough that it's not going to hurt me if I miss out on a sale of this or that for a week or two because I accidentally tossed the coupons. (I'll just have to keep telling myself that over and over lol )

    I want those coupons finished by tomorrow darn it.

    Sooo very proud of you, as I'm sure you are of yourself. Yup it's really hard to start, but once you're done you look at it and it feels so darn good!
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    Must be something in the air...I got started on our living room of horror this afternoon.

    Great job, ladies! You're definitely inspiring me!
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    gosh you guys are good. I havent got past talking and whining and threatening. I tried to get tony to agree to take the camper shell off the truck so I could load it up with junk to haul off and he refused saying he needed it on to carry tools to work. Sigh.

    Lisa...put all your expired coupons in a shoe box and mail them overseas to the soldiers wives. They can use expired coupons over there. At least you arent tossing them in the trash and someone can use them. Just take a box and toss them in there.
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    Janet, it will happen. Just keep nagging. I want to drill srgt those men of yours into action!

    I am up early as S/O is working overtime early this morning. First time in gosh knows how long our bedroom is spotless. Not even a dust bunny. Funny to get up and have the cats run in. I kept them out for so long since there was too much for them to get into. Walked in a few times and they crouches down to hunker in as if I was going to put them out. They must be puzzled that I just gave them a pat as I passed.

    Putting clothes away this morning and then tackling two bookshelves. A/O can take out the go stuff when he era home.

    My goal is also to have the bathroom cupboards and drawers done by the time he gets home. He will help then with the kitchen cupboards. Maybe we will get to the pantry tonight. Not sure though.

    I like that coupons can go overseas. I did not know that.
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    Since I couldn't get to sleep (stuffy nose - think I'm coming down with a cold), I did some more work on the living room and sorted a pile of magazines I'd forgotten I had. Got some good recipes out of them, and once the sun comes up, I'll haul the garbage out.
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    I think there is definitely something in the air! I looked around my basement yesterday and picked out a few things that can go to Goodwill, and they're going! Yay!
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    Now Tony's oldest brother is here so not a darned thing will get done. I cant stand his family and I know that sounds bad but I have some very valid reasons. Heck, I allowed this particular brother to live with us after we first got together and it was a disaster. He has always been a jerk but suddenly he has found religion in the last few months and some church is doing all sorts of junk for him (housing, medical care, food, got him off drugs and alcohol, blah blah blah) and all he has to do is read a bible and thump it. BLAH! This guy hasnt come to see us in 15 years (including when his grandmother died) but suddenly he has been here 5 times in the last 3 months because some girlfriend of his has court hearings down here in my county. Yeah...its us he wants to see and its all his new religious family thinking. Im not that stupid.
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    Hit a snag in my living room cleaning...I just found a plastic bag, with about six sets of BRAND NEW FLASHCARDS inside, that the panther boys peed on. I opened the bag and my eyes started to water, my hands were all sticky...d@mn cats.

    Now I guess I get to scrub the carpet, too. Hadn't planned on that this weekend.
  12. DammitJanet

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    I hate that about cats. One reason I havent adopted another one. I really want one but then I remember that not so lovely habit and resist.
  13. Hound dog

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    I'm mean, a cat will turn into an outside cat for that.

    Janet I forgot about mailing the coupons overseas. That will make me feel much better!!!! :)

    Still working on the coupons.............omg. I will never let it get behind again. If I'm sick and in hospital on my deathbed, I swear I'll make someone bring them to me so I can work on them.
  14. Mattsmom277

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    I'm Grateful our cats haven't messed in the house. easy child has two at her fathers and they have begun daily messing in the house so they are desperately trying anything and everything to stop it.

    I unfortunately got not as much done today. Every nerve ending in my body is burning and has me in tears. Waiting to head to pharmacy for some Tylenol then to bed. I did get some things done but not what was planned. HopIng tomorrow is a better day.

    Good luck all you purgers
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    Some days I do too much and I have to skip a day or two. It "sounds" like just house cleaning, but when you're doing it to this degree.........it's downright physical labor.

    Got an unplanned chore done. sister in law brought over the straw bales from easy child's halloween decor to add to mine for Rowdy's kennel. Now with 8 bales of straw in there........2 on each side of his house, One taken apart and layered on the roof, one stuffed down the back between his house and the kennel wall and 2 scattered around on the cement floor.......he certainly won't be getting very cold very easily. sister in law put up a tarp on the north wall of the kennel to block the wind. Privacy fence blocks the west wall wind. And next weekend he's rebuilding the roof of the kennel by getting 2 big sheets of ply wood and some tarps and nailing them up on the wooden roof frame.

    Mr. Rowdy looked mighty pleased with us. lol I'm certain he's grateful. At 12, he just can't take the cold like he used to. Heck at 12 I'm surprised he's survived a few of the winter's we've had.

    Next weekend is supposed to be chilly but decent. I'm going to try to have Darrin help me clean up the patio/yard while Brandon plays in the play houses and lil tyke cars.......hopefully Connor will be napping while we do it.
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    Oh goody... I just mailed you some yesterday.
  17. Hound dog

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    :rofl: :faint: :rofl:

    And thanks. :)