Jena? Where are you?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    How are you doing? When do you get test results back? Did you have a good Easter?
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Last I heard from her - Life was a little upside down, her husband's ex is a whack-a-mole and she was trying to deal with a lot of fall out from that. Between that and her demanding job I think the girl is worn out.
  3. Andy

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    She is also having some health problems that got worse after the doctor did a biopsy. Don't know if the doctor made a mistake or if the pains/issues are around whatever is wrong. I think she gets results back this week or next?
  4. Jena

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    hi guys,

    im so sorry i'Tourette's Syndrome been like the day from h*ll, or the week. lol. i spent day in the er just got home an hour or so ago. I was driving to work this morning and suddenly my heart was beating really fast not just one beat like 3 or 4 at a time, it didn't feel like anxiety and my hands went ice cold and i felt like carp.

    long story short i called boyfriend, he left work got me from plot at work and brought me to the hospital. i've never done an er before like that. i got scared though.

    after a day of tons of blood work and testing they found out i have an irregular heartbeat there's a name for it and i have to go see a cardiologist for it who i met at the hospital. my hdl is high as well and some other stuff i noticed on the lab report was off with my blood.

    they gave me a sheet on instructions; lower my stress levels, cut back on caffeinne and cigs, take walks, see the cardiologist, on and on it went.

    the results from the biopsy are it is not cancer, it's pre cancerous. which is not causing what's going on with-me. so the head dr. at the place took my stuff over and ran more blood work a few days ago and now thinks it may be attributed to thyriod disease or something? so i'm still working that thing.

    so, it's all good no cancer for now and my lungs were clear today and im glad i wnet to the er and addressed this issue. i'l have to work with cardiologist on how to lower my levels and how to get me where i need to be i guess.

    work's not happy their like what the heck is going on with-you. yet i have the time so im taking it they can't fire me for that. i'm going in tmrw though.

    i will not lie the stress in my life the past two years has been maxed out and i do create some of it as well, nothing rolls off me i react to everything everytime. i have to stop and realize what's going on with-me and maybe even talk to my doctor about anti anxiety medications as well, if they dont' mess with the heart medicine the dr was trying to get me to take today which i wouldn't.

    boyfriend was good today, as he should of been. he stayed at hospital for a while, bought me magazines, than ran back to work than left again adn went and got both girls from school than up to hospital to me.

    works really been stressing me out also bigtime. i'm going back into therapy also i need somewhere to vent and to find balance with all of this.

    thanks andy and star :)
  5. Andy

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    Lower stress levels - much easier said than done. This has got to be your number one priority! What is your battle plan for this? You can't increase smoking or have caffeine to keep you going. Hmmm

    What do you tell your clients and kids when they are overwhelmed and stressed? Breathe? Take time for yourself? Go for walks? Focus on peaceful thoughts? All good advice for you to but as we all know, easier said than done. However, you have a command to do so! You need to follow that order.

    Maybe we should have a topic just for stress release. We can all add what works for us and perhaps write scenes of places we know are peaceful. We can then visit it when needed and continue adding our, "If I could, I would ................." (float down a river, watch a beautiful sunset, live on a desserted island, ect. ect. ect.)

    Keep us informed!
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    Hey Jen, I am glad that you listened to your body and went to the ER. And I'm glad that your boyfriend stepped up to help take care of things. And I'm glad that though this was scary, it helped you realize how important it is to find a sort of balance in your life. And I'm glad that your work is not being jerks about this.

    Sending up lots of prayers and hugs - take care of you. Whenever you start to feel the stress, remind yourself to take a step back, take a deep breath and think a moment before reacting. I know, easier said than done, but there's the rub. Hugs, kiddo. We're rooting for you!