Jeez...panic attacks


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I rarely get them any more, and I can usually control them, but this one is bad...I already took a clonazapan. The worse part is feeling unreal, like you are going to just fade out or go crazy. I am doing deep breathing Nobody can tell that I am haVing a panic attack. I am in a doctors office waiting for my turn..mlol. Best place to be, I guess.

Let me tell you. Panic attacks are scary. Mine used to be eorse. I used to sit in a corner and hide and cry. Now i am waiting for the medications to kick in.

I DON'T LIKE seeing this doctor.


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I think seeing this doctor, but panic attacks are sneaky. One second you are fine and the next second you're in the throes of it. I can usually just calm myself but today I needed medication.

I'm fine now
Thanks for caring. You are a very sweet person.


Sorry Swot! I know it must be scary!! I k now it is scary to watch because my son has suffered.



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Glad you're ok. It must be so creepy, I'm sorry you had to go through that, but it's good that you know exactly what it is and what to do.

Sending a big hug......