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    I was thinking about you and your legs again. Yeah, I know. I need a life. :tongue:

    But, it just dawned on me that I have a friend who has a lot of pain in her legs - especially at night - and she takes Requip. She's taken it for a couple of years and it really helps with the leg pain. She has more of the leg pain than RLS, but the leg pain causes her to want to move her legs because it alleviates the pain.

    Not sure if it's something you want to try, but thought I'd throw it out there. Requip is either now available in generic or will be soon.
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    I was actually wondering if this was something that could be along the lines of rls but it seems too painful...but who knows. I do end up moving and stretching my legs constantly trying to make the pain go away...not that it does! I will talk to doctor.
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    And you might give folic acid a shot. One tab a day. Might take a while to notice a change. Sometimes that can be what the cause is. Mine was awful painful. I do still get it from time to time. But I notice it gets much worse if I forget to take my folic acid. Mine is prescription strength, but I doubt you'd need that high a dosage.

    It nearly drove me nuts. Sorry yours is so bad.