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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nancy, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Nancy

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    I went down to visit easy child last weekend and visited the school she is student teaching at. While she doesn't want to stay in that area because it's small and difficult for a young woman to find friends and hopefully a nice young man someday, she is intersted in exploring other parts of NC. There are a lot of teaching jobs available and they are actively recriting from our area where there are no jobs. She's looking around the Charlotte or Raleigh areas.

    How do you fund your schools down there? Is it through property taxes like ours? Our schools are having a very difficult time passing school levies and everything from busing to teachers is being cut. But it appears as though the schools down there do not have the same financial problems. Am I just not seeing it? The buildings are very nice and there seems to be no lack of technology or supplies.

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    I believe we fund through property taxes, state taxes and the lottery. Rarely we do bonds but not often. Charlotte or Raleigh are very nice places. Our lottery is supposed to be an education lottery. I say supposed to be.

    One other place she should look is Wilmington NC. Smaller area but adorable town. They do have UNC-Wilmington there if she needs it and also ECU not far away. Wilmington is on the beach and only an hour or so from Myrtle Beach. Quieter than Myrtle but a very quaint nice town.