Jena, how's your easy child doing?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DDD, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I didn't realize she was in her senior year until you included it in a recent post. Will she be graduating at 17? I'm delighted that you have something so positive to look forward to. Does she have a plan for after graduation? Hugs. DDD
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    Hey how are you?

    She'll be 18 in May and yes it's her senior year. She's totally stressed lol, the depressions' lifted yet the zoloft is keeping her up most nights and she's tired and anxious all day long.

    so we have a team mtg set up on monday with the entire lot of teachers, guidance counselor etc. to come up with-a plan for her and with-her that will help her pass these last round of classes and graduate. it's kinda iffy right now. she's going to therapy doing the work, etc. she'll be ok.

    after graduation she wants to travel a bit during summer with-o money lol she has no job yet, she is doing a community college so we've been doing the financial aid piece for that. it'll be great to see her graduate, it's been a long different than difficult child road thru the years :)

    yay so i get to be that parent in the crowd come June its' very exciting! thanks for asking
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    Great news. It's such a milestone and hopefully she will feel even better about herself once she has that important experience. Hugs. DDD