Janet....Isn't your newest grandbaby due soon?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by upallnight, Sep 27, 2011.

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    You must be so excited!
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    Maybe that's where she is right now??
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    I've been wondering too. DDD
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    She called me at approx. 1:45 this morning, on her way to the hospital.
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    Oh cool! :)

    Hope everything goes smoothly!
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    Oh, wow!
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    Yes thats where I have been. Stupidest hospital I have ever seen for birthing babies. They dont do those family birthing rooms like most have these days...even like they had when I had my boys! This one has a basic labor and delivery room and then when she has the baby she will go into a regular room. Its archaic. She could only put 3 people on a list to possibly go in with her during her labor...how weird is that? She put me, Cory and her mother who is a flake. One never knows if she is going to be having a good period of time or a drunk period of time.

    They called me around 1 this morning and I had drifted off one time but then Tony kicked me in the knee and I had woke back up. I was about to contemplate taking another pain pill when Cory called so I basically got no sleep last night. When I got to the hospital they wouldnt even let me go back to see Mandy at all. They said she could only have one visitor at that point. Of course that was Cory. From the time we got there around 2, I stayed in my car or in the waiting room. Cory had to leave at 7 to go to Voc Rehab for his doctor appointment and Mandy was not progressing at all. So I switched with him. I stayed there until almost 11 and I called Tony and asked him to switch with me. I was under the assumption that it could be any 3 people....I was wrong. I came home because I had to sleep. There was no chair to sleep in at all.

    Im leaving from home to go back up there in a little bit. I just needed to rest and get my morning medications in me. Hopefully Mandy has progressed a bit. She had slowed down from about 5 minutes apart to 14 minutes apart because they were giving her IV stadol shots. I know they are gonna have to give her pitocin to increase the contractions. I just know it. She is adamant about not taking the epidural. I cant see her keeping that up...she was way too miserable with just mild contractions. She doesnt handle mild pain well. LOL.
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    Sorry about the lack of accomodations, Janet. I've been worried about the strain on you. The set up they have sounds suspiciously similar to how it was in the 60's. Sending good thoughts that the process speeds up and she will be as comfortable as possible. by the way, I can relate. I do not do pain well either. Hugs. DDD
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    Wow, even our teeny rural out in the boonies hospitals have it together better than that.

    I know some women prefer natural. I have nothing against that. I just don't see why they want to go through so much pain when it's not necessary. Plus if an epidural is in place and a c section is needed.....it makes it a much quicker process.

    I've done both, natural and epidural. Back labor cured me. lol

    I hope she starts progressing soon.

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    Oh me too, Lisa! I have a feeling that as this progresses, she will be begging for that epidural! I can't see any reason to not take advantage of every way possible to ease the pain of childbirth as long as it doesn't harm the baby. And when the mother is more comfortable and relaxed, things go a lot smoother. They don't hand out medals to whoever suffered the most!
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    Baby girl Makenzie (sp) was born at 4:38, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz. Mandy was unable to push hard enough, so they had to assist and the baby has a bit of a cone head at the moment. ;) Janet will update more when she gets home, but ask that I post this.
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    Hip Hip Hooray! DDD
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    Congrats to all !!! Welcome baby Mackenzie (sp?)
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    Congratulations, DJ!! I hope you got to enjoy being at the hospital and no one killed each other during labor. LOL! Remember to post photos for us!
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    Thanks everyone. Baby girl seems to be doing well. Good set of lungs on that one. Cory was pitiful...I wish I had it on video but they wouldnt let me. He simply fell apart. I do have to admit it got a bit difficult to watch for someone who didnt know what to expect or know what was going on.

    For much of the labor, Mandy would clench up when you told her to breath he he he and ha ha ha. You know, the lamaze breathing stuff. Of course, they didnt go take the classes...sigh. She would get her self more tightened up instead of trying to breath through the contractions. Then when it was time to push...she started to breath! LOL. She wouldnt push hard. Baby ended up basically stuck in the birth canal and Mandy simply couldnt push hard enough to get her out without the vacuum thing they have. Now Im pretty sure that sucker hurts pretty bad having it inserted when a baby is also in there, so Mandy is screaming, the nurses or whomever they were are yelling PUSH PUSH PUSH and Cory is about to pass out crying his eyes out!

    Im calmly sitting in my chair out of the way.

    The minute the baby comes out and they get her all disconnected Mandy just basically falls back on the bed limp. Cory starts blubbering and hugging walls and medical people are looking like they might need to get medications into him...lol. I finally held him for about 10 minutes until he stopped crying. See he didnt see Keyana born.

    The strangest thing though is that neither Mandy or Cory would hold the baby when it was born! When the baby was taken over to get all cleaned up I was with the doctor and nurses watching them and talking to them and getting vitals. Never occurred to me that they wouldnt take the baby right over to mom and dad. Well they tried but both said oh no...she is too new...lmao. They took her back to the bassinet and she was fussing while the nurse was cleaning up the room so I said...can I hold her? And the nurse said sure, she is probably fussing because no one wants to hold her except grandma...lol.

    Now...I have another matter I have to post about that is a whole other ball of wax so Im gonna start a new post.