Jess to go to Orhto doctor on Friday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Jess fell yesterday at school. She came home early and was home today because I wanted to take her to the doctor. Couldn't get in until 3:10, so we just got back. She has to see the ortho, and I scheduled that for 10:30 Fri, so tomorrow Jess will just have to tough out school as best she can, then stay home Fri am until she sees the doctor.

    Sigh. I hate that she hurts so much. She is still needing the lortab, thankfully there was a refill on it.
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    I'm glad you're taking her to get checked out. It's awful but she can't keep missing school or she'll fall behind and have that to contend with too. Hopefully the doctor will have some answers.

  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Do you have crutches she can use tomorrow? Does the school have a wheelchair she could borrow for a day? How aggravating this all must be!

    Hope she gets through tomorrow o.k. and that Friday's appointment is productive.
  4. susiestar

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    She has crutches. husband works a few miles away from the medical supply place our insurance pays for, and they pay 100% of that kind of thing. She was on crutches when she fell. They gave her a special note that lets her out of class 5 mins early, so she has 10 mins between classes. But when the other kids get out the school is SO crowded, it just isn't funny. She was literally pushed over into the pit, though not on purpose. I just hope she doesn't need another MRI, they expose you to such massive amounts of radiation, according to the doctor. And it all builds up in a lifetime.

    Thanks all! She has been working diligently on her assignments, as far as I can tell. Though the english teacher is pretty frustrated with me, doesn't think that Jess should take the full amount of time allowed to make up the assignments. The principal has said she has X days, and that teacher wants x-5 days, so we have gone to bat. I won, Jess gets X days, not x-5 days. REally, making up 6 days of work in 2 days is not reasonable, in my opinion. Esp when ALL the absences were fully excused and the doctor even said that if she needed to take this week off we could have done that too. But Jess was getting house-bound and cabin-fevered and driving me nuts, so I took her to school. And I am taking her back tomorrow.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I think it's actually CT scans that load you up heavily with radiation. One head CT scan is the equivalent of 100 chest x-rays or 243 days of normal background radiation we get just from living on this planet. My difficult child 1 has had 2 abdominal CT's and that's worth about 500 chest x-rays apiece -- I cringed when I found that out, but at the time, he was really sick and we had to find out what was wrong.

    MRI uses a giant magnet to create the image. There's no radiation involved, so you can probably rest easy :)

    Hope she's doing o.k. today and that tomorrow's appointment goes well!
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    oh no! Praying she's ok and it's not a big set back!