Jig is up for tooth fairy!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by So Tired, Mar 19, 2008.

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    So on Monday, St. Patrick's day, I always buy some green candies like jolly ranchers and some gold wrapped foil coins and then the leprechaun hides them where the kids are sure to find them -- in the drawer with their toothbrush, in their lunchbox, down the street on the way home from the bus stop. This year my 10 year old easy child, I'll call her Luvbug, catches me slippin' up about leaving some of the candy at a neighbors.

    Luvbug: Oh, I thought the "Leprechaun" left the candy!
    Me: (blushing) How long have you known?!
    She: Since last year. (with big girl confidence)
    Me: Anything else we need to talk about?
    Luvbug: I also know about the T.F. she says and points to her smile. You know, the Tooth Fairy.
    Me: Not her too!!! Why did't you tell me? (sheepishly)
    Luvbug: I didn't want to make you feel bad...(Sweet expression of love in eyes, warm hug)

    You just gotta love those PCs and their empathy! I know when my difficult child let me know that he knew there was no tooth fairy he became so angry! "You lied to me" he cried! I told him that the tooth fairy was real in that she lived in every Mother's heart...(Doesn't that sound nice?) "That's not the same "he responded, quite hurt and angry.

    Guess that's what makes the difference between my difficult child and my easy child. easy child enjoys lifes little pleasures, always looking on the bright side and always thinking of others. She brings so much joy to my life!

    P.S. The Easter Bunny and Santa live on, but I fear their time is coming soon......
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    That is just so sweet. I still refuse to give it up.

    difficult child has questioned me like a top notch prosecutor to find out if these little fairies and elves truly exist. difficult child becomes very heated when someone insinuates that they aren't real. easy child just goes along with me - I think she's afraid to hurt my feelings by letting me know 'she knows' - lol. This is so gross, but I still have all of both my daughters' teeth and all the notes difficult child left the tooth fairy. I could string a bracelet or something.

    Hang on to the sweetness of your easy child.
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    I got news for you....Easter is right around the corner....there is no way in Hades that she is going to fess up on that one. Forget Christmas....Santa brings all the good stuff. She's not giving up on that one either....but she knows. She's sounds like a great kid!
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    That was precious - what a luvbug. :alien:
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    Such a seet kid! A true luvbug.


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    I love it....how sweet!

    You just gave me a thought. We pretty much gave up on all of that after easy child made a few comments of "growing up" & "knowing". We believe he didn't continue playing along because difficult child didn't understand anyway!?!?. That came out, we were correct. We tried with difficult child....she doesn't "get it"...Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy. SO, "maybe" I should take more from your post & put that Easter Bunny Basket in easy child's room for Easter.....he would be SHOCKED!

    Thank you.