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    While on hold with OSU today, the loop recordings talked about a different knee surgery called Makoplasty. It's an alternative to knee replacement. I don't know if you've heard about it, but it seems to be fairly new.

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    That is the procedure my cousin is looking into. She is considered too "young" by our health care program to fund total replacements, although she has needed them for 10-15 years already. This is being offered to her as a solution for NOW. Which for her would be life altering. She had to give up her job as a home nurse that she loved and enjoyed and lost all income, all mobility, lives in daily pain, has a teen she never was able to do fun things with growing up etc. I'm hoping this procedure offers her freedom of mobility, and how great if it works well and doesn't put one through the more invasive surgery? If she goes through with the procedure I'll be sure to post how it works out for her.
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    I'm not Janet, but YES!!!!

    I tore the catrilage off of the weight bearing surface of my femur when I was 27. They said replacement or further treatment would be inevitable, just a matter of when. At that time, of course, only replacements were available, but some places were playing with cartilage transplants (using plugs, much like they do for hair transplants), so I have been hoping and praying a more favorable approach would be developed.

    This makes me happy happy happy.
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    Well, also I know this post wasn't for me, but also....YES!!!!!

    Unfortunately I looked to see if my surgeon does it via the website and CT does not have ONE hospital available for this procedure. I am VERY bummed, but I have an appointment with my knee guy tomorrow and I'm going to ask about it anyway. Thanks for posting!
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    Great----I needed this link too. Facing knee replacement in the next few years---doctor and I are betting how long I can hold out===;_)
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    I didn't realize how many are facing this...I would have titled the post differently. Sorry!
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    Wow...they have it in my state just a bit far from me so I will have to call the hospitals and see if I have to have my gp refer me or if I can self refer. I wonder if medicare has approved this? Well, no way to tell but call! Well that was strange.

    I called one place and the insurance lady who deals with medicare is out to lunch so I had to leave a number and she will call back so that makes sense. I called another and a woman answered immediately like it was a home phone. I asked if this was dr x number, yes. Ok, I explained what I was calling about and asked if there was an insurance person available to ask if medicare/medicaid would possibly pay for this surgery. She tells me I would have to call medicare/medicaid myself! huh? first of all, I have never gotten a straight answer out of medicare in my life. What I want to know is if medicare has ever paid for it! Not if they will pay for mine off the bat! I realize that they have to see me and do testing etc.

    So now this woman wants me to go to my ortho who I actually havent seen in about oh at least 18 months or so and get my old surgical notes sent to her along with my insurance info and all that. I dont guess my ortho will have a problem with it since he doesnt do the procedure. I think I am going to wait until the other woman calls me back though before running all over heck and half of Georgia only to get told that Medicare has never paid for this!
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    Janet, on the website it says that it usually covered by medicare and by most insurance policies, so I'm guessing with your history you will likely need a referral but it will be covered. Fingers crossed for you!!
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    Thanks Jo!
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    YES!!!!!!!!! Thanks! From DF