Janet...your post scared me.

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    I can't function in any type of crisis. We missed the mandatory evacuation by about 2 blocks. I live about 10 minutes from the beach the way a crow flies. I can drive there in 20. All the casinos are evacuated for the first time in history. I had no worries until I read your post, never having been near a hurricane. In fact, the salt water usually melts our snow so quickly, a blizzard never lasts.

    I am putting water bottles in my feezer, to the brim, have candles and flashlights, my freezer has only frozen pizza, no meat.

    I got a call from the electric company- a mass call- to be prepared for the electricity to be out for up to 2 weeks. What am I forgetting? I have to take easy child to college on Monday, they told me to bring him today, and I was too ignorant to listen.

    I spent the day on the beach...the waves were truly deadly, 1 toe in the water and you could feel the pull, everything was closed. I don't know what I don't know...Know what I mean?? Should I buy anything else? easy child is getting a haircut at 2:30 tomorrow. I haven't been here in a few days, I 've been really upset at my family. A few days ago I was mad at husband, I still am mad, and am having trouble getting over it (my last post). I don't know, I can't wait to go back to work (Thursday).
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    {{{Hugs}}} I've been through a cat 1 hurricane when I lived in Clearwater, FL. We were also just outside the evacuation area and stayed put simply because we were too poor to be able to afford a hotel and the shelters filled up while we were at work. It was scary as a first timer but we came through it okay. I would probably try to bring anything valuable out of the basement if you have some because I imagine basement flooding is your biggest concern. Pull the vehicles into the garage if you can so they won't accidentally get hit by any flying debris. Unplug any high-end electronics or use a power surge protector. Move everyone to an interior room if the wind gets really bad (a closet or half bath will do if there's no window). You want to be away from windows on the off chance that debris hits the window. We had a double closet with sliding doors in our bedroom. We propped our mattress up against the doors and went into the closet when stuff started blowing onto the outer walls of our building. Remember that there is an "eye" in a hurricane. The skies will temporarily clear if that eye passes over your area but then condition will quickly deteriorate as the back half the storm comes through so do not attempt to go outside and inspect for damage until the entire storm is past.

    Afterwards, be very aware of downed electrical lines. You can't tell if the line is live by looking at it so stay away!

    I think the worst part was listening to the wind howl non-stop because it really grated on my nerves. But we came through it with flying colors. The parking lot sign outside the store I worked at was broken and we had a few trees down in our apartment complex. Really, no big deal in the end.
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    Good, I'm glad it sounded worse than it was for you. We don't have basements in this part of NJ, so that's one less thing to worry about. I really hope it's nothing much. I think a lot of people will be in the NYC high rises though, that seems scary.
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    I agree, I wouldn't want to be in NYC this weekend either. My nerves would be shot by Monday morning!
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    UAN, also please remember that there are two edges of the hurricane, and an eye of calm in the middle. If it's bad, then it's good, you have to wait for it to get bad again before you go out.
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    I didnt want to scare you but wanted people to know what to do. Now, take all that water out of your freezer if its in the fridge freezer and put it somewhere so u can drink it or use it for cleaning hands or cooking or washing up.

    I heard something today that is a MUCH better thing to do and you can do it easy right now. Fill up zip lock baggies about 3/4 full and place them into every nook and cranny you can cram them into in your freezer. They will freeze easy and they will keep your freezer and your fridge cold for a long time. Plus if you need a little ice, just take out one pack.

    If you do happen to have a stand alone freezer, do freeze the bottles because you can always take a few of those and put them in the windows and hope a breeze blows by.

    Do make sure all you best mementos are not in a basement if you have one. If you have a rubbermaid tub to store them in, I might put all those pictures in one. I lost all mine in a flood.

    Are you near ashberry park or beach or whatever it is called? I seem to be learning a whole lot about the northern shores...lol. If you are 2 miles outside of Christies zone then you will probably be okay because he has been all over this thing like white on rice. I have to give it to that man. He was on tv tonight raising heck because he saw some idiots sitting on the beach after he had told them not to and he read them the riot act and told them they better get their asses evacuated because he darn sure wasnt coming to save them!
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    UAN, Cat 1 hurricanes sound a lot worse than they are-remember that. And think practically, like everyone is suggesting, you will be okay. Remember about the eye of the storm. And above all, DO NOT watch the very local forecasts. Instead go onto the National Hurricane Center website, you will see a map of the hurricane path, tap on the the swirly hurricane graphic and it will enlarge. This will show you a time frame and impact. Next, all the way up in the left side of the page, enter your zip code and you will get exact weather expectations for your specific town. This will be very helpful in keeping you aware of what to expect. You can also go to the American Red Cross for preparation info and possibly shelter info, if you feel you need to leave your home. Honestly, the wind is what scares me the most and if you've put away things that can fly around, you should be fine in terms of things flying through windows etc. Wish you lived closer, you could come hang with us.
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    Charge all your phones/laptops/ipods. Fill all your cars up with gas. Fill any portable gas cans. You can use the car to recharge your cell phone if necessary.

    Fill buckets and your bath tubs up with water for washing and for flushing the toilet.

    Do all your laundry and dishes now.
  9. MuM_of_OCD_kiddo

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    I'm in GA near the coast - we go through this more or less regularly. In addition to the advise you got above:

    everybody take showers + wash hair - now.
    clean the tubs afterwards and fill up with water [for flushing toilets, do dishes, sink/basin clean ups etc]
    fill up all buckets, plastic containers with lids [like storage containers], water bottles, etc w. water, put a drop or two of bleach into each.
    buy a small water filter jug system if you can still get one, in case you run out of drinkable/potable water you can filter the water you have stored.
    do you have a grill? buy an extra gas container or get yours refilled, by extra coal for a charcoal grill - this may be your only way of cooking for a few days.
    stock up on easy food - canned food, ramen, soups, etc.
    pack the things you do not want to loose into rubbermaid totes - important paperwork [make xeroxes as well as scan them and save as email attachments on a server like gmail, yahoo, etc], photos, videos, etc etc.
    unplug all electronics, if needs be take it all upstairs, keep charger cables handy for everything that needs recharging.
    bring outside pets in - please!
    get gas for the car - fill up all handcarry tanks, and put up into a higher location, not on the floor.

    Good luck! We didn't get anything - a bit of wind not worth talking about this time. Hope you will be alright!!!
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    If you're still online and reading, I too do not want to scare you but my biggest concern for you is the storm surge. I'm hoping they evacuated up to the Cat3 storm surge areas, and that you are beyond that. If not, can you still get sand bags, or evacuate to a shelter?

    Being 2 blocks inland from mandatory evacuation, you should be safe from the FORCE of the surge, but may still get some flooding. Be prepared to use the counters and tables and second floor if you have it to ride things out. The water itself is not such a big deal, but 'critters' of all types come in with the water.

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    Great advice from everyone! I love that baggie idea, I'm gonna do that right now. Dishes and laundry done! Too bad we all can't get together in real life.