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    Jess had an appointment with the neuro yesterday. I was supposed to go in with-husband and jess and thank you and take her. I was sick to my stomach all morning so husband took her. I was shocked when he offered!! I emailed the info to him and he did a good job.

    It does help that this neuro is incredible!! He listens, is a riot, the kids LOVE him, and when he answers he tells you WHY. I wanted a migraine preventative on top of her keppra. She won't be able to go to public school with migraines at the level she is having. He said no because at this point she needs a keppra increase and it should help. Also the beta blockers can cause depression in adolescents so if we can avoid them we should.

    For husband to have this info coming out of an appointment is incredible - he really hates dealing with the docs and if I am there will not pick up what they say at all.

    She is to have another EEG, but we have to wait to schedule it because he is hiring a new person to do them. I refuse to have one done by anyone else but whoever HE chooses.

    Jess is on Midrin for the migraines and it knocks her out, so 5-8 migraines a month are just too many for going to public school. We are going to add magnesium as it should help with the migraines if she can tolerate it.

    Tyler was SUPER upset at not going in to the city. He had 2 asthma attacks because he was so upset. I managed to get my system under control and take him to the bookstore and to run another errand. I got the book he wanted greatly reduced because teh only copy was ripped.

    At bedtime thank you hugged me and told me I was "a delightful companion" !! :redface: I thought that was pretty cool considering I made him take a bath, wash his hair AND get a haircut!!

    So hopefully Jess will tolerate the magnesium and the increased keppra. We are increasing VERY VERY slowly (another reason I like this doctor - he looked at the chart to see what problems we had getting her onto the keppra and factored that in to the dosage schedule!).

    Anyone in Oklahoma who needs a child and adolescent neuro, pm me. This guy is top rated and deserves it!
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    It's great the neuro is so good! I'm sorry she is having such horrible migraines-no fun at any age but when you are so young-double yuck!

    I'd say being tole you are a "delightful companion" is high compliment indeed!
  3. Fran

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    Susie, glad the physician is working well with easy child and you. What a trial to have migraines and to seem chronically ill. I can't even imagine the pain she is in and the parts of life she is missing at this tender age.
  4. mrscatinthehat

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    So glad you ahve a plan. Hope things get better for Jess soon.

  5. Josie

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    I'm glad you've found a good neurologist.

    We quit going to my daughter's neurologist when he said she needed to drink more water and do yoga for her migraines.
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    I wish our trips to the neuro were more productive then they were, glad it's helping you guys
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    Great report, Susie. How often do you get an appointment with-a bright, interested, compassionate neuro, and then have your son tell you you're a delightful companion. LOL Out of the mouths of babes.
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    You are all great!

    We really do enjoy this neuro. He does encourage healthy things like drinking lots of water, exercise, etc but recognizes that with the history of migraines on my side - nothing but medications are going to really help. I have a migraine every day with-o preventatives and have been this way for many years. My mother and all her sisters had tehm from young ages too, so Jess is pretty scre#ed. Actually ALL my kids get them - wiz takes imitrex for them but doesn't need a preventative with 3 migraines in the last year. thank you has had a couple, but is far too young for imitrex per the doctor. His are usually very mild and are infrequent.

    I hate all the things Jessie misses because she is sick. We will try to enroll her, but if she has too many migraines may need to pull her out. I hate that it is even a possibility!!!! But we have to deal with reality, not wishes here.
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    You have my sympathies. I had a migraine earlier this week. I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!
    Take care.
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    Sounds like you got a winner in the neuro dept. How awesome. Hooray for husband and thank you.