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    I just saw your post on another thread. Come out and tell us more about you and your difficult child.

    Welcome! :smile:

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    Hi Suz. My difficult child is 17 and now lives with biodad. This occured after husband found him climbing out of our closest while we were sleeping and confronted him. difficult child was threatened and punched husband in the eye. husband called the police. difficult child was arrested. and is now awaited his court date of Jan 22. He is home with his biodad. Which is where I feel he belongs. His behavior and attitude is best with his father. He has stuggled with his pot problem and with whatever else he is doing. He doesn't do that at his father's. It makes me angry because I am the one who took care of him so why can't he change for me and not his father. However, I do understand the theory his father has never been there for him so he will do whatever it takes to be with him. He feels he is the only one who understands him. Biodad was just like difficult child when he was his age. That was when I was with him. difficult child is a good person with a good heart. I see it with his little brother and sister he adores them. He just hates husband and me. You know all the Psycho stuff. husband took me away from him and I abandoned him by having the two kids. Of course though that by no means justifies his behavior. He had everything going for him and he worked harded to achieve it. He was being home school because regular school was too distracting. He had a really great girl friend. He also had just gotten the job he really wanted working at the YMCA as a life guard making good money. And it just seems whenever things are going really good for him and does something to ruin it. We went through this last year and he ruined everything for himself. The highschool he was at recommened he transfer to the alternative school. We did. And that was the worse thing ever he met way more connections and the problems got worse. And that was when he went to live with his father. That was March 07. That lasted until july 07 and he was back with us. Biodad was upset because difficult child expressed his frustation because his younger brother was getting into his things and nothing was getting done. He was mad and told his dad so. Did not say anything to the child. Biodad called me and told me to come and get him or was calling the police. The truth is difficult child really did nothing wrong. He didn't do anything wrong over there nothing compared to what he did to me. but yet again he was back with me and things were going well all summer. A few mess ups but just typical things like being and hour late or not calling. Not a big deal in my book. He of course was punished. He had a great summer we had a couple camping trips. We were then looking into school did not want him back to the alternative school, however the high school would not let him come back because he had to drop out and once you do that can't go back. So I got the distric to pay for on line course, however he had to take at least one class at the alternative school. Needless to say when he started back there the trouble started all over again. So here I am one year later right back where we started. His plan for the future is to get his high school diploma and join the military.
    Thanks for reading. and Have a Happy New Year