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    although maybe a number of people already do it! What about setting up an online company to sell the pretty outfits from childrens competitions? If you could sell a NC "winner" dress to someone in a different state and vice versa wouldn't it be profitable? Obviously you wouldn't want to do it locally but your grandchild's dress was so gorgeous I'm sure a bunch of Moms would be eager to buy it. Maybe a consignment type business??I'm sure you're wondering...why is DDD thinking about this??????LOL, I have no idea it just came to me after reading what a neatnik your son is. He could make sure everything staying 100% perfect, take care of the shipping etc. and you could be the internet & money person. On the television show some of those clothes cost more than our total wardrobe. DDD
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    With the high cost of competing in pageants, this could be a real money maker. Esp if you made sure the dress was not worn in that state or region before. It might save a ton of money for some of the pageant families. I am always amazed at how intricate the outfits are.
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    Keyana's mom has her clothes. We dont have a thing to do with them. I dont know how she buys and sells them though I know she got this last dress on Ebay so maybe she does buy and sell some of them.
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    She really has done a terrific job. I admire you so much for your successful efforts to work with her. K is such a lucky little girl. It's not easy finding the right balance so the kids feel loved by everybody. DDD
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    You know what I've been looking into? Used sports equipment...little league kids outgrow their spikes, pants, belts, even bats...football and soccer equipment too. However I was thinking of a "not for profit" type of thing to collect them and make them available for kids of families with a limited income or are just having a rough patch to get the stuff for free so their kids can still play.

    Yet another "free time (hahahaha!)" initiative that I haven't gotten around to!

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    Beth, there are multiple stores in Florida that specialize in used sports equipment. Nonprofitsounds like a terrific idea. I'm all in favor of recycling ideas as it seems like such a waste to toss almost new items. Wish I had more time, too. DDD
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    Beth, here's a link to the local consignment sports equipment store in my neck of the woods.


    I think they operate in the U.S. as well.

    Perhaps you can look at what they're doing to get some ideas, and then figure out a way to do something similar on a non-profit basis?

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    I think I have heard of that store too trinity.

    DDD, we are finally getting pretty good with the getting along. There are moments of course but its a work in progress that we all try to do the best for K.
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    I put a red light out on my porch.
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    CORNER!!!! Star!!!!
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    That's the franchise that is around central Florida too. DDD
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    I thought most sports organizations had days where people could bring equipment to trade or give away. They always did when my kids were in sports.

    If it is not done it would not be too tough to coordinate. Get the organization to approve it, pick a day to trade, print up fliers to pass out with registration forms and to send home via the coaches. Let people drop off items on a couple of days and spend a couple of hours organizing the stuff. Then let people come in and find what they want.

    You could enlist the coaches to help. If parents brought the items to the first practice then the coach could drop them off at a location. Ask that shoes be tied together by the laces, socks be mated, shin guards, knee pads, etc be mated and fastened together or put in plastic bags so they don't get all mixed up. You could use the bleachers at one of the fields or picnic tables if they are available at a field. Or in the clubhouse if a group has one.

    Just a suggestion.